Amy Schumer Can't Take A Heckler, Has Everyone Point And Shame Him. Then Kicks Him Out.

Amy Schumer Can’t Take A Heckler, Has Everyone Point And Shame Him. Then Kicks Him Out.

It turns out that progressives such as Amy Schumer act in real life exactly like they do on Twitter: When a nobody trolls them, even slightly, they single the ‘troll’ out and have their whole following dogpile and attack the person, shaming them into submission. Then after they sick their whole following on the “troll”, they block them anyway.

That’s exactly how it played out, but in meat-space, in Stockholm, Sweden. Even down to the block at the end — where she kicks him out.

How can anyone even think this is “comedy”? I mean, it is funny that it’s a real life version of progressive Twitter, but I don’t think she meant it to be ironic-funny. Because she certainly wasn’t “ha-ha” funny, and her crowd was just acting like a mindless, cucked lynch mob. But what do you expect from Sweden?

For a fun read check out the comment section on Huffington Post where they had an article about this event titled, “Watch Amy Schumer Destroy A Heckler Who Asked Her To ‘Show Her Tits’”, with 21k shares at the time of writing.

This was the top comment.


Even liberals don’t think this is “comedy”, anymore.


Yeah, what kind of comedian — who are experts at humor and trolling — would consider whether a heckler is just trolling them? Of course it’s always super serious, in a comedy club!


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  • bryoneill11

    Are we sure this was not staged?

  • poopmannelson1

    is it just me or does she look fatter than she did like a month ago?

    • As a black hole becomes more massive the growth of the accretion disc accelerates.

  • Chicago_Joe_GG

    Amy Schumer looks like the fat chick at work that isn’t a manager but acts like it anyway then tells everyone what to do and runs crying to the boss when you ignore her.

  • cristoff

    Oh Butterface, don’t change. Love how she has to call for the “mans” to remove the guy.

  • Mr0303

    A feminist comedian calls the security on a heckler, because she can’t come up with a witty response. Shocking.

    • Scholar Jen Zin

      Daniel Tosh did the same thing to a female heckler.

  • ghostlife

    Women just plain aren’t funny. Neither are leftists. Schumer is the worst of all worlds.

    • JasonC5

      Sadly they still get steady work in comedy clubs just because of the woman factor and if they are hot or former models the thirsty men will push them to the top either for eye candy or hopes that they would be noticed. Yes, I have seen too many instances of this and the moment you call them out you will be mobbed.

    • Scholar Jen Zin

      Women can be funny but most comedienne’s are not because they try too hard to act like male comics and be shocking.

  • One-Eye

    Amy Schumer is about as funny as cot death.

    Milo is right when he says that there is this kind of cultural blackmail that forces people to claim to love the likes of Schumer and Lena Dunham, despite them being deeply unappealing in every way.


      If it makes you feel any better, the backlash against those two harridans has begun. There’s an article on Jezebel mocking them for the stupid shit they’ve done lately. You know you done fucked up when you’re a woman and Jezebel snatches your weave.

    • Scholar Jen Zin

      Milo has a history of bullying and harassment. He’s quite supportive of blackmail and bully pulpits.

  • DisneyVillain

    Why do most of today’s celebrities suck so much?

    • Lost Question

      because they are political pander pieces puffed up by the press, they are egotitical halfwits currently beloved by shortsighted narrow minded whiners, or because they have no to very little class and decorum/presence. take your pick.

      • DisneyVillain

        This is why I like celebrities from the Golden Age and Silent Age. My favorites are now Humphrey Bogart, Bela Lugosi (the best Dracula ever), Boris Karloff, and Harold Llyod, Lon Chaney Jr. and Lon Chaney Sr.

        • rodt

          what are you? 100

          • DisneyVillain

            These movies still hold value to anyone that loves movies. Age is irrelevant.

    • JasonC5

      It’s not even just celebrities but women raised by the current media and education system that they can do no wrong, they are oppressed, sexism and misogyny is everywhere and men are toxic. I called out some actresses for their feminist bullshit and got a shit ton of hate for it, to the point where I am recognized on one set and was thrown off after working 3.75 days for them.

      • DisneyVillain

        I know it’s not just celebrities.

    • Scholar Jen Zin

      Daniel Tosh did the same thing.


    It could have been much worse for the heckler that asked Amy to show her tits.

    She could have actually showed them to him.

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  • One-Eye

    The best sketches on her show are all written by men anyway.

  • Peepsmgee

    I didn’t know the word ‘condescending’ had a face

  • JasonC5

    Basically what happens when you call women out on their bullshit or give them a ribbing as you would a man. At least the white knights didn’t go as far as killing him as one did when a man failed to hold a door open for a woman.

  • JasonC5

    In keeping along with the theme, Lena Dunham says an NFL player body shamed her just because he didn’t notice her or hit on her… no wonder men are going mgtow. Catcalling or flirting is sexism and harassment but not doing so is considered hate and misogyny.

  • The_Positivist

    “Show your tits”
    “Sorry, honey, I only do that at my film’s premiere mass shootings”

  • Kellen Joel

    Y’know, a friend once said that if you don’t think someone is funny, you shouldn’t yell shit at the stage. True, but a comedian should fire back. Guess I shouldn’t be surprised this happened, since Amy can’t make a good comeback.