Anita Sarkeesian on Pace for Embarrassing Crowdfunding Fail

Anita Sarkeesian on Pace for Embarrassing Crowdfunding Fail

Anita Sarkeesian

I surveyed Anita Sarkeesian’s latest crowdfunding scam attempt last night, and it doesn’t look good. Admittedly, she picked up a lot of funding today (almost $27,000 or so), thanks to some key pimping by SJW goons like Frank Cifaldi. Still, if you look at Anita’s haul so far, it’s not too impressive:


Sarkeesian has about half of her fundraising clock left, but as you can see, she’s coming in well under 50%. There is a slight caveat to all that, though. She’s using a service called Seed & Spark. One of their features is that you only have to collect 80% of your goal in order to collect. Perhaps that’s why the notoriously fraudulent frontwoman of Feminist Frequency decided to use them in the first place…

I would have to mark this down as a struggling campaign. Do I think it will fail in the end? I would still probably say no, only because I imagine Anita the Fraud will pull out every single stop imaginable in order to at least get to the 80% threshold. If she failed to collect anything out of this effort, with almost the entire mainstream press in her corner, it would be embarrassment on a massive scale. It should be noted that she’s behind the pace needed to get to 80% as of tonight, so my headline is accurate.

Still, I’m going to be keeping a close eye on her tally as we head into the homestretch. You better believe I will be here to kickoff the celebration if she falls short. Even failing to get to 100% will be worth a post, in my opinion. I’d rather see her get zero, of course, but that would be a major league black-eye.

We’ll see how it goes.


UPDATE: I see how Anita jumped up in funding so quickly now…

Ethan Ralph

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  • Sockpuppet Nora

    Meh, it’s their money.

    • MFlorian

      A fool and his money are soon parted.

      • Danlantic

        Homo vult decipi, decipiatur
        If a man wants to be fooled, he ought to be..

        — Ancient Roman saying.

  • Mouth

    Another money making scheme by a shallow attention seeking cunt…hello darkness my old friend.

    • Lost Question

      I’ve come to talk with you again… or in this case. I’ve come to try the same scam again.

  • scemar

    I’m still wondering whether she is a smart scammer or just an idiot that has gotten lucky being at the right time at the right place.

    But if she’s any smart she’d have at least some contacts ready in case this happened, some big donors that would give her the boost to reach the 80% at the last minute.

    She should certainly have had the chance to get some very fat contacts during all her recent adventures with politicians, rich lobby groups and the like.

    • JasonC5

      We’ll see if the Tim Schaffer or Max Tempkin stories are true then it seems she has herself some connections.

      • KLLRFRST

        Both have motive to prop up her latest scam. Anita is already letting people pay $500 (formerly $250) for her “Feminist seal of approval” aka “protection money”, so $25,000 means that she’ll pimp the shit out of Psychonauts 2.

        If it’s Max Temkin, then he’s clearly trying to buy his way back into the favor of the very same SJW cult that disfellowedshipped him on basis of a fake rape accusation made with zero proof. He’s filling the collection plate of the SJW Pope to buy a stairway back into SJW heaven.

        • Maintenance Renegade

          I’m not sure how much of a motivation getting her to pimp Psychonauts 2 could be though, I remember last year when people went into the Steam metrics and broke down how much her endorsements affected game sales and it turned out to be not at all.

  • Tehy

    she might just self-donate to get to the finish line

    • Iso

      Is that allowed? That just seems so sleazy but then this is Anita, The Greatest Fraud Around.

      • Tehy

        probably not -allowed- but under a fake name, how would you prevent it?

        • Lost Question

          so a last minute from feminist frequency a totally not for profit organization

  • Iso

    Fools and their money are easily parted it would seem. Oh well, I’m going back into Fallout 4: Automatron cause I know how much Anita got pissed off at Fallout 4.

  • rergerger

    I would never underestimate the idiocy of SJWs, they’ll keep giving her money no matter what.

    • d0x360

      The good news is so far it appears they are giving less than they used to however I’m sure a big harassment campaign is upcoming to help her hit the goal

      • Johnis1

        Or self-donation… 😛

  • Guess where much of the money from the previous crowdfunding campaign(tropes vs women in videogames) will go to.

    • Lost Question

      nah most of that money has been safely shelved in her bank account, she just needs to launder a little from the not for profit she started then left her friends in charge of.

  • utera

    Sjw findom….

  • OtakuBrony230

    It’s currently at 36% Fundraisers don’t usually get a huge boost until the deadline gets close, so I’m not surprised it’s low for now. Even so, my fingers are still crossed that it fails.

  • GuitarAnthony

    She should have gone with the Schaefer involved at the heart of it FIG so she could move the end date at her whimsical whimsy whim,

  • D-Bone

    I’m pretty sure she’ll get there. The feminist establishment has used her as one of their centerpieces, probably because she’s the least physically repulsive out of the couple dozen they could plop up front for their cause.

    I’m obviously rooting against her success in this endeavor but every time I see one of these on pace to fall short, it always gets there with a grand celebration in the name of feminism and women being strong and resilient.

    I bet you 75-80% of the money comes from the cucks though.

  • Motherfucking Deadpool!

    This Cifaldi pussy has got to be the biggest mangina on earth. I checked his twitter once and face palmed like Picard.
    He posted a picture of a 90s gaming magazine with sexy Lara Croft on it and bitched and cried about the “Muh sexism”.

    Fun fact: Theres a german Scrubbing cleanser called Cif. I laugh every time I hear that retards name.

    • 90’s Lara Croft? Not for me. 90’s Kasumi? Yes please. And being in the UK, I’ve actually owned this magazine before!

      • Motherfucking Deadpool!

        I strongly recommend “Kunoichi: Broken Princess”. A hentai masterpiece by the great guys from Studio FOW. 30 Minutes of Kasumi greatness!

  • Dave The Sandman

    I WANT her to succeed…and to release the vids

    If she thinks locking horns with gamers was a scam that got her criticised for ger innacuraces and propogandising, wait till she fucks with historians and academics. Bill O’Reilly learned that lesson the hard way. As did Laurie Penny when she tried it with Dr David Starkey.

    • There’s a risk though. If the feminist money is good enough, watch these historians and academics suddenly turn into SJW-feminists overnight.

      • Dave The Sandman

        not how historians work mate. Historian academics, esp serious ones like Starkey, fucking hate idiots propogandising by re-interpreting historical figures to fit whatever cookie cutter poster image the fucksticks need.
        Look at what happened to O’Reilly when he tried that with Lincoln.

        • scemar

          That may be true but where other groups have failed, feminism has succeeded.

          If there’s anyone that can be called evil enough to get away with corrupting even the most prestigious group, that’s feminism.

      • Duce Ralli

        Dave’s right on this one. Historians care more for actual history than money. fuck with the timeline of humanity with no proof or piss poor reasearch (Shillkeasan being guilty of both) and you can almost see them start seeing red. bit of an exaggeration but you get the point.

    • John Doe

      Academia has long been infested with Cultural Marxists and Post-Modernists.

      You think the History departments are immune?

  • d0x360

    She will reach the 80% because some shill will swoop in and give it to her.

    I bet this stupid series is already done and this 200k goal is just money for living.

    I really really hope she doesn’t meet that goal and I findbit shady that this company allows you to collect at 80%.

  • “Ordinary Women, smashing the status quo”

    Sarkeesian does realize that the status quo is Feminism right?

    So she wants ordinary women to smash feminism.

    Oh the irony.

  • Yarlg

    You can do the right thing and not be popular, or you can do the popular thing and make money. Guess which she’s doing.

  • Beazy

    I’m sure we will see her on MSNBC tonight with her donation link tickering across the bottom of the screen while we listen to the “harassment” shes getting for daring to say the word “WOMYN” on the internets.

  • Bronx Shogun

    Out of curiosity, who are the women Anita is covering in this new series anyway?

    • Capt_Hat

      -Ada Lovelace
      -Murasaki Shikibu
      -Emma Goldman
      -Ching Shih
      -Ida B. Wells

      Basically, famous and EXTRAORDINARY women of history that ACTUAL academics and historians have researched and written about countless times for far less than $25K EACH.

      • Nathan

        The same Murasaki Shikibu that wrote ” To be pleasant, gentle, calm, and self-possessed: this is the basis of good taste and charm in a woman.”? (from “The Diary of Lady Murasaki”). Something tells me Anita hasn’t actually read anything of Murasaki Shikibu… (or Sei Shonagon or the Great Kamo Priestess or any of her other contemporaries.)

        • Capt_Hat

          Woah, where did you get $25K to research that about Murasaki Shikibu?

  • Grampy_Bone

    In a way Anita provides a useful service to companies; donate to her and it proves you’re not sexist. Though it’s a classic example of extortion, paying someone off to solve a problem they caused in the first place.

    In any case, I’m pretty sure according to the terms of Kickstarter she owes everyone from her first project a refund for not actually delivering it.

  • AStereotypicalGamer

    Sudden upswing of harassment from egg accounts in 3…2…

  • ArsenicSundae

    I’d be surprised if this despicable fraudster didn’t reach her target. There are more than enough social justice retards with deep pockets out there, who are on the lookout for new ways to virtue signal. Giving money to this weaselly bitch is an easy way to do that. She just needs to alert them to the opportunity.

  • Nivek Sirrah

    anyone think this seems a lot like how the church used to be many years ago? If you wanted to be seen as true and just and no a heretic you donated large sums to the church.

    • John Doe

      Social Justice, in addition to being connected to Cultural Marxists, is also heavily connected to and spearheaded by the Jesuits, as long ago as 600+ years.

  • Orion Han

    You have to be a complete idiot to fall for the same trick twice.

  • Vibrant C. Mandate

    How much is a lobotomy?

  • Kareem O’Wheat

    She’s a colostomy bag with ears.