Antifa Made Hilarious Combat Training Video, Tried to Delete it From Internet

Antifa Made Hilarious Combat Training Video, Tried to Delete it From Internet

There’s a YouTube channel called Unicorn Riot that frequently posts pro-Antifa videos. Recently, they posted a hilarious video that shows a group of leftists training to fight:

Instead of having the intended effect of intimidating conservatives, many on the right started to make fun of the left-wing participants. The video was being laughed at in the comments section which caused the Unicorn Riot YouTube channel to promptly delete the video. Some users are now trolling the channel about it on the comments section for their other videos:

I guess Antifa realized that the point of terrorism is to terrorize, and if everyone is just mocking you, it’s better off to just wipe it from the internet. The only problem for Antifa is that the internet never forgets.

The fight-training event was crowdfunded with $6,000. From Indie Gogo:

Since the election of Trump there has been a dramatic rise in violent attacks against minority and oppressed groups. Rather than give in to fear or turn to leaders who promise power, we believe that people should protect each other and organize their lives together. Haymaker will be a center for Popular Fitness & Self-Defense, bringing free martial arts and self-defense training to Chicago . We envision a space where people, regardless of ability, can learn the skills they need to stay safe in Trump’s America. We envision a new culture of fitness based on solidarity and mutual-aid. We not only want to improve ourselves, but help create a new world along the way.
A utopian fight club that plans to train for combat “regardless of ability” sounds doomed for failure, if you ask me.  Battles aren’t diversity contests — despite what you might have heard from Obama in the past.


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  • Maintenance Renegade

    When the shit REALLY hits the fan it would be hilarious to see these people actually get mulched out on some barricade somewhere but lets face it when that day actually comes these clowns are going to be hiding in basements and attics.

    • temmy9 .


      Dont underestimate these folks. They may not have the individual skills, but they have a hell of alot more money, much better organisation and have showed more conviction than those of us on the right. It will be the right that will be at a disadvantage, not them.

      • Maintenance Renegade

        Sorry man but I don’t see it. If I was inclined I could wade right into the midst of the group of people we see in this video and kick the shit out of all of them simultaneously. Yes the social and political machine that produced them is a major problem but push comes to shove this lot would get crushed in actual combat which is what baffles and amuses me so much about the rising militancy of the progs in general.

        • temmy9 .

          You are thinking in the wrong terms.

          the left can get out thousands and thousands of people to protest at short notice. That is because they have a vast, well funded and well organised structure. They have money, they have lawyers, and they have far greater public support for thier acts of violence.

          The right has none of these. The right is splintered, poorly funded, does not have any kind of legal structure and it has little public sanction for violence.

          Any street war between left and right would be an initial curbstomp for the left. It doesnt matter if they seem weedy when they outnumber you several times over.

          Sure we have guns..but guns are cheap and plentiful, and you can train urban cannonfodder in a couple of weeks. The structure that they have takes years to build, and that structure can be mobilised for concerted and organised street action far more effectively than the right.

          • Maintenance Renegade

            If we had an urban vs rural civil war it wouldn’t be necessary for the rural sectors to invade the urban ones, all they’d need to do is stop sending food down the highways. Food trucks stop for three days and the urban centers starve.

      • AverageJoe1987

        Guess you’ve missed the times where when Trump supporters fought back against Antifa they easily whipped their asses and sent them running away.

        • temmy9 .

          A few streetbrawls does not a war make.

          The last big rally in portland, the right had 4-500 people. The left brought 3500.
          The left mobilised 3 million people for its demonstrations against trump on short notice.

          That is organisation.

      • The Aquarius Conspiracy

        Not a chance in hell. Every blue collar bloke I know in America wouldn’t have anything to do with these guys. They are the minority, and they aren’t armed half as well as their opposition.

        • temmy9 .

          A street war wont be some glorious open battle. It will be about staged riots, gang beatings, spree shootings, bombings, public shaming and assassination.

          • The Aquarius Conspiracy

            What are you talking about? Who’s fighting who in your “street war”?

  • Jill Offington

    Wow these guys are pussies, I bet I could beat up five of them at a time.

  • tz1

    See also
    Only one I’d consider a threat, but I’d shoot him first.

  • Mike I.

    Hipster Kungfu

    • Celerity

      “When you beat your enemies, you lose.” – Antifa Tredeau

      • Geraldinefperez

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  • Hyde

    I’m almost beginning to feel sorry for them… almost.

  • SallyForth

    Fake news Antifa.

    There has been a dramatic rise in FAKE claims of hate crimes against minorities.

    Visit to see the long and disgraceful list of Lib-tards faking “racist” attacks so they can satiate their lust for victimhood.

    They generally end with the police announcing that the person who made the complaint has been arrested for making false allegations.


  • Shadow of a Doubt

    Ok so lets break this down:

    Some of the worst technique I’ve ever seen in my life, I’m talking “not good enough for the 7 AM old ladies cardio boxing class at the Y” level of bad, at hands dropped with every punch, flinging arms about willy-nilly like a low functioning autist trying to figure out a fidget spinner, a choke that looks like someone learned it because once saw the a UFC clip by accident at the local coffee shop while sipping a non-alcoholic vegan soy latte, and an knee-on-the-fucking-ground takedown that apparently relies on gently massaging the other guy’s ass until he falls from embarrassment. (seriously, try a takedown like that in the real world on a hard surface like concrete and the only thing you’ll get out of it is a limp for the rest of your life)

    Secondly, the “workout” stuff they are doing would embarrass the Sunday AM ladies class both in terms of technique and difficulty. Not only are the supermans, planks etc they are doing some of the most basic shit that wouldn’t even warm-up a junior karate class, but they’re sweating their asses off and DOING IT ALL WRONG! I had a kickboxing class of old ladies I used to run at the local gym because they didn’t want to get into any contact stuff and they would rip these shitheads a new one. Bent backs on the plank, locking out joints instead of holding steady, flopping around like a sweaty fish doing basic warmup exercises.

    I guarantee even the worlds most sweaty, meth addicted beer-bellied cousin fucking redneck could bend one of these pasty hippies into a pretzel and fuck them with a beer bottle without much difficulty. I can only hope this video is a parody, otherwise I wasted a whole lot of money on popcorn, as the upcoming #resistance it will be over before I can pour a bowl.

  • Hawk Hopper
  • Kate

    I thought the guy? wearing the cute flower hat looked interesting.