Arthur Chu Sinks Even Lower, Calls Out GG for Supporting Rape Victim

Arthur Chu Sinks Even Lower, Calls Out GG for Supporting Rape Victim

I’ve been considering an Arthur Chu follow-up column for a good few weeks. The reason? Even after saying he was done with GamerGate, he’s continued to trash us in the worst ways possible, including trying to tie us to some random trans-teen’s suicide.  I wish I was making that up. He also wrote a rambling piece on bitter nerds, and of course he kept up his usual trolling on Twitter. But this morning, he took his usual antics too fucking far.

To make a long story short, adult performer Cytherea was gang raped and robbed by a group of viscous assailants. Naturally, many in GamerGate wanted to help. Most people naturally want to help others when they see them in fucked up situations like this one. But not Arthur Chu, apparently. But as one Twitter user helpfully pointed out, he has a history of laughing about rape and its victims:

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Once he saw how bad this was making him look, he actually tried to donate some money in order to make it all better. So, he accuses GamerGate of disingenuously donating to a charity, and then turns around and does that very thing himself? Hypocrisy, thy name is Chu.

Why don’t you spend time addressing your own issues with rape, Arthur?

Arthur chalks up his lack of conscience to “human nature.” I don’t know about you, but it’s not in my nature to allow rapists to go unchallenged. If I don’t think I can stop them physically, I’ll call the cops. I’m not about to let a woman get raped. Who the fuck does something like that, ever? Not only that, does he think he deserves a gold star for coming out now? He deserves a kick in the face, possibly worse.

I’m gonna spend more time picking apart his bullshit in greater detail on another day, but for now, all I can say is that this guy truly makes me sick to my stomach.

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Ethan Ralph

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  • Brandon

    Arthur Chu really does love rape, huh?

    • JoeBanana

      just look at that face, how else would he get any..?

      • Brandon

      • Lisa M

        OMG I love you for this.

      • REAPER

        And the funny part about it is that even with all that money he’s won he still can’t afford a decent haircut. LMAO!

    • Shogun1x

      All aboard the rape train. Chu Chu!

      • Shogun1x

        Chu chu!

        • Steven Schroeders

          I actually started this shit lmao xD #FullChuChu xD

          • Shogun1x

            Lol, good work.

  • Jaker_K17

    Chu can’t form any sort of rational thought. To call him childish would be an insult to children. He won’t even consider any other view point than his own, he ignores evidence that proves his beliefs to be wrong and rather than act calmly and civil, he goes straight for the attack. So as far as SJWs go, he’s pretty much average.

    It is surprising he changed his mind and donated (assuming he actually did it and not just say he would to take the heat off.) Remember this moment everyone. When it becomes clear to them that GamerGate is winning, I feel like he’s one who will suddenly switch sides and suck up to GamerGate to save his own ass. I don’t trust this grimy weasel and never will.

    • The Deuce

      “He won’t even consider any other view point than his own, he ignores evidence that proves his beliefs to be wrong and rather than act calmly and civil, he goes straight for the attack.”

      He does that deliberately, and actually considers it a strength to be proud of. His term for it is “mindkill.”

      • Jaker_K17

        Killing his own mind, apparently. I’ve seen some of his comments on that before, it’s absolutely psychotic.

        • Javier Vega

          He is more like Ted Bundy except he doesn’t get laid.

  • The Deuce

    Hmm, I think Chu may have actually taken Matt Lees’ crown as most callous SJW piece of shit of the moment:

    • Gregg Braddoch

      WTF is wrong with these people? Either this guy’s girlfriend wasn’t really dying, or he’s a total asshole.

  • Dave The Sandman

    “I was asked by a friend to reconsider….” Trans: I was told by my superiors in SocJus Inc to stop making them look bad.

    “… I gave $ bc….” Trans: So I sent one dollar so I could say I contributed

    Fucking pig faced fat fuck poisonous little twat.

    • JoeBanana

      You’re going too far, there is little to no evidence that he is in fact poisonous.

      • Toastrider

        I would further note that the implication is insulting to creatures of the natural world that are venomous or poisonous.

  • Jak Constantine

    Well he is pro rape, so it doesn’t surprise me one bit. The Chu Chu train continues with Arthur Chu.

    Arthur Chu: Rape = Normal.

  • Mister Grimm

    Wow, for someone who won on Jeopardy, he is really stupid.

    • Jaker_K17

      Pop culture knowledge doesn’t equal intelligence.

      • Mister Grimm

        True enough. I am impressed with how far he managed to get his head up his ass while both feet were in his mouth.

        • Jaker_K17

          His head is so far up his own ass it needs to be surgically removed. I wouldn’t recommend it though, the change of atmosphere might kill him.

          • Mister Grimm

            I like you. That was good.

  • Gregg Braddoch

    Well, at least he’s consistent – wasn’t it also Chu who refused to report a rape in the past? But seriously, just wow. These people were listened to by the media at large, and none of this BS is ever reported – they are just pictured as a ‘force for good’ and really they only care about their own good.

    Side note – Signal boost:–s

    Based Mercedes Tears Apart the SJWs.

    Donation Page for Cytherea:


    Jesus Christ, this dude needs to be wrapped in raw steaks and thrown into a pit of hungry lions. First he brags about not reporting rapes, and now he’s angry because GamerGate is raising money for a woman who was raped in front of her kids? What the fuck is his damage?

  • Aj Retro

    Fuck Arthur Chu and his fucked up cult mindset.

    • Toastrider

      My goodness, he’s just a proper little East German, isn’t he?

    • Aj Retro

      The thing that’s really messed up is, if that’s not a real FB post from him, whoever made it hit the nail on the fucking head.

    • Now, if I didn’t know he was, I would shrug this off as a joke. But since I don, I can’t really do that, can I?

      What I should do is call a mental institution and ask them kindly to treat this cult indoctrinated victim. This manifesto should be enough evidence, alongside some of his tweets, of course.

      On a side note, you gotta give it to the guy, unlike many SJWs he really does practice what he preaches. Too bad he only preaches hatred and stupidity.

  • Sevuz

    Would someone be so kind to ship this wack job off to #FullMcIntosh Island ASAP!? oh and kick another stick up his ass while you are at it

  • Philip Weigel

    Never thought I’d see the day where I wish I had a real Death Note.

    • Sevuz

      Working on it. 1 step at the time


    So Chuthulu gives GG so much shit in the past and gives GG flak for support a rape victim? Then he back pedals so hard that he decides to donate to her charity? GTFO here chuthulu.

    Gimme an H
    Gimme an Y
    Gimme an P
    Gimme an O
    Gimme an C
    Gimme an R
    Gimme an I
    Gimme an S
    Gimme an Y

    What does that spell? HYPOCRISY!

  • Holding that type of view is one thing, broadcasting it across social media for all to see is another. And for the outlets he likes to think employ him continue to do so after this is reprehensible. He’ll probably make himself out to be a victim of being harassed in to donating. What a despicable shit.

  • He’s actually implying his being bullied (shamed) into action.

  • d0x360

    So let me get this straight cause I missed it. Pro GG people signal booster this charity to help someone who was a victim of a horrible crime and Arthur chu responds by saying gg weaponized rape?

    He’s fucked in the head. How does anyone take him seriously

  • Eggard Snark

    “I feel your pain, bitter, lonely, nerdy guys. I really do.”

  • Live the dream

    You should look at the magfest video. His misrepresentation of notyourshield is disgusting.

  • Archfriend

    They can donate to GamerGate-run charities, but their charities don’t accept GG money..

  • Toastrider

    Ralph, you mentioned Cytherea’s youcaring fund. Care to toss a link up on the story?

  • GCaram

    Of course those hypocrites are pro-rape. It’s the very essence of their “feminist” victimhood discourse. However it’s only cool when it’s used to diminish men, but when it really happens to somebody, then it’s confusing because they just use the inflated, idealized implication of rape, not the actual action and the actual experience of it because they have no fucking clue about what it is like even though they constantly compare their insultingly petty attention-drawing exaggerations of pretended experiences tot he real thing and they know it.

  • Syltique

    That’s possibly the first time these people have made me angry on this level.

    This guy is a true piece of shit human being.

  • masterninja

    To be Arthur Chu you have to trade your conscience and soul just to keep your narrative alive!

  • plasmacutter

    He has his buddies shadow-banning the youtube accounts (SITE WIDE) of anyone who dares to comment on his magfest panel.

    Grade-a scumbag-hat move there.

  • Lamergate
  • Aaron

    How did this jack ass win at Jeopardy? Maybe that game really is just being able to regurgitate useless trivia?

  • yhwh88

    Cases like these completely short-circuit the fembot collective. On one had, here you have a perfect incident for them to point to and scream “Rape Culture” as they do so often. But on the other hand, there’s some unfortunate complications in the narrative.

    One, the victim is a porn star, who is quite happy with her line of work. Since prudish anti-sex feminism is the order of the day, we can’t have that at all. What’s even worse though is that the suspects are all black. “But they are oppressed minorities! They can’t be bad, they can only be victims.” Attacking a minority is “punching down,” a mortal sin. How do you reconcile all this as an SJW?

    You don’t, of course. Radio silence is the only option. “LALALALALA I CAN’T HERE YOU LALALALALA” Can’t wait for some of them to break down and defend the rapists somehow.

    • Enal Kreeny

      Nail that to the door.

  • Jesper Raundahl

    Guy’s a socipath. End of Story

    • Enal Kreeny

      Yup. First time I’ve heard of the fella…. and I arrived at the conclusion before I had finished this story.

  • Chu is a rape enabler. Literally.

  • Enal Kreeny

    I stumbled my way here after watching a suggested YouTube video on my home page re: modern feminism. Never heard of Arthur Chu and I only vaguely know about the crime of which he speaks, but UNDOUBTEDLY he is not the full quid.

    After I first began to frequent internet forums etc. I’m slightly embarrassed to say it took me 3-4 years to realise there were some absolute hat-stands lurking out there – people who come across as reasonably intelligent with a solid command of the English language, but where logic and moral consistency simply isn’t there. I attained a Zen-like level of peace when the light finally came on in my brain. Now I avoid debating those types at all costs, even if they lob a shouty insult-laden reply to a comment of mine. Oh, but I do enjoy mocking them occasionally, which TheRalph has done masterfully here.

    Starting to ramble a bit here, sorry, I’ll try and wrap this up.

    Everything I’ve written above breaks all my rules on netiquette, it’s been nothing but judgmental snark about a stranger…. But there are rare circumstances where I can do it with a clear conscious: Arthur Chu is a major league blowhard who is clearly nucking futz – the worst combination possible. Everything I needed to know about Arthur Chu is on this page, and your related link “The Morally Superior Mr. Chu”. Cheers for the heads-up, I’ll keep a lookout for him. For the lolz.

  • Enal Kreeny

    How many of you are familiar with the old but brilliant “Flame Warriors”, where common internet personalities are described and visualised? Reading all these comments reminded me of Stone Deaf.

    Miraculously I’ve never really locked horns with anyone much worse than good old Stoney…. but this Arthur Chu fella is a jacked-up Stone Deaf. The onery sociopathic version. Details in the link.