Big Randi Harper Flips Out After Nintendo Denies Five Guys Joke, Zoe to Take "Major Hiatus"

Big Randi Harper Flips Out After Nintendo Denies Five Guys Joke, Zoe to Take “Major Hiatus”

I’m getting ready for the Brexit stream tonight, but I simply had to come over here and bring you all the latest on the Nintendo controversy that Zoe Quinn started up yesterday. Some people claimed that the jibe had nothing to do with Zoe at all. In response, I noted this down in the #BasedCommentSection…


It didn’t matter to me wheter or not they had actually taken a shot at this wench. In fact, if it turned out not to be true, that makes the entire episode even funnier! Blowey Zoe starting this up over nothing is too delicious to contemplate. Well, it used to be too delicious to contemplate, because Nintendo has come out today and said that Quinn is a delusional fool who thinks the world revolves around herself.

OK, they didn’t quite put it like that. But still…

“As many have observed,” the company said in a statement, “when viewed in its entirety the Nintendo Treehouse: Live segment for Paper Mario: Color Splash from E3 includes two jokes separated by commentary and gameplay that have no relation to each other. One joke has to do with Watergate, while the other is a nod to the Fungi Fun Guys from Mario Party 8.”

Most reasonable people would back down at this point and admit defeat. Luckily for the lulz, Big Randi Harper is not a reasonable person.

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Zoe isn’t any better, as she now claims to be going on a “major hiatus.” Let me be the first to say this: Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out, Zoe…and please stay gone this time.



All this over a joke that wasn’t about you in the first place. That’s the professional victim mindset at work, ladies and gentlemen.

Ethan Ralph

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  • CPENinja

    Kotaku (a site I still visit for my gaming news because I just can’t find anything better plus I apparently enjoy watching things die slowly), they are happy to refer to GG as a ‘hate campaign.’ Apparently the teething masses are eager to yes-man the article, so that the high and mighty staff will gift them with a star.

    It’s a little sad that people call GG a ‘hate campaign’ while ignoring the horrific statements from folks on the other side of the fence.

    • James RePass

      Techraptor. Also, check, it has a list of non shitty gaming sites.

    • bryoneill11

      Do you really visit kotaku?

      • CPENinja

        Muscle memory is a lot of it – I’m so used to typing ‘ko’ and letting my autocomplete take me there. It is hard to stop.

    • WTF are you doing? There’s plenty of alternative sites to visit, like Techraptor

      (which is even on TRR’s sidebar, kinda hard to miss out on).

      • CPENinja

        I’ll check them out.

        And why do I get the feeling I could have written “I killed a dog and a baby today… oh and also checked out kotaku” and gotten the response of “WTF, kotaku, seriously?”

        • Nohbody

          Because priorities? 😛

  • Maintenance Renegade

    She’ll be back on twitter in a week, the site is basically crack for her personality type. One more reason society will be better off once twitter finally goes under because these histrionic land whales will vanish back into IRC.

    I think the question to ask here is why the fuck Randi is wearing a gas mask? These people put more effort into their twitter avatars than they do into every other facet of their lives combined.

    • GuitarAnthony

      Randi wears a gas mask because even she cannot handle what reeks from her anymore.

    • A week’s too long. I’ll give it until the weekend’s over.

  • ArsenicSundae

    I think it was worse when she found out it wasn’t about her because … it wasn’t about her. That blow to such a monumental ego must have hurt.

  • Silence Dogood

    “refs to an abusive relationship” … I love how disconnected from reality that cunt Harper is. Quinn cheated on and manipulated and abused (gaslighting is abuse kids) Eron so severely that he felt the need to write a tell all blog about it. -_-

    • Maintenance Renegade

      …and that’s all he did was write a blog about it. It just so happened that said blog was a smoking gun that proved alot of long running theories and really blew open the corruption in games “journalism”.

    • Randi herself has her own skeletons in the closet, according to ED:

      (Reminder that she wanted this taken down, just like when she went after TRR.)

      • Lost Question

        according to feminist logic if you don’t see it it doesn’t exist, unless you are a feminist then what you say is 100% true until its inconvenient then it never happened

      • ED is totally not trustworthy. all of this is a lie.

        • Still a better resource than Wikipedophilia.

    • Danny Harrell

      you know technically she not wrong to call it an abusive relationship, just wrong on who was being abused in said relationship.

    • DisneyVillain

      Wikipedia described the blog as a false allegation. But I know it is true, because I played Depression Quest. It was the WORST… FUCKING… EXPERIENCE… I ever had as a gamer and I’ve played Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties and Superman 64. The only way that piece of shit got any good reviews was through bribery which Zoe delivered with her cunt.

      • Silence Dogood

        Yeah wikipedia and their paradoxal “must have a non-primary source rule” (wut) basically cited a bunch of the games journo articles where they INTERVIEWED Quinn and used that as the foundation to falsely claim that the “allegations were false”. We know, thanks to things like GameJournoPros, that every word of that blog was true.

        • DisneyVillain

          That’s why I only trust web reviewers (except possibly Angry Joe, he’s hanging by a thread) and user sites like GameFAQs. BTW one of the reasons I got Disqus is because your comments are awesome.

          • Silence Dogood

            Aww ty. 😀

    • Jacob Wunder

      Wasn’t ZQ the abusive one in the relationship?

      Her ex got in trouble for going public with the abuse after they broke up! If he were the woman in the relationship, they’d be calling him brave, a hero.

      • Lost Question

        true. however she is a female “feminist” and he a male therefore to “feminists” always wrong and evil. so the ___ (im looking for a word that incompases corrupt, incompetent, ideologically blindered, cowardly, and cultish) media, and local judiciary must side with her or face the wrath of the cult of the vagina.

  • GuitarAnthony

    Well, the Patreon numbers ARE down below $4000 for both of them so this came at the right time. Wu’s even worse falling below $2000.

    • milk bone

      My first thought when hearing of this latest hilarity was, “Hmmm … must be a drop in Patreon support.” My second was, “Where’s Wu? She’d never let an opportunity to inject herself go to waste.”

      Well, here she is: right on cue.

      I’ve been away from TWTR for a few months because RL needed my full attention, but luckily there’s Voat for all your drama-llama needs.

  • Tom Mickleborough

    i feel for her ex
    never put your dick in crazy

    • One-Eye

      Crazy is always amazing sex.

      I can’t ever hold the guy guilty for anything that results. It’s always the whore.

  • Celerity

    I enjoy farming SJW salt. It goes well with my dinner.

    • D-Bone

      From what I gather on big Randi, this would be a simple appetizer for her.

      I saw on her Patreon one of the levels was finally being able to afford health insurance or blah blah at $4500 a month or something, I don’t remember the exact total for that level but it’s incredibly disrespectful to be morbidly obese and take donations so you can “afford” health insurance.

      If you can afford to eat that much, you could easily cut 500-700 calories a day from your diet and have enough in savings for decent insurance.

      Just terrible ethics.

      • Celerity

        It’s because these cucklords are so spoiled and retarded they’ve never learned money management. So they “need” about 54k a year, because they think spending 36k of that on some tiny little apartment somewhere is a good use of “their” money (read: money they got off hipster welfare).

  • Botiemaster

    Hey…Randi. Why don’t you create a Nintendo block bot. You can block all the fags that follow Nintendo. That will show them. You can call it the Nintendo Blocke- I mean, rename it to something else so it ain’t so obvious, because you’re clever. Like, the Bad Company Blocker that has only Nintendo followers on the block list.


  • Botiemaster

    Hey…Five Guys Burger and Fries. You’re truly delusional. Please get professional help by going to: crash override network . com There you can learn more about things and can contact someone who can provide aid. I hear there’s a real pro there who knows all about delusional behavior who should be able t- ……………

    Oh, wait. Nevermind~

    *At least you’re not the person below this sentence*

  • DisneyVillain

    I am blocking anyone that tries to defend this as being a reference to Watergate.

    Randi, being blocked by you are any of your SJW allies is no big loss. If I had a Twitter account and you blocked me, I would see that as a triumph because I pissed you off.

    • Iso

      I got blocked by Randi and consider it the greatest honour! Such a waste of space, doubt she’s ever had a solid job that doesn’t involve sordid events happening in 5 Guys (Or to them)


    Lol. Now she’s whining to Notch that she was “baited” into reacting to this.

    Yeah, because GamerGate forced you to react to this and throw a hissy fit instead of behaving like an adult and either ignoring it or taking the time to check if the joke was really about you or not.

    Even better, she whines about how she doesn’t use this manufactured outrage to pimp her Patreon, and then pimps her Patreon.

    Maybe you should just take your own advice, Quinn?

  • Clayton Weaver

    I love how Quinn referred to Gjoni as her physically abusive ex to Notch recently and is completely clueless how abusive men act. Abusive men don’t write multi-page sites outing cheating girlfriends, they get angry and abuse more and in extreme cases murder their girlfriends. She is so clueless that it is hilarious to watch how she is exhibiting every classic sign of narcissistic personality disorder. Her whining about unproven abuse shows she is seeking admiration from strangers and the rants about the Watergate reference shows that she blindly thinks everything is about her. She has to be the center of attention and when it starts to falter she quickly goes out seeking things to be offended over to play victim again.

  • Danlantic

    Randi Harper is “done with Nintendo”. How does that hurt them?

    • Mr0303

      Wii Fit doesn’t seem to be her favourite game.

      • Kiryu

        Hahaha,lol.Epic response.

  • Marcus Lawshe’

    Aw. I think I have some tissues for their issues. I put them right next to the big ol’ box of fucks that I give. Now if I could only remember where I put them…..

  • Iso

    Someone cry me a river. Blowey Zoe can’t go and cry about every darn little thing that can be related to her misdemeanors, especially since she went out of her way to cause chaos and hassle. I think it’s time we send these SJW’s marching! Nintendo has my support!

  • So much butthurt. Perhaps a colonoscopy could reveal why.

  • D-Bone

    Only attractive feminist I’ve ever seen…

    Warning: Link contains full nudity, Ralph not sure if this can be linked within the rules. Please delete if you must.

  • Russ Seamster

    Had to read this article twice just to grasp what those losers where getting all offended about this time.

    Is there a Deity of the Internet we can perhaps sacrifice to for them to stop with the foolery?

  • GodBowser

    Got humiliated by a game company and did not get an apology out of it?

    I was so expecting to see Nintendo being forced in to apologizing to her but I was surprised when this happen instead and would this be something that the folks at Social Justice and Sundry would want to forget about since one of their fake geek presenters got involved

  • Beazy

    I love ZQs tweet about “PM to talk about being DEV”. She couldnt develop a can of spageti-Os to proper temp, much less a real game.

    • axisfiver axisfiver

      its prolly why she ruined the gamejam, cant let the community know how inept she is, voice acting is prolly more suitable for her skill level

  • Ty Thompson

    ya missed notch’s deleted joke :b

  • Jak Constantine

    Lol I can see people buying the game cause of this. I believe it was a gamergate joke due to it been “Five Fun Guys” what five and fungi have in common? But saying that, it’s funny.

  • chris perez

    Well look at this. The drama empress is admitting she was wrong. I think….