Arthur Chu Reminds Us: It's All About The Money

Arthur Chu Reminds Us: It’s All About The Money

Before I go watch some more shit during my weekend binge, I wanted to highlight something from Arthur Chu earlier this week. In case you missed it, the Zoe obsessed freak pretty much admitted that the reason he’s so outspoken against GamerGate, is because all the loads and loads of cash he’s been raking in lately. Someone on Twitter came at me with a suggestion earlier tonight, and this seems to prove it. Their idea was that a lot of these anti scumbags just put on a show in order to get paid. Being against GamerGate was “where the money is,” was how he put it. 

Don’t get me wrong, I still think a lot of these people are true believers, Chu included. But one of the main motivators is the desire to get paid. We see that constantly. Brianna Wu thrust herself into GamerGate in order to promote her shit game. Peter Coffin started up some shit to boost his flagging “comedy career.” And Arthur Chu turned things up a notch so he could rise up his newly chosen career path: public intellectual.

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Before GamerGate, all we knew about this clown was that he used a controversial strategy on Jeopardy and went on a win streak. I’m not sure how being a game show champion makes one qualified to be a pundit that anyone should listen to, but this is America. These things happen. But now that he has a nice base among SJW radicals, he can keep pushing his shitty work and it will be OK, because The Clique will promote the fuck out of it. These people have an employment network as well. If Chu plays his cards right, he’s probably got a job-for-life as a SJW mouthpiece.

That is, if they’re still standing when we get done. I understand that this short read about cretinous Chu’s success can get anyone down. Use it as motivation instead. The more we discredit them, the harder it is for their spokesmen like to explain away their extremism. We don’t have the infrastructure they do. That kind of thing takes years to build. We have many other advantages, however, including the fact that most people actually agree with us. We have to hang around, build up our base, and continue to pick away at the opposition apparatus. I truly believe that the authoritarian left represented by many of these radicals is going to fail…but only if we keep up the fight.

Ethan Ralph

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  • Cwbintennessee Michael Winton

    Chu is a turd


    You know what feels even better, Chu? Letting people know what an asshole you are, that bragged about not reporting rapes and tried to spread lies about a charity made to help a woman who was beaten and gang raped in front of her kids. And we do it for free.

    • Gregg Braddoch

      yeah, the combo of him claiming to make money and his disgusting attitude towards helping actual victims (along with Sarkeesian and Wu) demonstrates EXACTLY why we need gamergate.

      These people aren’t saints, they’re devils.

    • A Real Libertarian
  • DUME85

    If Chu could i’m sure he would gladly be the same dick that Kim Jong Un is.


    That only way for horrible and despicable people like Chu, every SJW, every 3rd Wave Radical Feminazi, every propagandist, every Game Journo Pro, every third party troll, every meth head, every cyber stalker, every sociopath and dog fucker to truly succeed is for the good people in GamerGate and NotYourShield to do nothing.

  • Well this paints a sad and lonely picture: SJWs pay some idiots who don’t even believe in their causes to lie to them.

    Might be sad to most people, but I’m laughing my fucking ass of.

  • masterninja

    LOL that someone like literallychu can be a speaker with every other sentence starting with ZQ! I mean after the pakmann interview its pathetic this is in any way someone they view as an authority to speak against gamergate…

    if this person is among your chosen leaders then gamergate has already won! Lets keep up the pressure anyway!

    • Roland Bjorkman

      The ZQ story is a classic example of women and white knights crying sexism when a woman is treated the same way a guy would be treated. Flip the script so that it’s a guy who’s an emotionally abusive serial cheater and they’d be calling the woman a hero for going public with a story about being an emotionally battered woman.

      When it’s a guy who’s being lied to and about, who’s being humiliated, they don’t care. In fact, they tell us all our sympathy should be with the woman doing it. Hell, what she was doing was empowering or something!

    • Gregg Braddoch

      Chu: Zoe Quinn…. Harassment

      Audience: “OOHH AHHH”

      Chu: Zoe Quinn, Anita Sarkeesian …. Harassment

      Audience: “OOHH AHHH”

      Chu: Brianna Wu & Zoe Quinn…. Harassment

      Audience: Standing Ovation

      Too bad there’s only three people. LMFAO

  • William Burr

    Chu’s like the guy who memorized the patterns on *Press Your Luck*. He’ll do okay, but never really well, because when it comes down to it, he’s what our grandparents would’ve called a “chipper.” Two-bit. Some small fry who only knows how to drain off of bigger fish.

  • Les Ismor

    Pseudo-celebrity is a hell of a drug

  • d0x360

    Arthur Chu is one of those people who is both incredibly smart but also a complete and total moron.

    Tons of book smarts but zero ability to think critically and zero common sense or “street smarts”. I know a guy who was on the same stupid game show. Knew tons of facts and random info but when it came to actually doing things, living in the actual world he was either totally average or straight up stupid.

    Being able to regurgitate facts makes you look plenty smart to the common person but when you come up against someone who is actually smart as in has a high IQ but maybe doesn’t know a bajillion pointless facts…it all falls apart.

    • Gregg Braddoch

      “Tons of book smarts”

      Nah. He just knows a few memorized trivia questions. Have you watched Jeopardy? Half the questions are stupid easy.

      Agreed that Chu looks bad debating actual smart people. His mistake is thinking “knowing = intelligence”


    In a lovely bit of good timing, Encyclopedia Dramatica just put up a new article on Chu, and it completely BTFO out of him:

  • Jaker_K17

    I said it before and I’ll say it again: Chu is a fucking weasel and I wouldn’t trust him as far as I can throw him. If he ever “sees the light” and changes sides because he sees GG is kicking SJW ass, don’t give him the benefit of the doubt. He’s a fucking snake and is only in it for the benefits. He would stab GG in the back the first chance he gets.