REEEEEEE: Bungie Removes Destiny Armor Texture Resembling Kekistani Flag After SJW Cryfest

REEEEEEE: Bungie Removes Destiny Armor Texture Resembling Kekistani Flag After SJW Cryfest

(Guest Article by The Gator Gamer )

Bungie, developers of the video game series Destiny and lovers of Anita Sarkeesian and Feminist Frequency, posted on Twitter today that due to what they are calling a “hate symbol”, a particular piece of in-game armor will have its texture changed.

Upon further research, I discovered that the armor in question happened to be a particular legendary Hunter gauntlet available within the game. When I first read these tweets, I assumed it must’ve been something like an accidental swastika that somehow flew under the QA radar before launch, but esteemed readers of The Ralph Retort, it is something far more ridiculous and laughable:

Yes, that’s right. Bungie publicly apologized because a set of armor bore a passing resemblance to the Kekistani flag. Kekistan, for those of you not in the know (IE: normies), is a fictional country created as an unfunny forced meme that plowed its way to notoriety through t-shirt and flag sales by internet celebrities.

So far, it’s unknown which degenerate subspecies of SJWs cried about it to the Seattle-based development studio first, but the backlash has already begun. How long until the chans find something else in the game to try to turn into a so-called “hate symbol” to test Bungie’s mettle? Can a giant space ball take on a frog god? I imagine we’ll find out very soon

Nora Ralph

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  • Grust

    I haven’t played Destiny in a long time but I can definitely say I won’t be buying the sequel anytime soon.

  • Silence Dogood

    How utterly stupid.

  • Honestly, I’m more curious to know how that particular pattern was “not intentional”. I mean, what else could’ve been going through their heads when they put a K and lines resembling a stylized E (and an I, for whatever that’s worth) against a frog-like green?

    Anyway, just another sad case of pandering to the crowd that’s never gonna buy shit, and whom are most likely gonna still harass them anyway for having such a design in the first place and/or not removing it sooner. It’s just fortunate for them that Bungie is a pretty prolific brand and Destiny was a pretty popular game. Some smaller studios have tried shit like this more recently, and needless to say, their playerbase fucking tanked afterwards.

  • Mr0303

    Aaand they immediately pussied out and removed it. The armour would be remembered for its honourable service to humour:

  • Perrico de los Palotes

    Did you guys see Vox Day get BTFO by Andrew Anglin on Tara McCarthy’s show? What a humiliation for poor Vox!