BREAKING: Hillary's Handler Carrying Auto-Injector Syringe For Anti-Seizure Drug Diazepam

BREAKING: Hillary’s Handler Carrying Auto-Injector Syringe For Anti-Seizure Drug Diazepam

Twitter detectives found a new picture of Hillary’s handler — a mysterious man with what looks like a medical lapel-pin that follows Clinton everywhere she goes, helps her up stairs, and calms her down when she’s seizing up because of stress.

Here’s the full images from the tweet:



Here’s the video from the other day where the medic calmed Hillary down and ordered her to start speaking again:

Knowing what we know now, and looking at the above video, it looks like after Hillary seized up like a deer in headlights, the medic tries to calm her down, but was having problems because the Secret Service members on stage were freaking her out.

The medic must have realized he wasn’t going to calm her down until Secret Service got off stage, so he went up to each of them individually, telling them to go away.

Now, check at 18 seconds. It looks like a different Secret Service guy pulls out a syringe out of his jacket, and was getting ready to inject her if the seizure got worse:


It seems like stress can cause Hillary Clinton to have seizures, which is why her medic ordered all the Secret Service to get off the stage, in order to calm her down and end the seizure she was having.

Stress also caused Hillary to have a seizure when multiple reporters were talking to her at once:

The tracking of her eyes proves that she was indeed having a real seizure, and not just horsing around:


Doctor Drew thinks that Hillary Clinton is receiving sub-par, “ancient” medical treatments for no reason. But I think he’s missing something. I’d bet that Clinton is forced to use “ancient” medications for some of her known disorders, because she’s taking medication for unknown disorders that would cause complications if she received the “modern” treatment for her known conditions.

The same medic/handler that was carrying the auto-injector Diazepam syringe was also seen helping Clinton up stairs in February:

What is causing the seizures remains up for debate. Medical guru and entrepreneur Martin Shkreli thinks that Hillary is showing symptoms of early-stage Parkinson’s disease, while others think that she has post-concussion syndrome:

We will update as more information comes in on this breaking story. In the mean time, anyone have any information about the handler’s security badge? If he was Secret Service, he wouldn’t be wearing a security clearance like that.


UPDATE: I found the Army’s Diazepam Auto-Injector insert package on the FDA’s official website:




So that’s why Hillary has people that are specially trained to inject her — because she’s elderly, the inject could cause cardiac arrest, according to the Army’s official sheet on diazepam auto-injecters.

UPDATE: It looks like the handler is holding something here, but it doesn’t look like an auto-injector.


It looks like the handler is holding a pen flashlight. It seems like he’s trying to lead her out of the room, through the door, and she keeps getting distracted and confused by people and balloons. Is he using it like one might use a laser pointer to lead her along like a house cat? Look, he’s always pointing it ahead of her, not at her.

Here’s more information on the specific diazepam injector that the military uses:




From Delores Carlson, in the comments section of this article:

My husband is retired Secret Service. He can’t figure out what the “handler” guy really is or does. He’s viewed tapes several times and shakes his head. Secret Service agents on a detail do NOT have to wear ID around their necks because they are known to each other. Secret Service DOES hand out special IDs to other personnel who will be cleared to be close to the candidate. Some have different ones, such as press, etc. Also, all personnel that are cleared to be close to a protectee are given those lapel pins. The pins change shape and color every day at random and like the IDs are different for those who have different functions.

We are totally perplexed about what this man actually is or why he is there. Teams are chosen for campaigns long before they actually protect candidates. One team for each shift and rotated out every three weeks. Three weeks on, three weeks off. This gives agents temporarily assigned during campaign years time to work back at their home office every three weeks. Hillary is a bit different because she had her regularly assigned small team as a former First Lady, but also has an additional team now that she is a candidate. This man, called “the handler” seems to have only shown up very recently. Who and what is he? We don’t know but it’s certainly not SOP.

UPDATE: I did some digging and found out that back in 2002, the Pentagon was planning to use diazepam as a weapon of war!

American military chiefs are developing plans to use Valium as a potential weapon against enemy forces and to control hostile populations, according to official documents seen by The Observer.

The Pentagon has also asked scientists to evaluate proposals to use genetically modified bugs that ‘eat’ the enemy’s fuel and ammunition supplies without harming humans.

The development of these ‘non-lethal’ weapons angers campaigners who claim that they would breach international treaties on biological and chemical weapons.

It’s no longer being used as a weapon of war against our enemies — instead, it’s being injected into a candidate that might become the President of the United State of America.


EDITOR’S NOTE: Seattle4Truth joined Nora Malik and I for a show on this article…


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  • tz1

    But will Hillary end Civil Asset Forfeiture if she is truly anti-seizeure

    • Terry G


    • unlessroundisfunny


  • Maintenance Renegade

    No wonder she loves Islam so much, Muhammad was neurologically defective too.

    • truthbtold0000

      Don’t perpetuate the Diazepam narrative, at least not on this evidence. The object in question is clearly a flashlight. You can see it in use in this video:

      I circled the beam from the flashlight in this screenshot taken from the last frame of the video:

      This could be planted material by the Hillary camp to discredit legitimate concerns about her health and stability. i.e. Let’s get the Trump supporters some bogus ammunition and pit them against the Secret Service.

      The video is clearly cutoff to remove context and make the Diazepam injector seem plausible. It’s not an injector. It’s a flashlight. Help get the word out. Don’t fall for this trap by the Democrats to help the Clintons retake the White House.

      • David Commini

        Why does he need to carry a flashlight in broad daylight? Or even when indoors with the lights on?

        • truthbtold0000

          The video shows Hillary heading into a dark room. Watch the woman enter before Hillary and see the shadows swallow her.

          Hillary should be accustomed to “the darkness”, but the guy is holding a flashlight for her. You can see the beam of light it casts.

          On this issue, confirmation bias has run amok in the conservative blogger community.

          • David Commini

            That’s not a “dark room” it looks like a door that leads to a well lit hallway as can be evidenced by the light you can glimpse coming from the “dark room.” The other woman appears to disappear because she ends up blocking the light as she passes through the doorway.

            So he may well indeed be carrying a flashlight, but why?

          • ML

            You get on shaky ground with “preparing to put the pen light away”. Obviously a stretch. And then what about the white man in the video pulling out a small object, then being waved away by the black handler whose attention was diverted?

            Why is this handler wielding his pen light so much? I don’t believe there is precedence for this anywhere in presidential politics. Is she blind, afraid of the dark, or so unsteady she requires constant lighting of “dark” spaces? Any of this is fairly damning in terms of fitness.

            And don’t even start with confirmation bias on the right when the entire world’s media are mobilized against Trump and confirming their own bias literally every minute of the day.

        • Lorilu

          What use does a tiny flashlight/penlight have? The thing I think of is that doctors use it to assess patients’ condition by shining it in their eyes.

          • videoctr

            See post two posts up, the light device is for improving Hillary’s walking gait, proven to help with Parkinson’s Disease. Also see the gif animation link, the agent is holding a light device which illuminates the agent’s shoulder it is hitting. Credit goes to someone on Godlikeproductions discussion thread.

        • videoctr

          Best guess: She has Parkinson’s Disease. The light pointer held by the black guy is aiming at the floor. The light is to help Hillary’s gait, difficulty walking is symptom. Hillary has a history of falling down, also a Parkinson’s symptom.

          • ML

            Good one.

      • Brian Geary

        He’s got on an insignia worn by the Black Hebrews and that’s a case for a mini Torah scroll. She is looking to convert us all after she gets into office.

        • 80sDude


      • Puntingon1stDown

        Planted material? If Hilary knew that a flashlight would make right wing websites go crazy with a diazepam injector conspiracy then she EARNED the presidency. That’s elite.

    • Freddy Merks

      As in offing non-believers?

      • Maintenance Renegade

        Muhammad had frequent seizures and heard voices, his followers would record his deranged ramblings which they believed were somehow holy. Fairly common reaction to epileptics in ancient times.

    • Rudolph ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      6 year old wife…

      • Brian Geary

        Jewish figure Isaac had a three year old wife!!

        • edrebber

          An this somehow justifies Muhammad? Stop using methampetamines before your teeth fall out.

        • truthbtold0000

          You have to compress some events in the Bible to get this figure. Rebekah’s age is not as straight forward and laid out in text as is Muhammad’s 6 year old wife’s age.

        • Azure Helios

          Oh, yeah, totally. They’d send out a 3 year old girl out alone to carry water from the well back for the family in a heavy clay jar. The servant sent to find a wife for Isaac said that she (Rebekah) was “very beautiful” “old enough for marriage” and “still a virgin”. Do you really think any of those things would apply to a 3 year old? On top of that, she brought the water jar “down from her shoulder” to give the servant a drink when he asked for one, and even volunteered to water his camels as well. When the servant had talked with her family and explained the situation, then was on his way back with Rebekah, she dismounted from her camel by herself when they met Isaac.

          Please, please tell me that a 3 year old could do any of those things. I’d be willing to bet that a 10 year old would have quite a bit of difficulty with most of those things. She was likely in the 13-20 year old range, if we apply any logic and/or knowledge of the cultures involved at all. Since he mentions that she was very beautiful and still a virgin, likely closer to 15 minimum, probably slightly older.

          I found another idiot talking about things he has no knowledge of whatsoever. If I had a penny for every one of you here in the US…

        • Deplorableman

          He did, huh? Care to point us to chapter and verse?

  • InfantryVet11

    I hope she has an episode on the debate stage.

    • S4T

      She will probably cancel the debates lol

      • Maintenance Renegade

        I was saying before that Trump would kill her in the debates but now it’s looking like he would LITERALLY kill her in the debates. Like she would medically die and her spirit would leave her body. as in the Trump would stump her….to DEATH and then she would be put into a coffin and buried in the ground.

        • Mike Bojorquez

          Would that be enough to kill her ? She is the devil.

          • Mark Hayward

            They will have to drive a wooden stake through her Heart too

        • Desertcatn

          Then it would be, some form of weekend at Bernies, lol.

    • WelchNick

      Trust me, I definitely don’t want Hilary as our next president. But as someone with a mother that suffers from a seizure disorder I think it’s unconscionable to hope or wish that someone suffers from this sort of disorder.

      • DCM


      • truthbtold0000

        At least your mom admits to seizures and has you to tell the world about them.

      • Kudzu Bob

        It would be far better for all concerned if Hillary had a stress-induced fit on that stage instead of in the Oval Office during a nuclear crisis.

        • ML

          The first female president having a seizure whilst in office would be tasty comeuppance. But you know, she’ll be compared to FDR with his “fireside chat” bullshit. Living martyrdom.

      • Mike Bojorquez

        this is WAR and no prisoners taken!

      • EroBotan

        the stake is different, here is 1 corrupt woman suffer or the whole america suffer

      • Tehy

        i feel you that that would be sad

        on the other hand I think it’d be good politically for our side and more generally, I think it’s just desserts for not informing the American people about whatever health risks she’s facing.

      • Typical

        WHat about ebola or aids, cancer maybe? I mean there are a lot of painful things I wish on her, which are ok with you?

      • Anonymous

        As someone who personally suffers from minor seizures and is on medication to control it, I think the real meaning in the comment is for Hillary to be exposed in front of the voting population. I suspect, and InfantryVet11 (thank you for your service!) can correct me if necessary, he is reticent to have this be one more hidden item that should have been public.

    • toobored54

      Im betting she wont debate. Guaranteed spaz attack. Seems to corkscrew under pressure. 3 min with trump and she’ll be thrashing on the floor like a fish.

      • okie71

        The first chants of “lock her up!” Would set her off, so I would say you’re right.

        • Joe Griffin

          Hahaha, as if they aren’t going to stack the audience pro-Hillary. The MSM did it in the primary debates, they’ll do it in the general.

      • Rocket

        Hahaha oh that’s funny. Trump was too cowardly to debate Bernie, and you think he’s going to do any better against Hillary?

        • Kirk Billingsley

          Shhhhhh, you don’t matter.

          • bk77hatchet

            That sounds like something BLM would say. Being dismissive isn’t helping anyone. Plus, this looks childish. It doesn’t matter if Rocket is wrong or right, he matters just as much as you.

        • bandmom

          Why would Trump debate Bernie? They were running in different primaries. Weak sauce there rocket. You need a better slam to be legitimate.

        • Typical

          Oh look, I spotted the faggot that popped over to troll.

        • ArsenicSundae

          It won’t take much to push that unstable harridan off her narrative. She’s screwed once that happens because she absolutely can’t think on her feet. If she gets pitched anything other than lob balls, expect cross-eyed convulsions to ensure. And much popcorn will be consumed by all.

        • toobored54

          Who’s Bernie?

        • toobored54


      • Linda

        You have a way with words! Thanks for my chuckle of the day!!!!! 😂

      • Massgopguy

        I agree. She will find way out of the debates But only by saying that she won’t “stoop” to Trump’s level by legitimizing his candidacy.

        • ML


    • edrebber

      She’s trying to get Gary Johnson on the debate stage for some tag team action against Trump. Johnson will cover for her.

      • Deplorableman

        Johnson is taking more votes from Hildabeest than trump. Johnson’s crap is very close to Bernie’s.

    • sativo72

      She won’t debate. She’ll plead the metaphoric 5th by slandering Trump as a bigot who doesn’t warrant an “honest” debate. Leftists will eat it up.

    • JohnFabitz

      I see those “conservative Christian values” are on full display in this thread.
      Don’t you folks have anything better to do than conjure up crazy theories and express your hate-filled wishful thinking?

      • InfantryVet11

        What do we want? Dead cops when do we want them? NOW! You were saying? Im not a CONservative!

      • InfantryVet11

        Go bother someone else fool.

        • JohnFabitz

          Sorry, didn’t mean to interrupt your circle-jerk.

          • InfantryVet11

            You didn’t, I fortunately don’t have to jerk it and someday you might not need to either. Hang in there buckaroo it’ll come with time.

      • InfantryVet11

        Dont you have some minorities to exploit for you own political gain?

  • Imagine this woman having medical issues while deciding on important issues on peace and war. She’s un-electable.

    • Rocket

      Imagine Donald “Why can’t we use nukes?” Trump with his finger on the button.

      • Typical

        It’s a glorious thought.

      • Fred

        Iran will be less likely to grab boat loads of our military members. I can imagine it just fine.

      • Massgopguy

        There is no “finger on the button”. The Codes are carried in a pouch known as The Football and has a Fail Safe procedure that goes with it. BTW, Nuclear Codes are Classified Documents. Which according to the FBI Director. Hillary is reckless with….

      • Anonymous

        Troll in, troll out. Troll in, troll out.

      • MaryReilly

        The threat of violence is far more powerful than actual violence. If people don’t believe you are capable of committing a certain type of violence, then they are not threatened by that, and your weapon is rendered completely ineffective (unless you actually do end up using it, at which point it means you have failed to deter the enemy).

        Remember the cold war between the USA and the USSR? Mutual Assured Destruction, the belief by both sides that the other side was actually bat-sh!t crazy enough to use those weapons, kept the two countries out of any direct conflict. If either side believed the other was merely bluffing, then who knows what our world would look like today.

        • firefirefire

          we weren’t bluffing.

          • MaryReilly

            Exactly my point. I don’t believe the USSR was bluffing either. We all survived. No direct confrontations.

            Contrast that with the position of weakness Obama puts out… every tinhorn dictator and terrorist think they can beat the USA.

            I’m honestly 50-50 how Hillary would handle national security. She has been pretty hawkish in the past, voting for the Iraq invasion, but she has a ultra-left wing base to appease these days, so who knows?

            But with Trump, I am 100% certain America will project strength again, enhancing security for not only the USA, but for the entire world as things get more stabilized again.

      • Fred

        I hope Hillary doesn’t have the “Rocket” on payroll for trolling pro-Trump sites. She is getting ripped off with this tool’s comments.

  • mrloor

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    Donald j Trump US leadership is right to defend America First and restore immediately US constitution !!!

    • Maintenance Renegade

      This post is fucking AMAZING!

  • jillyW

    On top of eveything else she is a fraud candidate. The whole DNC and all her other enablers are promoting this sick, lying, money and power grubbing traitor for POTUS. It’s shocking how corrupt they all are.

    • Cathy Young

      Not all of us. Many of them will choose to ignore and and back stein, as if a different candidate will suddenly make things fair, but a good many of us are trying to fight this sham of a convention and kick the lying, braying scumbag to the gutter where she belongs. Although I think prison or better yet, swinging from a tree with all the other traitors that allowed this proven election rigging hag to move forward.

      • ML

        Yea. We need that socialist Jew from a Yankee backwater who believes massive debt can be erased without consequences and expensive things like education can be free for hundreds of millions of idiots.

    • Kelly Mitchell

      okay, but how does that make her a fraud candidate? sounds like the usual candidate to me.

  • MasterXavier

    I’m wondering, would this help her or hinder her?

    On one hand a president that has seisures when stressed in one of the more stressful positions in the world would certainly be a health concern, especially if dealing with a foreign power who would look at it as a sign of weakness, lots of people wouldn’t like someone like that as their leader.

    On the other as far as I’m aware it doesn’t hinder the mind, her bad decisions are completely her own, and it would certainly make some people have more sympathy for her, giving her some pity votes.

    • William Cross

      Unless the blood clot gave her perm brain damage as some surmise.

  • Woosh

    If Trump had a hole in his tongue the media wouldn’t obsess over it, right?

  • merijoe

    so how is she going to debate Trump? Is this guy going to stand next to her?

    • Annette Perry

      She’ll be drugged up?

  • Highlandsparrow

    I think she is ill and I think Bill is terminally ill.

    • Kudzu Bob

      Each of them is probably desperately hoping to outlive the other. Imagine how much they must hate each other.

  • Jim. D.

    “..Hillary seized up like a dear in headlights..”

    Oh, dear.

  • Doge

    “Handler” is also USSS. Same sec detail lapels. No doubt on those meds being needed for Hillary’s “short circuits” though. USSS is just trained to handle it… special granny care style

  • Robert Gwinn

    who puts in the tampoon?

    • Bob Bullock

      She is post menopause. LOL Don’t you know nothing. LOL

  • Robert Gwinn

    quick stuff some bacon in her mouth

  • Dolores Carlson

    My husband is retired Secret Service. He can’t figure out what the “handler” guy really is or does. He’s viewed tapes several times and shakes his head. Secret Service agents on a detail do NOT have to wear ID around their necks because they are known to each other. Secret Service DOES hand out special IDs to other personnel who will be cleared to be close to the candidate. Some have different ones, such as press, etc. Also, all personnel that are cleared to be close to a protectee are given those lapel pins. The pins change shape and color every day at random and like the IDs are different for those who have different functions. We are totally perplexed about what this man actually is or why he is there. Teams are chosen for campaigns long before they actually protect candidates. One team for each shift and rotated out every three weeks. Three weeks on, three weeks off. This gives agents temporarily assigned during campaign years time to work back at their home office every three weeks. Hillary is a bit different because she had her regularly assigned small team as a former First Lady, but also has an additional team now that she is a candidate. This man, called “the handler” seems to have only shown up very recently. Who and what is he? We don’t know but it’s certainly not SOP.

  • Jordan Johnson

    Are you sure it is not for anxiety?

  • truthbtold0000

    The object is a flashlight. Yes, HER health is questionable and she’s sick (in so many ways) but the the object in the photos is a pen flashlight.

    See it in this video:

    And in this screenshot from the video where the beam from the flashlight is visible and circled in red:

    Don’t blast your credibility by running with this false narrative. Pushing this story will only help the Clintons retake the White House.

  • Mykeru

    Holy shit

    • pimpdoubt

      Fancy seeing you here

  • We should look into her running mate. This is all too fishy. If she wins, this guy will be in line to take over! Who the Hell is he? From the first time I saw him, I thought something about him just wasn’t “right”.

  • JWR

    The woman next to HRC is Washington, D.C. Congressional delegate Eleanor Homes Norton, democrat. The guy who appears to be her medical handler is not new, and shows up in three years old photos. See Cernovich’s dangerandplay.

  • Silence Dogood

    oy vey

  • spoolie254

    Boy if she went “full metal spaz” in public, I think I would laugh so hard I’d pee myself.

  • SuperBeeee

    Now we know where she disappeared to during that debate. She was flopping around on the floor.

    • Kathy

      Hahahahahaha!!! Hahahahahaha!!!

  • Carolyn Chehardy

    Why would he be carrying that out in the open folks? I do feel she is not well. However I just don’t think he would be carrying that out in the open like that… Perhaps that is something else. However I do think she struggles because of something, and should not be running for president.

  • David Power

    How many animals has Trump killed?

    • truthbtold0000

      Not as many as the companies that supply America with its beef for double cheeseburgers on the Fourth of July?

  • Mark Samenfink

    It wouldn’t be Spaghetti4Truth if he didn’t spill his spaghetti at some point. In this article, it’s where he brings up the irrelevant weapon of war info and then tries to say something pointed about it. Overall this was informative tho.

    • pimpdoubt

      I was thinking the same thing. Fairly cogent argument mostly convincing points, then all of a sudden, ‘I did some super serious for reals covert research and discovered (insert cherry-picked non-sequitur)’
      Seriously, Diazepam is one in a slew of ‘non-lethal calming and crowd dispersal agents’ that the US has looked into. It might not be kosher with the Hague Convention or the CWC of 1991, but it’s fairly commonly understood that we ramped up R&D after Russia got caught using fentanyl in 2002.

      Absolutely fascinating shit, but couldn’t be less pertinent to an article about Clinton having stress seizures.

      • S4T

        I only included it because it was ironic, and 100% true. Why should I have not included it? I thought it was an interesting tid bit on the military history of the drug and also shows that she’s not fit to lead.

        • pimpdoubt

          Yeah, right? I mean it’s not like literally anything can kill or incapacitate us if delivered in the right concentrations and delivery systems!

          Trust me, I’m as anti-Hillary as it gets, but saying something like that is inconsistent with the rest of your article and makes you *LOOK* guilty of casuistry. I’m still onboard with your article as a whole, but I had a Stretch Armstrong figure as a kid who couldn’t reach nearly that far. This is going to turn off anyone who isn’t already in the right-wing blog reading and writing arena, and ultimately, aren’t those the people we want to reach? Do you want a circle jerk or do you want Clinton to lose the election? If you want the latter, adding contrived statements like that will do you harm and give the left a plausible red herring to make everyone ignore the actual facts of the situation.

          You’re about the first link that comes up in anything related to this story, and I can already see it now, 3 months from now I try to bring up her actually tenable seizures and syphilitic moronicism and they will immediately go to this gem that you dug halfway to China to gracefully give to us.

          TL:DR Can’t help, might hurt.

          • Wax Paper

            I’m voting for Clinton, but if the Republican candidate thought as critically as “pimpdoubt” over here, I’d vote for him instead. Seriously; you never have to worry about social conservatives reaffirming their stupidity at every opportunity. That’s part of them problem; you’re not just voting for Trump, you’re voting for a GOP administration… And that administration trickles down everywhere, from Congress to Senate. Maybe someday the party will be worth voting for again, but these days a vote for the GOP is a vote for ignorance and stupidity.

  • Sams_1


  • Rocket

    You people are kooks. You have one blurry photo of a guy holding… something… and you draw the conclusion that it is an anti-seizure drug, from where? As for the photo of her on the steps that is from February and she tripped. It’s really kind of sad that Trump supporters are getting so desperate now that the only thing they have left is to question Hillary’s health, when anyone can see from her many appearances in public and on TV that she is in fine health. Trump on the other hand is becoming more and more unhinged, and may be beginning to suffer from dementia.

    • AlFromBayShore

      Don’t blame Trump supporters, Hillary’s kooky behavior has caused these questions to be raised. There is no way you can convince me that these behaviors are not kooky. When people run for president they do everything possible to not be kooky because being kooky is a bad thing to do when running for president. Why is Hillary engaging in kooky behavior while running for president?

    • Toastrider

      “when anyone can see from her many appearances in public and on TV that she is in fine health. ”

      …such fine health that she needs two people to help her up stairs, you mean?

    • truthbtold0000

      The agent is holding a flashlight not a Diazepam injector. That’s easily provable. But, Hillary has made a fraction of the public appearances Trump has made of the last twelve months. If that’s your barometer, Hillary is way behind and the Clintons’ attempt to retake the White House is in trouble.

    • Patrick Burns

      What do you expect from the Trumpanzee’s? Cognitive dissonance personified!

    • AZWarrior

      Bullshit. I’m a Psychologist and Trump is relatively sane as these things go. (No one is ‘perfectly sane’ at all times.) Hillary on the other hand has a some real issues with truth telling that are likely indicative of an underlying pathology.

  • CBKC

    That woman in the 6/10 video is Eleanor Holmes Norton, Congresswoman from DC

  • Stop2think

    I think a cattle prod would work better.

  • Sandra Meyer

    again, I am for Trump…………but this health issue is sad, I guess because I have health issues and would not want to be made fun of. I do think she should step down, but don’t think she will, sad, Bill looks terrible also.

  • Celerity

    Even if it is a laser pointer, if you can’t lead your way out of a room without a guiding light how can you lead a country?

    Ignoring the mental problems, someone with physical health that bad might just fuck off and die in office. So even ignoring the political element entirely, #NeverHillary

  • Jim

    I am hoping that the debates serve as a stress test. We need to know. Her decision making process indicates that she is completely incapable of running the country. The country needs to see this, so that the media can’t cover it up.

  • Celerity

    Some glorious shitposter make an image of Hillary using Splash.

  • ncgma

    IDK, if you slow the video down, the agent does appear to reach into his jacket, but the video then shows him clipping on a microphone??, because you can see the wire after he clips it on. Would love to see more more investigative digging on this.

    • Wax Paper

      Congratulations, you’re one of the few people who actually applied some critical thinking to information you were presented with. It’s insane how much stupidity is being thrown around in this comments section. The guy who wrote this article is more interested in the adulation of his peers and driving traffic to his website than real politics. Or he’s just another no-brain social media sheep…

  • Massgopguy

    I believe what she suffers from is the affliction of Alcoholics known as Wet Brain.

  • chesterarthur

    I think this is a distraction by the campaign.Nobody would openly carry a syringe that could be identified like this.The guy is almost ‘displaying’ it so it will be seen.And that may be the giveaway.They’d rather have the public think she’s having seizures that can be controlled than early onset Alzheimer’s.I’ve been around a few people who developed this and she acts and reacts just as they did.The mental ‘lock-up’ when faced with something unexpected is something I’ve seen and had to deal with by talking the person past it,just as the handler did.Remember Huma’s memo that Hillary is frequently ‘confused’ and distracted in unfamiliar situations?The unexplained physical co-ordination problems were also in evidence in these people.When you’ve seen this before,it hurts to watch it again,even if it’s somebody you have no particular regard for.Has anyone suggested this publicly,or is it a possibility that the press and Hillary’s campaign has worked hard to suppress?

  • Steamroller

    This Evil Mass Murderer is mentally ill and lusting for power. She said in 1984 that she wold be POTUS and get Bill to be head of the UN and they would be the most powerful couple in history. Demented Swine…. and Bills bad too!

  • Fred

    I predict that the “handler doc dude” will be missing soon and the replacement will be much more careful hauling around the hypodermic needle.

  • Lee S.

    Just imagine the stress Hillary is under. There is 200-300 million in bribe money riding on her getting elected. Some of these people will want their money back if she drops out.

  • Lockstein13

    A small detail of info:

    Above, there’s a freeze frame from YouTube which points out Hillary’s eye irregulaties.
    In that picture, an arrow points to a black woman behind Hillary, and writes, “who is this woman?”

    It’s Eleanor Holmes Norton, worthless House Rep. of Washington, D.C.

  • amazingoly

    Lets demand her sealed medical records be opened before the election. Only fair voters know the truth.

    • Cathy Young

      I agree! I thought medical records were a requirement! Of course the dnc changed all of its own rules at every turn, so maybe it’s not anymore.

  • Puntingon1stDown

    These Insane theories are always good for a laugh. Oh, man. Never change guys.

  • spring16

    Never heard such a bunch of horse manure in my life. She may have this. She may have that. No facts. No reliable sources. Just conjecture. I guess this must be a right wing rag like Brietbart since they don’t use facts over there either. This is a ridiculous laughable article. Almost like satire like The Onion,

  • ME

    The BEST thing that could ever happen to America is for her to have an “act of GOD” right in front of us!!!!!!!!!!!!! God is AWESOME and HE works on HIS time not ours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yarlg

    Medical guru Martin Shkreli lol… I’ll remember to call his radio show for medical advice.

  • Therese Van Ryn

    Seems that Trump should be asking for full disclosure of her medical records, as long as she keeps haranguing him for tax returns…

  • Daphne Wallace-Edwards

    She was just freaking MAD. As far as weakness- a stroke can happen AGAIN if she does too much stairs when she was not an exercise buff before this incident- or was it occurring in 2012 as well/? She doesn’t get out much to parties so the balloons were fun- or did she over react with acting?

  • my2Cents

    That Valium should be used as a weapon is ABSURD
    It is THE first aid in treating a seizure and has been used for that specific purpose by medics all over Europe.
    Hillary Clinton seems to be having Jacksonian complex simple seizures and immediate administering Valium would stop the seizure.She seems to have moments where she freezes and has a medical handler nearby helping her.
    She should not be subject to any stress like the Presidency would require.
    This would be a time where, in the Public interest, not to mention Hillary’s own interest, the medical profession should step in and publicly announces that this patient is physically not capable of running for office and for her own medical safety withdraw her candidacy.
    This totally aside from not liking her.. This seems to be a medical issue.

  • Queensladyday

    “The black woman standing next to Hillary Clinton” is D.C. CongressWoman Eleanor Holmes Norton! She appears NOT to be surprised at all by Hillary’s “seizure”! What does she know about Clintons health?! What do other top Democrats know?

  • heiden

    It Takes A Whole Village To Convince The Village Mental Patient That She Should NOT Be Running For President , NOT With Her Brain Damage !

  • Sardondi

    Surely to God that is not a US Secret Service agent. I was in federal law enforcement almost 30 years and SS agents – most particularly the protective details – were required to be at the absolute peak of extreme physical fitness. Even the Secret Service bosses in their 50’s were flat-bellied, ultra-in-shape athletes who could run flat out for a half-mile and hardly breathe fast.

    This guy is a political. Now, he may be former Secret Service, and act as liaison with the active SS agents on the detail, or maybe he’s a physician; but he’s gotta be Hillary’s personal guy, not the government’s. I find it hard to believe that, even with the near-collapse of the agency under Obama, that they would permit even a black agent immune to the same requirements placed on other agents to be that horribly out of shape.

  • JohnFabitz

    I love stumbling upon websites like this. Another one to be bookmarked under the topic ‘The Crazies’ – rabid wingnut entertainment with the volume turned up to 11.

    These sorts of pockets of over-the-top hate and vitriol highlight the delusional insanity that has become a cancer on this nation. And you wonder why we are so divided?

  • M_tex

    Trump needs to make sure/demand no other persons are allowed on the debate stage. Other than candidates that is.

  • BalzerDash

    I’ll eat my purple tights, if H-Clint will attend in any normal fashion, 3 debates.
    Normal means, like at a podium, without aids holding her up, and injection various potions like hitlers doctor did for him. At a minimum, she will seizure and crap her pants (not an exaggeration, she wears a diaper now).
    Any “normal” woman, of such power, and gains in wealth, at that age would want to be near her husband, daughter, grandchild, and son-in-law. But not this so called lady. Power is her narcotic. She will go down, fingernails digging in at her bitter end, clutching for more power. What opposites H-Clint and Trump are, he is still getting laid, and she lives only for more power and to make her ugly mark on the world. Mr T says he is head over heals for Melena, and she says she is heels over head for him. He would make the stable President, not H-Clint.

  • Peachs

    Why isn’t anyone doing something? I made a video and sent it to Elder Abuse and Humanitarians for the aged against the WH to get Hillary out of this race. The nation is abusing this woman. She is not fit to be President of a dog fight, much less an entire country.

  • Seriously

    The secret service guy’s ‘syringe’ appears to have a wire… was it a mic or something else he was holding? No matter, it surely appears that Hillary has problems. Could be why she’s been ‘hiding out’ and not doing interviews… Way to risky to trigger her…

  • jim

    She told the FBI over 40 times that she couldn’t remember important details and blames it on her brain injury. Yet if you mention her health problems your engaging in a right wing conspiracy.

  • Sum_Ting_Wong

    Is The Diazapam Man on the Clinton Payroll or are the Taxpayers footing the bill through her generous health care plan that the rest of us don;t have?

  • Barry Manilow

    and now she has pneumonia after “heat stroke” in NYC?

  • igotplans2

    Um, that’s a laser pointer. It’s used for Parkinson’s patients, for freezing episodes. You shine a red dot on the floor, and they use it as a focal point to imagine stepping over, which helps them unfreeze.

  • B F

    Here’s another compelling angle on ILLIARy’s no-neck fat-ass handler
    hypnotist / mind controller regarding that black that thing that was
    thought to be a diazapam pen. about five minutes into vid.
    It may very well be a laser to help LLIARy know where / how to walk to
    hide her likely having Parkinsons. It’s a echnique used by these physical therapists and they show how fat-man uses it to guide ILLIARy.. Spread this around!!!

  • John Foytek

    CBD oil works just as good if not better simply because the side effects and withdrawals are non-existent