BRAWL AT BERKELEY: MEGATHREAD Recap of All the Day's Insanity!

BRAWL AT BERKELEY: MEGATHREAD Recap of All the Day’s Insanity!

I’m watching this live over on Tim Pool’s livecast and a brawl just broke out. More updates coming as they roll in…Tim just caught a mouth full of pepper spray.

More brawling has went down, looking for a video clip…

Based Stickman just rolled on a ton of antifa thugs…

This guy looks like he’s in need of medical assistance…

I’d planned to write on some more stuff today, but crazy happenings just keep coming out of Berkeley, California. I’m going to try to start up the next post, but I’ll keep this one updated as well.

Ethan Ralph

Founder, Owner, & Editor-in-Chief of Political fiend, gamer, & anti-bullshit.

  • TMC

    I still texted the link first.

    I need a blue tick 🙁

  • Mr0303

    Damn, that’s pretty serious. This is only a few steps away from shootouts.

    I still find some morbid humour in that image of Lauren Southern with a gas mask.

    • She looks hot in just about anything.

    • Nancyjdixon

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  • StephaneDumas

    I won’t sing “Lady in Red” in front of that girl Xer. She’s a “Reddypuff” or a “Xerpuff”.

  • temmy9 .

    Jesus, Based Stickman is a fucking fearless warrior.

  • Silence Dogood

    I thought there was an article here on it, but I scrolled back and couldn’t find it – Huffington Post published an incredibly racist article stating that White Men should lose the vote because it would improve things and redistribute wealth for minorities (typical marxist/feminist screed). They received massive backlash from sane people (who were all called white nationalist racists of course), buuuuuut they went on to pull the article. Why? Because of it’s obvious sexism and racism? Oh no, you can’t be sexist toward men and certainly not racist towards whites. They pulled it because the “woman of color” who allegedly wrote it… doesn’t appear to exist! OOPS! Another troll piece parodying Hard Left ideology with an extremist perspective gets gobbled up and vomited out and the fools were never the wiser that it was supposed to be satire! Perfect Poe’s Law! Kek is pleased.

    • JollyGreenChemist

      If you take away the vote from white men, all they would have to do is pull a Shaun White or Bruce Jenner and claim to identify as black or as female. The left would have no counter.

    • ogunsiron

      that huffpo article was written by Shelley Garland from south-africa. Woman of color ? based on her name she’s ((( jewish ))). Not sure if that counts as POC but who knows.

    • Grust

      I saw that article on Breitbart.

  • Silence Dogood

    Jesus Christ – can’t just let people peacefully assemble – have to resort to political violence. Churchill was right – the next time Fascists returned they would be called Anti-Fascists. #NotFoolingAnyone

  • Silence Dogood

    The police there belong to the enemy – they have violated their oath to protect the Constitution by protecting the Right of these people to assemble peaceful and deal with the violent counter-protesters. The Supreme Court ruled the police don’t have to protect civilians, but they DO have to uphold the law, no matter what!

    • Lost Question

      I wonder if the people there could take the berkeley pd to court for their inaction allowing all the stuff to happen in the 1st place

      • Silence Dogood

        Nah, the Supreme Court ruled the police don’t actually have to protect anyone. They can’t be charged with dereliction of duty if the corrupt Chief of Police ordered them to stand down. Fortunately Truth and Justice carried the day and AntiFa got fucked up and forced to flee.

  • whahappenedbruh

    Summary of today’s events in Berkeley: Antifa posts flyers ahead of event promoting violence, Antifa shows up to peaceful protest in cowardly masks as usual and bring weapons, Antifa lobs at least 20 M-80s, glass bottles, batteries, wood, and concrete blocks into crowd of free speech supporters — supporters show restraint, Antifa decides to kidnap dumpster, Antifa smoke bombs itself, Antifa cowards finally gets chased out and run away like pussies after suffering a brutal defeat and many beatings rendered in self defense. Free speech supporters humiliate the trust fund communists on their home turf. Berkeley PD did nothing — NOTHING — apart from arresting Based Stickman Kyle Chapman who single-handedly fought off a crowd of pussy Antifa who had him literally surrounded.

    • Splattergrunt

      Time for the feds to step in and put a boot to these morons throats. Nothing but domestic terrorist.

  • whahappenedbruh

    You can mace him, you can surround him with a violent mob, you can arrest him, but you cannot defeat him. BASED STICKMAN is America’s hero and the face of freedom.

  • temmy9 .

    My fear is that Chapman will be denied bail. Stickman, if you are reading this, you’ve more than done your part. Time to put down the stick, see to your family. Others can take it from here.

  • Rascal

    Great article.

  • Grust

    At this point, we should just turn Berkely into a giant massive prison city.

    • Splattergrunt

      Why stop at just Berkely?

      • Lost Question

        vote to make a real life arkham city filled with criminals and antifa members (leave it for a few days and there would be no antifa members left)

  • God Bless you glorious bastards.

  • Flick Yoli

    Antifa = Jews