Antifa Game Jam Has a "Nazi Punching" Theme

Antifa Game Jam Has a “Nazi Punching” Theme

I don’t have a problem with a violent video games and I don’t think that they make people become violent. But SJW’s do believe that violent media causes people to be violent — their ideology is as derived from critical theory. That means that the SJW’s who are organizing a week long game jam with the theme of “punching nazis” are likely intentionally trying to radicalize the youth:

Games vs Nazis is a weeklong anti-nazi game jam taking place between February 6 and February 13, 2017! The theme is Punch Nazis. All games will be played on livestream on the weekend of February 17th. Winners will be announced February 24th. Games can be submitted by individuals or by teams!

Looking to join a team? Send me a message and I will send you an invite link to our Discord server!

Entry in the jam is absolutely free. Regardless of whether or not you participate, we welcome you to donate to the prize pool! The entire prize pool will be donated to the winner’s choice of RAINN or the SPLC!

Categories and Judging

  • Best of Jam
  • Best Art
  • Best Audio
  • Best Nazi Punch

Apparently, they have a Discord set up:

Something Awful has a thread on it. Some goons will be involved:

The SJW subreddit, /r/GamerGhazi, is also going nuts about the idea of digitally inciting violence against their political opposition. One user posted:

Gamergate Headline:. Violent SJW Feminazis gamify destroying Free Speeches, and insult the marketplace of ideas! Also, BLM are the real racists!

Not quite.

“Manuela Malasaña” is also listed as one of the judges.

Even if they’re not successful in indoctrinating more people into their antifa cult, it just goes to show you what methods of subversion are vulnerable to exploitation by SJWs.


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  • Maintenance Renegade

    Spencer isn’t a Nazi he’s just an ethnocentrist, these same people cheer ethnocentrism so long as it’s anyone but whites doing it.

  • poopface


  • Remember that guy who made a flash game where you had to punch Anita Sarkeesian, and all the outrage made of it from the SJWs and feminists?

    Same old double-standards and hypocrisy from the left then.

    • StephaneDumas

      I guess it’s time to do a Shia LaBeouf or any Hollywood celebrity like Michael Moore game. 😉

      Or having fun to see the SJW really triggered if someone do a game where we punch Aids Skrillex or Trigglypuff.

  • Mr0303

    There are plenty of games in which you fight against real Nazis like Wolfenstein, but the SJWs of course mean people they don’t like. This will be nothing less than a craptastic virtue signalling circle jerk.

  • DisneyVillain

    When it comes to SJWs and video games, one universal truth is that they will never make a decent game. Sunset was a commercial failure, Gone Home is mixed with gamers, and I’ve said my piece about Depression Quest enough.

    • Nah. I think they CAN make decent games (and I wouldn’t doubt that some great games have been created by people with such ideals), but the key thing is that they keep their fucking politics out of it. People want to buy a GAME, not your F- middle school report on how you think lesbians are forced to elope due to the pressures of society or some shit.

    • Quise

      Borderlands 1, Borderlands 2, Fez, NBA2K….

      • DisneyVillain

        Good point, statement withdrawn.

  • [brute squad]

    This will be difficult since all code and text must omit the letter “K.”

  • Quise

    Yall get pretty soft when it comes to defending your precious fellow nazis, huh?
    First of all, progressives do NOT believe video games cause people to be violent, and ANY form of censorship of art is against everything that true liberals believe in. And spare me the mentioning of Sarkeesian or Wu, because they aren’t progressives. They’re shills.
    Trust me when I say that the entire world i laughing at you and enjoying the mental gymnastics needed to convince yourselves that you’re on the right side of either history or the never ending fight for true freedom. The hits just keep on coming. Please don’t stop the outrage articles. They’re precious.