Black Lives Matter Furious Their Graffiti-Wall 'Mural' Was 'Defaced'

Black Lives Matter Furious Their Graffiti-Wall ‘Mural’ Was ‘Defaced’

This is one of the funniest stories I’ve ever found while trawling for something to report on, and I’m excited to share it with you on The Ralph Retort here today.

This story is just so rich, and on so many levels, but mainly because the retard-race-hustlers can’t seem to get it through their skulls that graffiti walls belong to everyone. No group should be surprised when their work is painted over.

In this case, the BLM mural was up for 5 days before it was destroyed by the evil neo-Nazis, who sprayed racist lies all over the wall, such as the abhorrent claim that, “ALL lives matter“.

Graffiti murals are called graffiti murals because they’re meant to be used for graffiti. By everyone. But just like the campus commons at Mizzou that got taken over by a radical-leftist mob who then proceeded to kick out all of the undesirables (i.e. the press)  these thugs think they get to own a public graffiti wall. A wall which was essentially just another form of a public free speech area.


Professor Melissa Click calls for “muscle” to remove undesirable press from a free-speech area at Missouri State University

Hmm, it almost seems like these progressive tyrants have the hidden mantra of, “free speech for me and not for thee.

It’s almost like these hooligans are acting like the free-speech wall meant for the entire student population of the college should belong to the blacks alone.

Maybe they’re right, though… Hmm. What shall we do? The wall that was meant to be used for free speech got used for free speech. Someone call Loretta Lynch and have her arrest them for hate-speech, STAT!

Before we get into the delicious tears coming from the BLM faculty/activists who were so surprised and upset that their mural on a graffiti wall got graffitied over that they just can’t even I’ll do a transcription of what was spray painted onto the graffiti-wall, for those who have difficulty reading the script. Or are just lazy.

It says:

Wake up you neo-progressive fucks

We’re more alike than we are different

Everyone goes through their own shit

Life is hard, it transcends RACE & GENDER

Being a person is HARD



Seriously fuck YOU

Now, let’s bust out that truffle-salt. I found this one on Athens News, which is a local paper for the Ohio University, where this event occurred.

A “Black Lives Matter” message on the graffiti wall on Mulberry Street in Athens was defaced overnight Tuesday, prompting outrage among some students and faculty members. Ohio University president Roderick McDavis also expressed concern in an email Wednesday.

Oh, God. Say it ain’t so!

The Ohio University Black Student Union and other students painted a hashtag with the words “BlackLivesMatter” and a “black power fist” on the wall last Friday evening (Dec. 4). Roughly five days later, it was painted over by an unknown party with a message attacking the “Black Lives Matter” mural painters as “neo-liberal f**ks.”

As seen in the photo above, the word “Black” in the hashtag painted by OU BSU students earlier was replaced with the word “All,” so the hashtag read “AllLivesMatter.” Various profanities are used in the defacement, painted in white and red, including the phrase “Being A Person is Hard. Seriosly [sic] F**k You.”

In an email sent out to OU students and shared on Compass, OU’s news website, President McDavis said, “To be sure, Black Lives Matter!” He wrote that OU is “not immune from the struggles, rhetoric, concerns or conversations about racism” that have been taking place recently in the U.S. Specifically, he said the university has been made aware of “instances of bias and racism” occurring publicly and on social media within the OU community, some of which The NEWS has reported on, here and here.

“This morning I witnessed for myself comments spray-painted on the Black Lives Matter statement on the graffiti wall,” McDavis wrote. “While this wall is a place for free speech and expression, this public denouncement of the Black Lives Matter movement is another example of the intensity with which our community is grappling with racism and the social movements of our time – movements that are intended to educate and not divide us.”

“While this wall is meant to be used for free speech, it’s not meant to be used with speech that I don’t like! What the fuck is wrong with you, kids?”

The anti-Black Lives Matter message – which was painted over as early as 1 p.m. Wednesday by a non-incendiary message from another student organization – led to prompt dismissal of the rhetoric and an outpouring of support for the Black Lives Matter movement and black students on OU’s campus from many students, alumni, faculty and on-campus activist organizations on social media.

Roughly 70 students, faculty and administrators, including McDavis, Jenny Hall-Jones, interim vice president for student affairs, and Shari Clarke, vice provost for diversity and inclusion, attended a meeting mid-Wednesday to discuss the incident and how the university should move forward. The topic of cultural competency courses for the university community was discussed.

LOL. 70 fucking faculty gathering to decide “how they should move forward”? What in the fuck! It was a fucking free speech wall that got used for free speech. Free speech, which even this rag described as ‘non-incendiary’, mind you.

We’re at a point in time where even non-offensive speech is practically considered hate-speech. They’ve gone stork raving mad.

Morgan Peterson, president of the OU BSU, attended the meeting. She said it seemed productive because students were able to address OU administrators about their issues directly.

“It showed me that they supported the black community, and it was truly appreciated,” she wrote in a text message Wednesday evening.

Moving forward, she said that the Black Student Union plans to issue a letter to all student organizations asking them to “support us in the Black Lives Matter” movement.

Knowing how these low-level BLM terrorists tend to act, I have no doubt the letter will read like, “WE DEMAND YOUR SUBSERVIENCE, OR ELSE YOU WILL BE BRANDED AS RACISTS AND HARASSED UNTIL YOU ARE EXPELLED AND/OR RESIGN. YOU HAVE 24 HOURS TO COMPLY”.

OU student Bobby Walker, an OU Student Union member who attended the meeting, said it was great for students to be able to come together and be heard, “especially in the chaos of finals week.” She said believes that some administrators, including McDavis and Hall-Jones, are “good people” and care about making OU a safer place for African-American students.

Ah, you’re only good people if you give the blacks the keys to the castle. Why the fuck is this school administration still referring to them as “African-Americans”, anyway? These kids obviously want to be called blacks. They’re demanding it, really.

The only good thing to come out of this campus craziness is that black is officially back in vogue, and it’s once again the politically correct term to call a black person in America. Not that I give a fuck about political correctness at all, but hey at least we got one win out of this.

However: “…Their administrative positions and their interests in the university structurally restrict them from actually doing what it takes to make OU safer,” Walker maintained. “How can students of color feel safe when the names of racist donors decorate our buildings or when we’re invested in the prison industry which ravaged the same communities many students of color come from?”

I’m just gonna post this picture of an Islamic State jihadi smashing ancient statues, which I added the BLM text to, to illustrate the similarities.


“When the administration was asked today about (Steven) Schoonover’s name being up on the (College of Communication) building,” she said, “despite the blatantly racist email he sent earlier this year, they completely ignored the question.”

Walker is referencing a controversial email from Steven Schoonover, an OU Foundation trustee and major OU donor whose name graces the campus’ new College of Communication facility, sent to some OU Foundation officials and OU administrators earlier this year. It suggested that OU attempt to “play the race card” against faculty and students protesting a decision to move President McDavis and his wife off campus. The university did not take up his suggestion. Schoonover at the time denied any racist intent.

Someone suggested that they’re ‘playing the race card’! Loretta!

There’s a lot more info in the rest of the article, for those that are interested. Hope you guys enjoyed this one. Stay tuned for more campus craziness updates here on The Ralph Retort. I have a bunch coming your way.


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  • Frozen Binary Studio

    I cannot believe they would actually try and combat the idea that all lives matter. Fucking dipshits.

    • Fail Burton

      Believe it. Intersectionalism is a supremacist ideology which has no interest in due process, free speech or equal protection.

      • Frozen Binary Studio

        Oh I know full well. I was stating “I don’t believe it” as a saying. Not literal.

        These assholes cannot stand me because I don’t tow the party line. They disgust me.

  • scemar

    Well they’re already banned the press and they’ve already banned free speech, banished to the free speech ghetto zones.
    So it’s no wonder people are desperate to challenge the oppression of the current ideological iron fist in power.

    The message they got is very simple, very reasonable and very real.
    All lives matter.
    What a revolutionary and offensive idea.

  • Sockpuppet Nora

    Seattle articles always cracks me up. If he doesn’t make a BLM activist cry by the end of the year, I’ll be very surprised.

  • Tehy

    ‘movements that are intended to educate and not divide us.’

    ‘A certain type of life matters!
    ‘All types of life matter!’

    no division here folks

  • Maintenance Renegade

    I suspect that in their heart of hearts all but the absolute most up their own asses media outlets now regret making BLM designated victims/heroes in their “narrative”. Now the media is married to these idiots and they can’t rid themselves of them, and each passing day BLM just becomes that much more embarrassing.

  • Dave The Sandman

    Shai Hulud!

    • Flowey

      Just got the books myself ^^. I should see the movie when I get a chance to.

      • Nohbody

        Both the Lynch movie and the Sci-Fi Channel version (made before they rebranded to “SyFy”) are only loosely related to the original novel, and I can’t say I found the latter one particularly enjoyable even on its own merits and not as an adaptation of another work.

        YMMV, of course, and if you can find them for a few bucks to rent, go ahead. It probably won’t be a total waste of money.

        Yeah, not exactly the best sales pitch out there, I know. 😛

      • Dave The Sandman

        A lot of people slag the film off, but I like it. The bemoaners were the book nerds who moaned about how it cut down the story…but according to press at the time (yep Im that old) the original idea was for two two hour films which the studio reneged on and cut the four hours into one two hour flick. There are some excellent ‘fan edits’ which restore some of the cut material. Look for them.

        The two mini-series are also well worth watching. Closer to the book content and on a smaller budget do an excellent job IMHO.

    • Motherfucking Deadpool!

      I bet if SJ Wankers would watch Dune, no matter if it is the original or the Mini Series from the early 2000s, they would call for a boycott because the sandworms look too falic.

  • Fail Burton

    I think they should replace it with a scene from the beginning of 2001: A Space Odyssey where students and faculty are jumping up and down in front of the black monolith.

  • Kellen Joel

    How’s that medicine taste, BLM?

  • Michael P

    As a former graffiti writer I have to point out that the original work is so fucking toy, it should’ve been written over 5 minutes after it was finished not 5 days! No artistic style whatsoever means it gets capped as soon as the next person sees the insult to the artform and although it came late, a mighty capping it was!

    Rules of the street, status quo complete.

  • Motherfucking Deadpool!

    I have no clue why they are so furious. I mean the BLM “art” doesn’t even look so good. Here is a typical pro-BLM drawing.

  • ty2010

    Why not reverse it, if you’re against white nationalists, you’re racist.

  • “No, no, no! ‘All Lives Matter’ is racist and defacing. Only ‘Black Lives Matter’ should be the appropriate phrase.”

    Yeah, forget expecting these type of people to ever listen to us or anyone else with half a brain. Somehow, these retarded fucktwits consistently fail to listen to the very bullshit that they themselves are saying.

  • Motherfucking Deadpool!

    Oh poor BLM…

  • Motherfucking Deadpool!

    Oh, poor poor Black-KKK…

  • Dick Gozinia

    Oh my god, Somebody thought that everybody’s life should count for something! Shut it down! Its hate speech because it’s true!

    I am fucking embarrassed to be born within this generation of raving retards. The lunatics are running the asylum.

  • Motherfucking Deadpool!

    BOMBSHELL!!! I found the leader of #Blacklivesmatter

  • Sevuz

    So I have to ask reads here on the sire who is from the US… how is it to live in 1 giant insane asylum and having another on as Canada as neighbor while the rest of the world is off it’s meds?

  • Cari

    * s/stork/stark/

    They really showing their hand with this one. What reasonable person is going to disagree with the idea that we are more similar than different, and that all lives matter (they conveniently forget all the other races that are include in that, when making out its so, sooo hateful)?

  • Kellen Joel

    Awesome! I’m starting a Political Correctness paper at my school, and I get to use this article as a source! Thanks guys!