BREAKING: Sean Spicer Resigns As White House Press Secretary

BREAKING: Sean Spicer Resigns As White House Press Secretary

Sean Spicer

Spicer resigned on Friday morning, shortly after President Trump selected Anthony Scaramucci as communications director. His replacement will be Sarah Huckabee. This may be a good change, Spicer has been leaves much to be desired with his performances. I’m not familiar with Sarah Huckabee but we’ll see how she does. Spicer is doing ‘administration’ work. Spicer probably has his eyes on a more involved role in the Trump administration.

Nora Ralph

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  • Maintenance Renegade

    I’m trying to remember why he was even there to begin with, wasn’t the rumor that he was friends with some major appointee and got the job because Trump was trying to curry favor with some faction or another?

    I give it ten seconds before this is aggressively spun as being “yet another victory for Russia”.

    • JasonC5

      I’d recommend people to watch Hard Bastard’s videos as he really goes into the media’s bullshit especially that regarding Trump.

    • Silence Dogood

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Spicer was a leaker. A lot of people said he’s too weak for that kind of behavior, but as the Press Secretary he was in prime position to leak the goings on and internal workings of the administration.

      • Maintenance Renegade

        Could be. It’s easy to forget how much of a mess the GOP is internally right now when the DNC is still somehow managing to be an absolute dumpster fire by comparison. The former GOP establishment just keeps trying to re-route around Trump as if he was a form of damage but his administration’s political maneuvers combined with the fortunes of fate appear to be steadily laying his enemies low within his own party.

        The now likely imminent death of John McCain is going to be a massive blow against globalism and one can’t help but notice that outside of Silly-Con Valley all the major globalist oligarchs are 80-100 years old and look like Nosferatu vampires who haven’t fed on anything but rats for a few years.

  • Ryan Arko

    It’s been about two years since I’ve been to this site but while I’m not surprised the format looks like it was created like a thirteen year old Channer trying to be Breitbart, I’m astonished this site is still going. This page has nowhere near the visitors it had at the height of GamerGate when Ralph pretended he cared about games to attack liberals. The owner was publicly shamed with chat leaks that showed the people who run this site are no different than the colluding media they criticize in public. The owner was publicly shamed with a drunken arrest after attacking an officer, was labeled a fugitive after violating his bond conditions (of staying sober) and is sitting in jail like any of the numerous “snowflake” “libtard” BLM “thugs” he’s denounced.

    Nobody cites this page, not even as a source of misinformation in a bad argument and that speaks volumes because looney tunes sites Natural News and Occupy Democrats are cited thousands of times a day. FFS, even Stormfront was cited several times by RageAfterStorm.

    This page only deviates from covering stuff that the MSM and Breitbart cover when they’re covering Twitter and YouTube drama and despite that, there are amateur cosplayers with a bigger and more engaging presence on Twitter than Ethan Ralph and there are aspirations Sonic the Hedgehog fans and Smashmouth cover channels with a bigger presence on YouTube. He’ll, everyone you people mocked in your leaked chatlogs is bigger and more important than The Ralph Retort is on every social media platform.

    Most of your articles are drivel that espouse claims that cannot survive fact checking and what’s even more sad is that Ralph’s articles about me from back in the day have higher views than anything written in the last six months and I’m a nobody.

    So why keep going with this site? At least, why keep going with this hateful negative emotive-buzzword-laden rambling nonsense? Ralph would tell me to fuck myself and pretend he doesn’t care about views or relevance but the people running the site now have no obligation to carry on in this direction.

    You people can make this site matter and actually become a credible journalistic alternative to media collusion. You all remember that, right? When you were pretending to care about gamers being abused to attack media corruption and collusion? You could actually be that and end this wannabe Breitbart bullshit that’s tanking your site and turning it into the pulpit of an alt-right Trump loving right-wing snowflake.

    But you won’t. This is the limits of your aspirations and you’re content with this mediocrity being your contribution to the world.

    • TMC

      You sound very buttflustered. So many words for a site that you think is mediocre lol

    • GuitarAnthony

      How do you hit all the right keys on the keyboard with the flood of tears seeping from your eyeholes?

    • Celerity

      Imagine being so buttfucked you wait until well after the “nonthreatening” person you’re screeching about is behind bars before furiously banging on your keyboard about him. It’s just like all those other weasels who came out talking shit when he was first arrested then had a nice tall glass of BTFO when he was home within 24 hours.

      Yes he got drunk and did stupid shit, you just are stupid shit, Still winning!

      • Typical

        That’s just how cunts roll.

        • Celerity

          I wonder if this is another Tran Wreck.

    • Toastrider

      And yet we are still here.

      Money’s on the table, sweetie, now run along.

    • Typical

      Well, then you can fuck right of back to where you came from then, pussy.

  • Silence Dogood

    Sarah Huckabee has been much more competent in the role than Spicer. I’m gay and my mom pointed out how much of a legit bigot Huckabee’s father is (Mike), but I told her that Sarah is entitled to believe whatever she wants, because I, as a true liberal, understand that is what actual tolerance is. No matter how fucking retarded she and her dad might be. 😛 Live and let live, right? If not, I do own a rifle. haha.

  • Lost Question

    considering how he was treated i’m surprised he stuck out 6 months, 6 months with the press who despise your boss hating on you in a petty attempt to get at your boss, while seemingly everyone is throwing monkey wrenches around while cause everyone is getting settled into their new seats

  • Toastrider

    It’s been a long time coming. Spicer seemed to have a knack for shoving his foot in his mouth at the most inconvenient moments.

  • Typical

    Nora, You need a proofreader I think. I’ve noticed some word jumbles in a couple recent articles. Take time to read over them 2-3 times before publishing, it’s not a race to publish. Also, I don’t get the new format. I feel like I might miss recent articles if I don’t click every page, it’s unnecessarily cumbersome, unless you’re trying to up your clicks, in which case, brilliant!