After MundaneMatt Jarbo Got Destroyed by His Own Fans For Defending Female Rapist, Dave Cullen Came in for the Kill

MundaneMatt, aka Matt Jarbo, is a shill of the highest order. Way back in the day, he wanted to setup a council to “run GamerGate,” which is just as dumb as it sounds. He’s been crying about Twitter refusing to verify him for years, which is one of the most pathetic things I can imagine. Yes, they verified me, but even if they had refused I certainly wouldn’t be whining about it. Oh, and did I mention he shilled for an intrusive and nefarious app called Candid, originally concealed the ad status of the video, and when he was called out on all this, spent weeks defending his shoddy behavior?

Yea, the guy is a two-faced, “how can I straddle the middle with my fat ass,” virtue signalling cuck. And ever since Trump became president, the guy has gone even further downhill, which I didn’t think possible. Today we saw the latest example of that. Jarbo actually thought it would be a good idea to put out a video defense of a young woman who is charged with raping a 14-year-old boy, making a porn video of it, and getting pregnant with his baby. In other words, she raped a kid (since a 14-year-old cannot consent).

Listen, I understand that many of you would have loved to be fucking a 19-year-old at that age. I know I would have enjoyed it immensely. But the point is, women should be subjected to the same laws and penalties as men are. Imagine if the roles were reversed and we were talking about a 19-year-old young man making a porno of his multiple sexual encounters with a 14-year-old girl, all the while knocking her up along the way. The guy would find no sympathy whatsoever and would be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

So why should it be any different in this case? Oh yea, cause vagina. Matt, never one to miss a chance to virtue signal, put out a “feelz” video defending this chick. Hilariously, it didn’t go over smoothly with his subscribers…to say the least.

And the comments were brutal…

Perhaps even more brutal was the video that Dave Cullen (aka Computing Forever) just dropped on Jarbo’s head.

When shills like MundaneDumbass get roasted, we should all smile. I know I am.

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Ethan Ralph

Founder, Owner, & Editor-in-Chief of Political fiend, gamer, & anti-bullshit.

  • MKFenris

    The Fall of MundaneShill

  • Grumble guy

    Just remember to turn that pesky ad-block off and you can avoid any controversy

  • Typical

    What a cunt this fat festering tub of goo is. I recall him making a video about the Milo controversy, I didn’t watch it because I think he’s a colossal douche, but if he didn’t suck up and try to defend the fabulous one, then he is a damn joke, well, even more than he already is.

  • JasonC5

    He’s got people on his comments defending the shill and making excuses for the offender because she’s a woman which I would highly doubt they would do the same had it been the genders been reversed.

    Prior to that was his bullshit about Trump (for a gamergater he sure eats up the MSMs bullshit when convenient), and the shit shilling for Candid.

    This shows how moderates and being moderate basically amounts to being SJW lite as they seem to push the narrative that women lack rights in the west and there can be arguments be made women are still oppressed in western society while men can be evil and need to be controlled somewhat.

  • Lost Question

    i will say that it’s a good sign that he has a audience that is willing to savage him.

  • The Gator Gamer

    It’s because Matt knows the only way he’s getting laid is by tricking 14-year olds to step into his Free Candy van.

  • Pathetic white-knighting behaviour.

    Cucks like him are the reason why there is a bias against men in the law courts, and is also the reason why SJWs and feminists get away with the misandrist shit they pull.

    This guy needs to re-evaluate his position as a supposed anti-SJW. Because for the past 2 years or so, he’s been nothing more than an SJW-Lite. But then again, that’s what “Moderates” always are and turn out to be.

    MundaneCuck is MundaneCuck.

    • This is his pinned comment in his video’s Comments section:

      “To clarify my opinion: The taking of the video, and its distribution are
      unacceptable across the board. There is more I would like to know about
      this situation overall, and I have a feeling in the weeks to come those
      will be answered. However, Mekenzie is clearly a troubled person who is
      in need of mental health care, and hopefully she can now get it.”

      If you didn’t know who wrote that, you could easily mistake it for beingwritten by an SJW/feminist.

      • Ritagjones

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    • Phasmatis75

      Leftists love to give themselves fancy impartial titles to push their agenda. Moderate, skeptic, etc, but when it comes down to it they’re pushing the same agenda with the only difference being a thin veneer of objectivity.

  • GuitarAnthony

    Roasted like a pig on a spit

    • Blake Donohoo

      Which he would probably eat with gusto.

  • Yuno Gasai

    While I understand what Matt is saying I think he’s a fucking idiot for saying it. I get the cycle of abuse and how horrible it is but that doesn’t mean we should accept it and give leniency towards people that suffer from it.

  • Jak Constantine

    Like I said in the video comments he is pulling a Milo. Hypocrite and turn of that pesky Ad-block.

  • Emerson Biggins

    Anyways, there is a discrepancy in sympathy b1ecause a 19 year old woman can’t force a 14 year old to do anything, much less engage in sex. If anything, he was probably high-fiving his friends about it.

    However, as long as we insist on treating men and women as complete equals in this country then she should get the book thrown at her, just as a man should.

    The problem is MM is stupid. He thinks virtue-signaling about this is going to get him some currency.

    • Anyways, there is a discrepancy in sympathy b1ecause a 19 year old woman can’t force a 14 year old to do anything, much less engage in sex. If anything, he was probably high-fiving his friends about it.

      Ever heard of aggressive enticing?

      But okay, let’s forget about law altogether. She diddun du nuffin wrong, the boy wanted it, enjoyed it, he’s not hurt, [insert white knight comment here], etc. etc. etc.

      What about if the gender roles were reversed? The man didn’t force it and the girl enjoyed it? Oh lock him up, hang him, kill him anyway, etc. etc. etc.

      However, as long as we insist on treating men and women as complete equals in this country then she should get the book thrown at her, just as a man should.

      Sounds like the right thing to do, if you want equality. If you keep making excuses like you did in your first paragraph, there’s going to be more and more sentencing gaps, which of course means more inequality.

      • Emerson Biggins

        At what point does a boy go from being completely clueless at 14 to mentally competent at 16? I agree there should be a cutoff but I don’t where that should be.

        I never said the law should be forgotten altogether, I was trying to make the point that the law makes clear distinctions where nature doesn’t. It wasn’t an excuse just an observation.

        Finally I don’t want equality, as far as I can tell nobody does. Nobody wants women to fight wars like men have to and nobody wants male rapists to get light sentences like women do. The problem is Western society has succumbed to the false religion of equality. There is no evidence for equality among people at all.

        • Finally I don’t want equality

          Don’t worry, you made that perfectly clear to everyone in your original post anyway.

          People like you are the problem, and is why men get such a bad deal in the law courts and society when compared to women. Unlike what feminists tell you, this is actually serious governmental issue that’s genuinely oppressive to boys/men.

          When people like you keep using the “nature” excuse to propagate the notion of “it’s not as bad when women do it” and “women are fragile and need help”, you’ll only be influencing and causing more inequality between the genders.

          But then again, like you said yourself, you don’t want equality. So what I’ve just said is pretty meaningless to you anyway.

          • Emerson Biggins

            Yes I am the problem. I refuse to disregard observable reality and try to square a circle by pretending that men and women are equal.

            I never said that divorce laws weren’t unfair towards men, they are. They are Exhibit A that our society does not really believe in equality either, because the laws are totally structured to help women at the expense of men.

            “women are fragile and need help”
            ^^This has been acknowledged by every successful civilization throughout history. Women are not men, and shouldn’t be expected to perform as men, and vice-versa.

            Where I think our society goes wrong is by helping women to compete with men, but still treats them like women when they lose. This is patently unfair to men.

  • Kellen Joel

    Holy fuck, I can’t believe I liked that prick.

  • Mr0303

    People got on Milo’s case for defending paedophilia (which he didn’t do), but this is what actually an example of that. One would think that after all the content he’s put out the shill would be red pilled enough to know not to let women off the hook, but I guess he says those things just to be a contrarian and drive views.

  • RevDr. Robert Foster, AbC, EfG

    Listen, I understand that many of you would have loved to be fucking a 19-year-old at that age. I know I would have enjoyed it immensely

    Sorry, Ralph, but you’re wrong. You’re confusing the fantasy with the reality. I’ve experienced the reality, and it does not equal up to the fantasy. In no way, shape, or form.

    Here’s someone else who knows this: