BREAKING: Undercover Video Reveals DNC & Hillary Campaign Inciting Violence at Trump Rallies

BREAKING: Undercover Video Reveals DNC & Hillary Campaign Inciting Violence at Trump Rallies

This week is likely to be one of the most exciting of the whole election, and we’re off to a great start with Project Veritas dropping part one of a scandalous undercover sting operation, today.

James O’Keefe, the founder of Project Veritas, has come through. And this is only part one.

The word is that the second part in the series will drop tomorrow, same time, same place — 12pm Eastern. Check out O’Keefe’s recent AMA on /r/the_donald for a few more hints at what else is to come. Apparently he has had 8 full time operatives implanted at the “highest levels” and tons of incriminating footage.

UPDATE: Summary of the video with timestamps, taken from /r/the_donald/ (thanks guys!)

  • Nasty guy Scott Foval, National Field Director at Americans United for Change, is recorded on camera discussing a number of unethical (and perhaps illegal) activities conducted by the liberal advocacy group Americans United for Change, in conjuction with various PACs and the DNC
  • Seems to be evidence of Democrat organizers sending instigators to Trump rallies in efforts to make Trump supporters look bad. [2:18] Foval also says that agitators are trained to instigate confrontations “in the line” rather than inside the rally where “they’re under Secret Service’s control.” [7:30] He also directly says that the agitators must receive “central agitator training” before they are sent to rallies. He also describes various agitator training programs in various states [8:50] If agitators are injured or arrested, Foval has their medical and legal bills paid for. [11:30]
  • Pretty evident that there is collusion between super PACs and the DNC. He describes having middlemen who circumvent the law in order to collude. [3:10] [5:34] Scott Foval is recorded saying “The thing that we have to watch is making sure there is a double blind between the campaign and the actual DNC and what we’re doing. There’s a double blind there. So they can plausibly deny that they knew anything about it.” [6:50]
  • Discusses strategy for “initiating conflict by having leading conversations with people who are naturally psychotic” – Foval is referring to paying agitators to instigate trouble at Trump events here, calling their hired agitators “naturally psychotic.” [7:37]
  • Aaron Black, DNC Rapid Response Coordinator, boasts about coordinating a Chicago protest at a Trump event. Two Chicago police reporters were injured and this event got a lot of news coverage. [9:35]
  • They also take credit for the “Arizona one where we shut the highway down.” [11:10]
  • Scott Foval admits to instigating an event where a “supporter” (friend of Foval) gets roughed up at a Scott Walker event. He also staged other people in the crowd there for a “reaction.” [12:05]
  • The 69-year old women who was “sucker punched at a Trump rally” was a hired activist (a “birddog”) sent to the rally by Foval. Disgusting! [12:50] For what it’s worth here, Foval doesn’t explicitly say her name or describe her — the description of the event fits however.
  • Scott Foval brags about hiring homeless people, and mentally ill people, to protest and agitate at various Trump events. [13:48]
  • Foval calls half of the state of Iowa “racist as fuck.” Wisconsin is “just as bad.” [15:10]


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  • John

    My jaw is on the floor the whole time i was watching this. What the actual fuck!

    • masterninja

      You aren’t the only one…I mean we all suspected these things but its another to know its true

  • Lost Question

    somehow i’m not surprised, i wonder if any of the mainstream will actually report on this or will they just attempt to spin it as per usual

  • Gadfly156

    Just because people are not globalists, Marxists, communists, or SJWs, and are smart enough to realize BLM does NOT offer good solutions to Black communities, does NOT make us racists, fascists, or white supremacists.

    I mean it — I’m really getting fed up with all the lies and horse manure flung around by the regressive left and their little darlings, the “antifa”. If you don’t know what “antifa” is, time to get educated — they are the source of all the garbage spin and vile lies out there. AND while preaching love and tolerance they are flat out unashamedly VIOLENT — against anyone who won’t bow down to their totalitarian crap.

  • ThatGuy

    For now I’m going to take this with a grain of salt. However, if even a quarter of this is true, then we seriously need to start hanging people.

  • Botiemaster

    We are witnessing history and the fall of the democratic party. All we need is this to be made public to the masses via Donald Trump during final debate, because the lib news surely will not report it…

    • Gadfly156


  • Typically Deplorable

    I just am glad to see there are some people when presented evidence, they are rightly outraged. A few short years ago, we were all conspiracy theory wack jobs on the right when we talked about this stuff.

    • Gadfly156

      You’re welcome.
      Just remember, use the power wisely. We are taking down the bullshit; we are NOT re-establishing the bully-abuser world that led to it in the first place.
      I can just as easily — and swiftly — undo what I have done.

      • Typically Deplorable

        Look Dawg, I’m glad to understand an opponent’s point of view in a rational, reasoned discussion, but you have to understand, going from a republitard in the 90’s when I became old enough to vote, to libertarian, to something I don’t even know what to label myself as, but almost to the brink of anarchist, has really colored my opinions of other voters. I’ve been hit with name calling and lack of reason based argument from the entire political spectrum.

        Quite honestly, the only thing that makes me a Trump supporter is that even if all he’s claiming (including the stuff I don’t like that he wants to do) fails, at least he can inadvertently wreck one or hopefully both parties.

        • Gadfly156

          Hey no worries. I’ve been through a lot of changes myself in the past 6 years so I get that. I voted Trump to say no to all the egregious SJW/regressive ‘tards and their race-baiting totalitarian nonsense, myself.

    • Typically Deplorable

      maybe we should just astroturf the links in their comment sections.

  • Yarlg

    I’d love to see undercover video from the RNC too! Wouldn’t you?!

  • Quise

    This footage would be doing a TON more damage if James O’Keefe wasn’t a proven liar and editor of footage. When his “sting” a few years back was shown to be totally manipulated he’s had to dig himself out of a huge hole. Hopefully this recent video will get people to realize the incredible lack of ethics in American politcs as a whole, but I expect that the media being so shitty, along with O’Keefe’s admittedly questionable past, I doubt this footage will get much reaction from the country. Which is too bad because this type of shit is fucking pissing me off.

  • Mr0303

    B-b-but it’s just a right-wing conspiracy! /s

    • Gadfly156

      Only when it doesn’t support regressive leftist agenda. The lefties have their own pocket of “the media is suppressing the truth!!!”-ers but apparently it’s only “real” when it works against THEIR agenda. *SMH*

  • Danlantic

    Hillary is the new Richard Nixon.

  • ldo

    ALL progressives (including Hillary, Deborah Wussermaniac Shillitz, Podesta and others) involved should have indictments against them for ELECTION disruptions and any other Federal law which can be thrown at them.
    These people are nothing more than ANARCHISTS.