Bill Maher Defended Statutory Rape in Old Clip

Bill Maher Defended Statutory Rape in Old Clip

I was browsing Twitter today and saw that Lefties are using the newly found anti-pedo rage built up by members of their base and targeting it against another enemy of theirs — this time, one on their side: Bill Maher.

Many leftists are pissed at Maher because he ‘gave Milo a platform’ and helped ‘normalize’ his views. And they’re super triggered because Maher just took credit for Milo’s downfall, gloating about, “sunlight is the best disinfectant”.

But the dislike of Maher on the left goes deeper than that. They see him as a sexist, xenophobic, and privileged character that’s every bit as ‘toxic’ as Milo is. Now they’re using the opportunity to strike out at Maher by trying to oust him from their movement with the same attack that was just successful in ousting Milo.

This tweet is from a reporter at The Daily Beast:

Hey, I’m just glad that the left is finally turning on pedophiles, even if it’s just for the sake of political utility.

Here’s the clip of Milo on Maher, if you haven’t seen it yet:


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  • Gregg Braddoch

    Keep up the good work Ralph, this stuff pisses me off to no end, especially to see this so called ‘Reagan Battalion” retweeting Nyberg while simultaneously smearing milo as a pedo. It’s the worst kind of truth distortion ever.

  • Dave The Sandman
  • Did anyone really think they were going to stop at just one scalp?

    These ideologues don’t care about children, or these issues. (Nyberg?!) They care about eliminating their political enemies.

    They bashed victims with the race card until it was dull and powerless. Now they’ve found a new weapon that galvanizes opinion- people like Maher should stop and think before applauding social carnage predicated on misrepresentation.

  • Lockstein13

    Ya, SO?!?
    For the Left, “the issue is NEVER the issue; the issue is POWER.” – Alinsky
    They don’t give a sh!t about homos, man/boy sex or much of ANYTHING.

    And Milo is a P*SSY for apologizing.
    Like a cheap lawn chair.
    He’s joined the group of spineless RINOs who are useless in foghting the Left…
    …after making himself a (relatively) influential person among younger people,
    drawing them to the Right (in the same manner Trump did with independents with his blunt talk).

  • ExiledV2

    Good. Take him down too. Bill Maher is a germ theory denialist anyway; people like him don’t deserve to live for the sake of maintaining science.

    • fnd

      What’s germ theory? Appreciate if you give me an tl:dr version of this theory.

      • ExiledV2

        Germ theory in medicine is the theory that bacteria and viruses cause infectious diseases. Germ theory denialists deny that germs cause diseases, usually stating some other factor – evil spirits, “toxins”, technology, so on.

        Maher is not only anti-vaccine, but has stated that Louis Pasteur recanted germ theory on his deathbed and has maintained that antibiotics given out by doctors are fake placebos. He later tried to deny he maintains this, but it didn’t work – it’s too well sourced.

        • fnd

          A liberal anti-vaxxer? That’s unusual.

  • Maintenance Renegade

    Maher is vocally anti-Islam and he therefore has no place within the modern prog movement. The progs need Saudi money and muzzie votes in order to continue to operate, at the same time their alliance with Islam is the height of contradiction and hypocrisy. Always remember to insert every wedge you can at this particular fault-line.

  • Alex Barbu

    > How can a woman rape a man
    Fuck you Maher!

  • Void Kin


  • Mr0303

    You see this? This is actual evidence of someone defending paedophilia. I wonder what Maher thinks of that coming into the sunlight?

    Also he can take no credit in the takedown of Milo – he’s just glad that that happened, since Milo completely owned him and his panel on his own show.