BREAKING: Creepy CNN Cheers Info-Theft From Random Man's Cellphone to Harass Him With Publicly

BREAKING: Creepy CNN Cheers Info-Theft From Random Man’s Cellphone to Harass Him With Publicly

CNN is like a gremlin that ate after midnight — a monster that’s growing more wicked by the minute.  You’ve heard about the #CNNBlackMail debacle, but now CNN is cheering something that’s even stranger, at least in some respects. A fat woman who claims to be a plus-sized model was seated next to a man on an airplane, while while in flight, she photographed his text messages wherein the man allegedly texted a friend and made fun of her rotund appearance.

She then confronted him, and CNN subsequently tweeted out the video like its breaking news, while cheering her actions:

CNN doesn’t even use normal journalistic lingo like “allegedly” when describing the accusations from the fat woman. They’re beyond that stage — the patient is terminal. CNN is no longer even pretending to strive for journalistic ideals. They’re just the enemy of America — their job is to ignore everything that their multinational-corporation buddies are doing, and to channel the wrath of the American public so that is pointed at the working class, instead of the multi-billion dollar corporations that have real power. But the Twitterverse wasn’t buying it. Many folks from what appears to be diverse backgrounds don’t like the fact that the fat woman was snooping on a stranger’s cell phone and taking pictures of the content:


Freedom of speech is bad, but information-theft and harassment, then trying to ruin some random guy by putting him in the national spotlight are good. Get it?


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  • tom

    Fat Shaming works. fatty fatty two by four can’t fit through the kitchen door.

    • hyjyljyj

      Yes but you forget about all the times you’ve cranked one out to fat women.

      • tom

        Fat women are generally more appreciative.

      • Typical

        Fatties give the best head, they are used to enjoying putting things in their mouths.

  • zippy doodah

    Why do we fetishize bad behavior?

  • aliswell

    So, they’ve gone from fake news to non news. Seriously, how is this news???? Good grief.

  • Cyndi

    And CNN doesn’t see the problem with her invading someone’s privacy? No, of course they don’t. They do it themselves and then wonder why no one trusts them.

    • JasonC5

      Meanwhile women are free to make all sorts of comments about men and their appearance or other be it an acquaintance or a total stranger. Hell, women are able to post about random guys they see on social media without repercussions while the men are given tons of shit as are women that comment on other women’s looks. If women are gonna be this fragile then maybe they should lose quite a few rights and be treated as children that aren’t held responsible for a damn thing.