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Author: Ethan Ralph

AD: What’s It Like to Create Fake News?

In the last six months, the term “fake news” has become a staple of any political discussion, but fake news or hoax news has been happening for a few years. Its effect has been quite large. Countries across the globe point to Russia as a...

Creepy Kurt Eichenwald’s Abusive Gif Lawsuit Is an Attempt to Destroy and Silence Critics

Just when you think a twisted creature like Kurt Eichenwald can’t possibly stoop any lower, he always finds a deeper pile of mud and filth to wallow in. Ralph reported a few days ago that Kurt Eichenwald has doubled-down and escalated the lawsuit between himself and John Rivello over the posting of a flashing animated GIF, now claiming that he will be naming 90 so-called “co-conspirators.”