BREAKING: MSNBC Contributor JUSTIFIES #CNNBlackmail — Says 'Don't Post' GIFs or Memes

BREAKING: MSNBC Contributor JUSTIFIES #CNNBlackmail — Says ‘Don’t Post’ GIFs or Memes

A political contributor for MSNBC has thrown his hat in the ring to come to the defense of illegal extortion being conducted by CNN in retaliation for an embarrassing meme that was tweeted out by the president.

If you don’t want to be extorted, keep your head down and your mouth shut — according to the MSNBC political contributor Jason Johnson. Some people tried to warn him that this was a bad idea:

Here’s a clip of Johnson in action:

In related news, it turns out that CNN might very well have pinned the meme on the wrong guy!


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  • ThatGuy

    Welp, get this guy’s info to the autists on 4chan. He’s one more head for the chopping block that shall fuel the Second Great Meme War.

    • Silence Dogood

      The autists on 4chan are both the heroes we need AND deserve. I want to see this guy either have something horrifying pulled up out of his past, or maybe some of his dox made available, since, you know, having an opinion on the internet makes you fair fucking game and all.

    • Indeed, the best outcome would be to give this loser a taste of his own medicine and watch him whine about how unfair applying his rule to him is.

  • Typical

    Oh, this keeps getting better and better.

  • Silence Dogood

    By this own fools logic he deserves a punch in the mouth. No, really. He thinks it’s not extortion if someone “put’s something out in public” and “they shouldn’t be afraid of consequences.” Again, this fucking appeal to consequences fallacy the Left and media have been jerking off to rears it’s ugly fucking head again. He makes a better argument for violence against the media than that stupid (hilarious) meme ever could. The meme wasn’t even about violence against journalism AND THEY FUCKING KNOW IT! That’s the really sickening/psychotic part. They know it was Trump celebrating that he got over on them and it twisted their nipples so hard they had to send their sewer-dredging butt monkey Buzzfeed reject on a crusade to find and punish this “mean troll” for enabling the “Great Enemy”. Fucking despicable.

    • Grust

      Not to mention, if CNN and the MSM are this scared of a little harmless, GIF, then it’s likely they know their time is coming to an end.

  • ScienceABC123

    Translation: “We get to attack you and you have no right to defend yourself.”

  • StephaneDumas

    Looks like it’s already too late for Jason Johnson to retreat. That’ll backfire on him as well. Meanwhile real journalists like South African reporter Suna Venter got some threats after she exposed some corruption and died of a broken heart syndrome.

    After Gamergate, CNNGate, here’s now MSNBCgate!

    Edit: Wait, wierd for a professor like him to defend a corporation(CNN) and lot the little guy.

  • “Trump warned not to fire special counsel” – that’s like waving a matador’s cape in front of a bull… but so far Trump hasn’t taken the bait. Still, he can, if he wants and perhaps he should!

  • Mr0303

    Hey, guys! Let’s play a game! It’s called “Spot the authoritarian!”.