BTFO: Brianna Wu Gets Rekt By Based Steam Moderator


I was sitting here reading a shit piece put out yesterday by Vox (I’ll get into that tomorrow morning) when I was alerted to some new happenings on Twitter concerning Brianna Wu. The laughs never end with that place. I guess I better sit back and enjoy it for now, since censorship seems to be on the way. Anyway, let me get to this story before I pass out for a few hours.

We all know Wu is an insufferable egomaniac prone to exaggerating threats and making up falsehoods about anyone deemed a threat to her victimhood mission, even friends. The only question Brianna asks before she acts dishonestly is how to leverage her lies into cash. So what did she do? She immediately started trying to bait trolls almost as soon as she setup the Steam Greenlight page:


No, comrade, she couldn’t even wait one fucking day. This is Brianna Wu, professional victim extraordinaire we’re talking about here. She didn’t get to where she is from lack of effort. It takes a lot of hard work to be such a money-grubbing phony. This is hilarious by itself, but we haven’t gotten to the main event. Wu has been having some disagreements with a veteran Steam moderator and It’s not going well…for her.

Take a look: B9HeJrvCUAMnzyV

When she saw this guy wasn’t buying the bogus SJW-style propaganda about her game, she moved right into part two of the playbook: bribery:


The Steam mods have more integrity than the staff writers at Kotaku and Polygon, so the guy turned it down:


Wu was crying because she was getting rekt left and right, not by harassment, but by knowledgeable gamers hitting her with the cold hard facts: B9IiEIpCIAE7y0d

I guess she was mad about us calling out her lies, such as this quote, which she said came from the press. The only problem is, it actually came from her own press release. Classic Wu. B886IvZIIAEYN6p (1)Selection_999(025)

There’s even more, but I wanna play the new Hardline beta before I go to sleep. Just check out the thread over on Steam if you want some more laughs. She’s so used to her SJW hugbox, that she has no idea what hit her. Gamers can smell a rat like you coming from a mile away, Wu. You better change the playcalling up, cause the same ole bullshit isn’t gonna work.


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  • Topgeartony

    So when are we gonna see a port of Revolution 60 on the 32X?

    Just saying.

  • Kyle LondonArsenault

    The Hardline beta is ok. needs lots of work. On the article itself, yeah….maybe she can’t take criticism all that well.

  • masterninja

    This Steam moderator loves the ethics…

    Just witnessing that for once since David Pakman interviewed her she isn’t getting her way through a backroom deal is pretty glorious!

    The lesson here Wu is that not everyone can be bought even if they arent part of Gamergate! And to this mod I salute you for standing against corruption/collusion! You might not be part of gamergate but your unwillingness to compromise yourself is exactly what we are about!

    The world so desperately needs more of this!

  • garf02

    >original KickStarter ask for 5K
    >final game start budget is fucking 400K
    >80 Times the original money asked/ calculated to make the game
    >Let play dumb and ignore the 13K/ per month Patreon
    and R60 is the best she could do???

    Was being raised with a silver spoon in his mouth enough to destroy any sense of money and value?

    Likely, yes give her past experience “Daddy gave me 200K to open a company of animation and it flopped, but I learned more from it that any college could taught me”

    She blew 200K and make it as if you lose 20$ in the casino.

    and lets not forget 1 week ago she was Boasting about her new shiny Street Racing Bike, (not those 1K scooters or Vespa)

    • Social Justice Whitey

      ,,,,from Kickstarter to Kekstarter,,,that Drama Llama has it covered,,,

    • geronimous

      Don’t get me wrong, I agree that the game looks like shit, but just to clarify the iOS budget was $400K and development started ~2011. The Kickstarter in 2013 to PORT to PC was $5K (even tho, for some reason this was before the iOS version was even released) and made ~$12K. In other words the game was not made with 80 times the original budget, the port was allegedly made with 2.5 times the budget for the port.
      As shitty as Rev60 looks, you basically can’t make a game on $5K, so while I agree with you that it looks like crap, I felt a distinction was in order.

      On the note of her Patreon tho… Her Patreon is supposedly for hiring someone to filter out the harassment/work on her Twitter for $2,500. One of the first things that I was skeptical about was “So what happens to the surplus?” Which was answered last week when she boasted “I bought a new motorcycle with Patreon money!” (and this is in addition to the motorcycle she already owns and recently paid off but was “tainted by Gamergate”) Even if we assume that she did hire an employee and is giving that person $2500, that is over $10K a month she is getting and is clearly NOT going towards any sort of game development. Whatever, if people want to throw their money away that’s not my business, but the whole idea behind Patreon is that there is a CONTENT CREATOR and patrons who fund that creator to receive CONTENT.

      • AmazingL4rry .

        Here’s another thing to understand about these San Francisco professional victims and all their ill gotten loot, it’s probably almost all gone shortly after they get it or even before they get it. Buying a second motorcycle with the Patreon surplus is a perfect example of this, these assholes seem to manage money like MC Hammer.

        Getting out my crystal ball here I’m going to say that Wu is going to end up in serious financial trouble and will likely get pwned by the IRS at some point in the future. They got Al Capone, who seriously thinks they wont get this stupid lulcow? Brianna Wu is frankly far too stupid, greedy and detached from reality to not eventually end up in court/prison.

        • Marcus Lawshe’

          This is on my christmas wish list. IRSanta Claus coming to her door. Please Otter Jesus make something happen.

      • bazzar

        you have to remember that a lot of what she gets from patreon also goes out over patreon because you have to support the right people.

        The winner in this is Patreon.

      • garf02

        actually, it should, her Patreon now list “Im making games”

        • geronimous

          I’m not sure what you mean by “it should” but my whole point is that if her Patreon money is going toward buying new motorcycles it is not going toward game development OR paying people to filter harassment.
          Also, while the title says “support me making games” if you read the whole text it does not specify where the surplus goes or indicate that it would go towards development, it only indicates that it to “hire some help with the Women in Tech advocacy I do.”

      • AnonGGThrowaway

        It looks like a pile of shit when you realize that Croteam made Serious Sam 3 with a $500k budget.

    • bazzar

      >learning from losing 200k

      shit I probably learn more from $9 worth of balls at a driving range than she did with her 200k animation studio.

  • GuitarAnthony

    She is def unable to handle criticism & was woefully unprepared for getting hit with the tidal wave of honest replies. Yes, the trolls are out in full force as well but from what I’ve seen the majority is real people who buy & play the games they like. As I told her on Twitter, her game is barely mediocre at best and lots of male dev teams make mediocre games as well & they wouldn’t be getting my money either. It was an honest opinion which made no insult at her character, gender or ideals.

    Then she blocked me.

    • Silence Dogood

      A Tranny who is used to bullying other people in order to get what she wants can’t handle criticism? That’s SHOCKING!

    • MancVandaL

      That’s it you see. On Twitter, she has her clan of white-knights and people telling her she’s great and how great her game is. In the real world, it’s not like that and it’s come as a culture shock to her. Stay on Twitter Wu, you can’t handle the truth.

      • And this is why she later did the YouTube stream, trying to get on the good side of Steam users. She couldn’t be more blatantly manipulative (it’s just PR folks) if she tried.

        • greenleif .

          Also, maybe I missed it & if so disregard this, but she put this 1 up after realizing she was logged in as herself the 1st time;
          I just…I hope her overly self assured haughty ways will make her slip up more & more. She thinks she will never be caught nor called out. One day she will pull something, or say something offhanded while being way too cavalier & boom. She’ll have given herself away & will have done it to herself.

    • jlenoconel

      Wu’s game is one of the worst I’ve ever seen in my life. Nowhere near mediocre lol. Resident Evil 6 was mediocre, and I fucking loved that game.

  • Spero_Mcgee

    Was quite a suprise to see FrazerJC whom I had spoken to about dota 2 a long time ago would moderate this well and to no one less than Brianna Wu herself.
    This is just beautifull.

  • Social Justice Whitey

    ,,,,If you come to th’ circus then yer gonna get clowned,,,you step up to a gathering of gamers, most of which dont give a fuck about pro or anti gg, with some weak ass shit to play then you will be dissected. Not because yer a special magical elfkat or whatever yer callin yer own private freakshow, but because you gave players a hot cup of shit and told them it was fudge puddin,,,

    ,,,,Banana Wu’s ethics are simple: here, this’ll do! Love and pay me now because my identity is a wonderful flower! Shove your nose in it and smell it! SMELL IT YOU VILE HATING FUCKERS! SMELL IT, PAY ME AND LOVE MEEEEEE!…

    ,,,,yeah, this car crash rollover is just gonna keep flipping for a while as there aint enough SJWs who will plonk down cash for this rotten dog corpse of a game to give it real sales figures,,,,I bet at least half her sales wherever she makes them end of being political purchases by SJWs who never bother playing it,,,her Patreon might have most of th’ donations in small amounts with one or two SJW sugar daddys (or that horrorshow’s actual parents) dropping a big chunk of th’ fund in one go, giving th’ illusion of many giving strong supoort,,,bottom line? This game will and is failing,,,FAIL,,,,its probably better than Pong, or Pitfall, but who cares? Shit is shit no matter how you try to shine it…

  • Roehanth Hyllke

    Completely ignoring Gamergate for the moment, completely ignoring the political differences between us, browsing the Steam forums for her game just shows me why I don’t like or her respect her. She’s completely childish and unprofessional. She proclaims that she didn’t make her game for “core gamers” (whoever the fuck those are), then complains that people not in her target audience don’t want her game. She gets genuine, constructive criticism and she refuses to accept it.

    It’s pathetic, quite honestly. And her blatant misrepresentation of how being greenlit works is disgusting, just as her dishonesty in the “Heavy Rain meets Mass Effect” quote is. That’s her fucking quote, but she tries to portray it as something someone else said.

    I voted no because it looks like a piece of shit I wouldn’t want to play anyway. I wouldn’t have cared if it got greenlit, but now, with this kind of behaviour, I hope it doesn’t. She doesn’t deserve to be rewarded for such a worthless attitude, and the tiny fragment of faith in humanity I have left makes me hope she’d learn from the experience and become better for it. My brain says that’ll never happen, though.

  • Dr. Michael Poole

    Jesus lord her press quote came from her own press release haahahaaaha

    • Social Justice Whitey

      ,,,yep and anytime that anything, be it game or band or movie, has an “x meets y” description in its review, expect nothing but a corn- speckled turd,,,

    • Spider Jerusalem

      Hey, the press quoted her.
      Technically they did write it.

      • TheNaiveCynic

        Most hilarious thing is, while practically they did write it, -technically- they didn’t – That’s what quoting is for, to, while putting it on paper, have it technically not be your writing.

        So it’s actually an outright lie. False advertisement? I haven’t read the whole articles, but if the press never said it without directly quoting her own press release, the press never said those things… Which is hilarious.

  • Marcus Orealias

    This is a glorious moment. To see one of them have to deal with the harsh light of criticism and not be able to just shout “LOL BLOCKED” is incredible. Thanks for your efforts in bringing it all together in one place to read Ralph!

  • Toastrider

    Slightly OT: Any truth to the rumor that Valve is shutting down Greenlight due to shovelware getting pushed through it?

    It’s a shame if so, but not really surprising.

  • geronimous

    It’s kind of sad how she capitalized on her victim status to get a whole
    bunch of upvotes on Greenlight. I mean, even all those people who voted
    “No Thanks/Not Interested” just because they hate Brianna Wu without even looking at the game are essentially
    being honest: most of them aren’t going to buy the game! That is what
    the whole Greenlight process is for! Many of the people who have swarmed
    to her “defense” by voting “Yes” because of the whiny tweets and
    articles being put out are essentially being dishonest if they aren’t
    going to buy the game which skews the stats making the game look like it
    will be more profitable/popular than it will be (or who knows maybe the
    trailer/screenshots grossly misrepresents it and
    the port makes drastic adaptive changes?). Voting “No” doesn’t really do anything, it just removes it from your queue, whereas voting yes shows Valve how many people are interested in the game and allows them to predict how profitable it will be to have on their store.

    Also I found her tweets about Totalbiscuit “sniping” at her to be SO immature. IDK if I can link it but if you search “totalbiscuit downvoting greenlight” you’ll find what he said. Sure, he was probably referring to her but probably because she was getting attention for “All those hateful downvotes” and he was trying to make sure people knew the truth. As usual when called on her bullshit she curls up into victim defense mode and starts pointing the finger crying “Bully!”

    It’s too bad that Greenlight rankings aren’t available to the public, b/c I’d kind of like
    to see her reaction if instead of Rev60 getting mass downvoted, EVERY
    other Greenlight game got voted above hers.


    And on that day, Brianna Wu learned that outside of her Twitter hugbox, away from the blocklists and the SJWs that kiss her ass declaring R60 as “Game Of The Century”, that gamers don’t give a fuck about her or her shitty game, and her usual tactic of calling any criticism “harassment” to shut up her naysayers will avail her nothing.

    I now have hope in my fellow gamers again, seeing them tear her game apart with valid criticisms in a civil matter, and not cowering in fear of her branding them “sexists” for not sharing in her delusion of R60 being a good game. I almost fear for her already shaky sanity, having to deal with The Real World, where daddy’s money, block lists, and SJW connections can’t protect her from the cold, hard truth of reality.

    • trunker

      Steam is the definition of capitalism, you vote with your wallet, not with your heart.

  • Gregg Braddoch

    lol, Wu doesn’t even care if her game makes it to steam. She’s got to know it will be an utter failure even if it starts being sold.

    Cash in on the sympathy now Wu, because once a few people play your game, then nobody will.

  • Heaven Smile

    All this effort is getting wasted here. Are you sure we can show the best stuff to David Pakman? Because this kind of shit is something that should appear on his show; and keep in mind that he is not stranger to ridiculous shit:

    Does it remind you of something? Admitting to making shit up and expecting hug and kisses?

  • Sevuz

    What is going on? Why am I in the 90’s watch a bad 3D cartoon o_O

    Heavy Rain meets Mass Effect….yeah if it was in a REALLY BAD pre-alpha. NO… this game does not even look good. It looks like a cheapass PS1 game and I would not even be able to look at these shitty graphics even if I wanted to (the 90’s made sure of that thank you very much) and WHAT IN THE NAME OF FUCK… did she use 400.000$ on? her bills and her new bike…? Why do I even ask -_-‘

    • Philip Weigel

      Oh, come on! Even PS1 games look better than this if it came out after FF7 did. I mean, seriously, this design predates Wild Arms 1 in terms of graphics.

      • Sevuz

        Now it’s just in shitty HD

  • handsomejack47

    Always love it when an ego like Wu’s gets slammed back down to Earth like this.

  • Blackjustin13

    Wait,that game had a budget of 400K?? I can’t pretend to know the costs of everything that goes into game development,but you’d think to expect something halfway decent for that kind of cash.

    • Sevuz

      Wu thinks that if she is a radfem and member of the SJW club she does not need to make anything decent + she has a bunch idiots giving her cash

    • bazzar

      Dragons crown had just twice that and employed more women.

  • n0ne0ther

    Wu then made a Sticky post telling people they can ask questions while locking and unlocking it as she feels. Here’s her flat out lying:

  • Milan Stefanovic

    Lets not forget Ralph, Her patreon. She is still earning 13k for doing something. So why would she need to put her game on steam? To earn money? To earn some fame like Depression Quest got from coming on steam thru Greenlight? I think its the copy part.

  • Silence Dogood

    I only just recently realize that Brianna Wu IS in fact transgender. -_- I thought that was just a myth. ::shiver:: Does anyone else find it incredibly ironic that Brianna Wu “was” a man, hates men, has lied continuously to further a narrative of misogyny, which she then makes about herself (despite having been a man and therefore incapable of ever having face ‘misogyny’… having a massive victim complex from being transgender, sure.) and continues to try and speak on behalf of the plight of actual women? -_-

    • That’s what happens when you don’t get any counseling before you actually get your dick chopped off.
      Or don’t talk to psych in general – when you’re at the level of Wu lunacy.

    • Gregg Braddoch

      Dude, I have been saying this for months – It also applies equally to Samantha Allen (early gamergate “I am a misandrist”, wrote a few articles for Kotaku) and I believe ‘Butts’ is also a transgender woman. It’s almost as if male social justice warriors go nuts from hearing how their white, cis-gendered maleness is the source of all evil, and decide to swap genders so they can play the “woman card”.

      • Silence Dogood

        Yes, Butts and whatshername are both trannies. Yes, I use that term unapologetically for mentally ill, opportunistic, parasitic gay men who become women in order leverage the progressive stack. Wu and the others literally use what is frankly tantamount to a disability as both a shield and a bludgeon when they attack and justify their odious behavior. “You can’t criticize me, I’m oppressed!” … bitch you haven’t BEGUN to see what oppression looks like. True righteousness will fuck you up and giggle the entire time it’s happening. -_-

        • Gregg Braddoch

          “Wu and the others literally use what is frankly tantamount to a disability as both a shield and a bludgeon when they attack and justify their odious behavior. ”

          TRUTH. I have a transgendered friend who has not even once used his/her gender identity as a shield or a weapon for any reason.

          • Silence Dogood

            I know transgender people who aren’t batshit crazy. There is a reason that people in the U.S. STILL have to go through a waiting period and seek psychiatric counseling to undergo surgery (and why they then just go to Thailand instead), because there are a LOT of psychiatric conditions which can result in identity issues – gender dysphoria and schizophrenia being two big ones. Do you know what happens when someone with gender dysphoria gets their dick surgically changed into a mock-pussy? They wind up killing themselves when it finally dawns on them they still don’t love themselves. The statistics for Trans suicides conveniently leave out the number of people who kill themselves not because they were bullied, but because they were just plain fucking CRAZY.

          • Gregg Braddoch

            Yeah, my trans friend went on to get married to a girl, and become a father – As far as I know he still has a transwoman gender identity, but it would seem that he’s decided being a girl with a man’s body is perfectly ok. People are decent enough that you can find a new identity without resorting to drastic surgery – for example, my friends wife likes him to dress up…

            So yeah, plenty of reasonable people, and despite many religious people having problems with transgender people, In my experience (which is anecdotal, to be sure – so take it with a grain of salt) most people are perfectly accepting of trans people if they are secular minded, and the number of people who reject religion and who are agnostic keeps getting bigger.

          • Danny

            I hate how we keep having to have these awkward conversations about trans people in public (*shrug* internet close enough)

            I personally having grown up with a Mother who is mentally ill (paranoid schizophrenia) see it as yet another mental illness, all the warning sign and fuzzy logic are there.

            I do think there need to be very grown up serious talks about transism and it’s ramifications. Serious studies, and hard realistic looks at the facts.

            But I also don’t like the idea of yelling at someone with a mental disability in public (internet… whatever)

            Yet they keep bringing it up, making it an issue about them, and then trying to make you out as a bigot. “You think trans people are mentally ill you are a monster! BLARG”

            But I do think that. I stand by that. I don’t think it makes me a bigot in the same way saying paranoid schizophrenia is a mental illness.

            The reason I feel it is a mental illness mostly boils down to the fact that they reject reality (never a good sign). To me the term, man in a woman’s body(or vice versa) / (aside from some really rare medical cases) is just nonsense. It doesnt mean anything. By having a man body and genetics you are a man. You can have any personality you want, wear anything you want ect.

            I don’t think cross-dressers are mentally ill for example.

            It’s the same as saying you are really skinny on the inside when you weigh 300 pounds. It’s just not right. You are what you are, and in that instance you are 300 pounds. You can wish to be skinny thats okay, but dont think of it as reality.

          • Michael Christian Knudsen

            Everything you just said can no longer be uttered by anyone in the psychiatric field, if they wish to remain in that field.

            Any correlation between transgenderism and mental illness, and the utility and ethics behind permitting a potentially mentally ill person to multilate their bodies, are topics that shall no longer be discussed in the professional psychiatric world.

            Swell way to “solve” a debate, ain’t it?

          • Danny

            ” the utility and ethics behind permitting a potentially mentally ill person to mutilate their bodies”

            That part is the really important part in my mind. That the most common side effect from the surgery is depression, and the idea that medical professionals lie to them by saying the surgery will change their sex. Where in reality all they are doing is simply swapping out bits.

    • Fatherless

      My theory is that those who take SJWism and “gender is a social construct” far enough eventually conclude that the only defining characteristic of a woman is not her anatomy but her victimhood. They transition over and don’t feel female enough, so they triple down on the victim rhetoric until they do. It’s fruitless and eventually they go insane.

      (Most trans aren’t like this at all, of course. But the crazy SJW ones may be.)

      • Silence Dogood

        People who claim that gender is a social construct are retarded. The binary IS biological. XX and XY – that’s it. Anything else is a grotesque, sterile and often lethal combination. This is why the social sciences are fucking garbage – nothing but broad speculation asserted as fact when there’s no basis for it at ALL.

    • Rachel Merryfield

      sounds like Chris Chan actually.

  • Marcus Lawshe’

    It’s a wonder she doesn’t just out and out say it: GamerGate made her make a shitty, awful game and that nothing that ever goes wrong in her life is her fault.

    It’s all on GamerGate. Everything.

    Fucking Psycho.


      I’m sure the fact that she started and finished the game months before GamerGate even existed won’t deter her from making such a claim.


    This just keeps getting better – Wu is spraying salt all over Twitter. She’s whining that people are calling her characters sexist…not because they’re women with unrealistic body proportions, but because gamers are sexist.

    So let me get this straight, Brianna – if a developer makes a female character with huge tits and butts, that means the developer is sexist…but when YOU make a female character with huge tits and butts, then its THE GAMERS that are sexist!? That makes perfect sense…said no one ever.

    Maybe people are calling your characters “deformed Barbies” and “Bratz rejects” not because of sexism, but because they look like Barbie dolls left on a sidewalk in Miami in the middle of the day in August?

  • chris perez

    Did anyone else see this? Wu’s beta husbando had to step up and give his viewpoint and as you would expect it was complete shit. I love how he makes the comparison of her game struggling to get greenlit to the democraps getting their asses kicked in the last election. I guess he doesn’t realize that was due to people being fed up with Emperor Obama. Does Frank really believe the SJW scrubs outnumber us or is he falling back on his fiction writing skills?

    • Sevuz

      The next thing we know is that the sea lions are behind sexisim in the movie industry

  • geronimous

    Ugh, I just found out there’s going to be a Law & Order SVU episode about a game dev getting death threats and it just looks awful.

    I found it interesting how they decided to make the victim an Indian woman when you look at the three main faces of “victims of gamer harassment/death threats” its all white women like they are trying to push the agenda of “well if you don’t care about sexism we KNOW you care about RACISM!!!”

    • Sevuz

      That’s TV for ya

      • geronimous

        Yeah, I’m actually surprised this hasn’t happened sooner, but I guess I sort of sank into a naive comfort that TV hadn’t done a stupid episode like this.
        Of course, I will take all of this back if the episode concludes with a twist that the victim is actually friends with her kidnapper (watch the trailer if you don’t know what I’m talking about) and they did it all for attention and press, but come on, that’s too much to hope for.

  • GuitarAnthony

    Well, her game got Greenlighted but, as I said a few times now, being greenlit means fuck all if nobody buys the shit.

    • Gregg Braddoch

      lol, I’m not even going to download it from torrents, let alone spend money on it.

    • geronimous

      Yeah, her sort of massing random supporters to bulldoze it through Greenlight will probably work against her as most of those people won’t even buy the game. Eventually it will wind up on Humble Bundle and then you will probably see 1,000 new negative reviews of people who play 0.1 hours and there will be jack shit she can do about it.

    • Toastrider

      They must’ve pulled out all the stops to push it through.

      Still, I look forward to the reviews.

  • Gregg Braddoch

    It’s funny how at the same time Wu is crying about people not liking her game on steam, there is a concentrated effort to take down Roguestar’s kickstarter for his game – hmm….

  • Silence Dogood

    The PC Master Race has spoken. They took that wench down a notch. hahaha

  • Silence Dogood

    Does anyone remember the attempt at manufacturing a controversy over “The Last of Us”? A DISTRIBUTOR wanted the cover art of the game changed to put the adolescent female character in the background. Naughty Dog publicly announced this and told them to fuck themselves.

    Now, while I’m sure one can argue that moving her to the background is just a matter of trying to downplay the fact that this is a bad world they are in and some bad shit is going to happen to her, what I really think happened? The distributor was trying to push a Developer into making a change that the press could then SCREAM about stating how misogynistic the industry was that a major character was relegated to the background. Oh and the damsel and distress thing, it’s not like she’s a fucking KID and has NO combat/world experience or anything. ::facepalm::

    Kotaku, Polygon, Gamasutra, Gameranx – they’d have all come out wailing and gnashing about this terrible INJUSTICE, and completely would have obfuscated the fact it was the distributor who requested the change. In fact, I wouldn’t have been surprised if they censored and bullied people who tried to point that out. But never mind that dark and terrible alternate history.

    To connect with what others here have been saying – Wu is ABSOLUTELY going to attack Steam over this. Hell, the SJWs are already furious about all the fucks Gabe Newell doesn’t have to give regarding their attempted censorship of Hatred. But I don’t think this is going to be about continue the hateful rhetoric about Gamers, because frankly they have FAILED to make that a dirty word and get people to stop using it (hilariously so). I think their real goal is this:

    Attack and attempt to corrupt Steam. There’s no way they can destroy it; that’s impossible. But they’re going to use this to claim that it’s a breeding ground for misogyny (because no liking a dev’s game or their shitty attitude is totally misogynistic, never mind the fact that Wu has an XY chromosome pairing and is therefore biologically male so I would LOVE to know how that tranny thinks anyone is a misogynist towards her) and that it is the most dreaded of anti-progressive rhetoric – “ON THE WRONG SIDE OF HISTORY” (like history has a right side to begin with).

    Listen douche nozzles and shitcunts, Zoe Quinn fucked, sucked and lied her disgusting head off to get her Twine text adventure through the pearly gates of Steam and it ain’t happening again. We’re far too savvy, jaded and cynical to EVER “listen and believe” that shit again, regardless of how many journo’s scream about it.

    If you want your shit to get through Steam Greenlight – Then it needs to be passable in SOME regard. Period. And if you start playing for professional victim point and BASHING gamers in THEIR house? You’re going to get knocked the fuck out. End of discussion.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go some place private and fantasize about meritocracies (and the sound of Zoe Quinn screaming in impotent rage at how she has no merit and therefore can’t get anywhere lol).

    • Ubernoob8470

      Wait, don’t go! I don’t like it here! That place sounds like paradise!

      • Silence Dogood

        lmao 😀

    • Toastrider

      Yes, by all means attack the biggest, most successful digital distribution network in the world. By all means, trigger a titanic backlash as millions of Steam fans will lose their shit over someone messing with it. By all means, give Gabe Newell an excuse to drop that genial, friendly-uncle face and stomp on you with corporate grade lawyers.

      I hope they go for it, Sean. I really, really hope they try to fuck with Steam.

  • Silence Dogood

    To clarify my lexicon – Douche Nozzle is a male SJW (because their cock is pretty much just that) and Shitcunt is my playful adaptation of “shitlord” that most sexist slur against “privileged” men, which I use to denote ignorant, hateful, entitled women. Who also happen to have their cunt overflowing with shit.

  • Rachel Merryfield

    LOL They’re so incredulous they have no idea how to negotiate with people without outright bribing them. Thanks FrazerJC for sticking up against this BS.

  • Jaker_K17

    So she finally released her horror game for PC?

    Wait, what do you mean it’s not a horror game? Are you sure? Have you seen the models? Those things will probably haunt my nightmares for at least the next 30 years.

    • Godmars

      I believe the word that you’re looking for, from all I’ve hard about the game, is horrid. Its a horrid game.

      • Jaker_K17

        I checked it out on Greenlight and the preview video automatically started playing. It is no exaggeration when I say it literally hurt my fucking eyes to look at. It’s such a ridiculous thing to say and I know it’s hard to actually take it seriously, but it genuinely hurt my eyes to look at.

        • Godmars

          To be fair – if such is even possible – its sad that the game has such negative bias because of its maker’s rep. Not that at best its still below average.

  • Jim

    the steam page for the game suggests it has been greenlit and moving towards release, seems a demand is there and I am sure this game would have found its way onto the platform without all the drama.

    • Megamatics

      She pulled the victim card when a flood of negative comments towards the game came from the steam community. People started making accounts just to hit yes on the game and it got greenlit.

      • bazzar

        >anti-GG don’t even have steam accounts

        why am I not surprised?

    • Sevuz

      Well it does not take much to get on GreenLight. I have seen and are still seeing shitty games there all the time. There is ZERO quality control. That much I can tell ya.

    • Godmars

      Or it the result of political maneuvering.

    • Azure

      There were also some bots floating around repeating the same paragraph to promote her game in the announcement comment section. It’s possible she botted for some votes too. But who cares it isn’t going to get her sales doing it that way.

  • Mr Snow

    You know what baffles my mind? Wu obviously comes from money… and for her transition… I mean there’s a wrong way…

    • Mr Snow

      and a right way…

    • mark

      Reality check:

  • anon

    Considering her inability to understand the value on money, chances are, she’ll price the game exorbitantly or make it free like DQ.

  • Gee_IWunderWhy

    This isn’t news. Ignore the fucktards and focus, people.

  • Zanard Bell

    I love the sound she makes when she’s outside her echo chamber. The shrieks of a rotting harpy. ♫

    See, all you had to do was release just one good game and you could have avoided this. But, noooooo.

  • Rosalina

    I made a steam thread earlier about the bots in steam and how it got deleted despite the fact nothing was out of line but by the fact it got over 80 posts in a span of an hour with people confirming my suspicions.

  • GamerGate Developer

    I watched that greenlight page closely, there was a lot of btfo comments saying her game was shit, if anything, it worked as a recruiting page for us because she smeared gamers left and right, Gamers will put 2 and 2 together.

    Other than that there are the hilarious comments about the piece of trash R60 is

  • MancVandaL

    $400,000 and all you can create is that!? You should be ashamed. I’d be too embarrassed to release this, this … game? Male or female, this is the work of someone that is terrible at making games.

  • Point Less

    If you’re a game developer and you ask a moderator out for coffee on a thread about your game, um… yah, don’t do that.

  • Jaker_K17

    I just found pic related in the comments section of her greenlight page. This Facebook post hilariously reads like something Palpatine or some other ridiculous cartoon villain pretending to be good would say. Remember, the only reason her shit game got greenlit was because they had to beg for people to vote for it.

  • Here’s people that critiqued her and their threads got taken down within minutes.

  • spiderbucket

    #WussGeneration – if they claim harassment, death threats, rape, murder – ANYTHING – do not trust them.

  • mark

    John Flynt makes crappy games, and he’s an even crappier female impersonator. It seems like the last woman who was able to program a good videogame was Carol Shaw, and that includes homosexual males who are pretending to be female, such as John Flynt(AKA Brianna Wu).

    • mark


  • Standards

    Heavy Rain meets Mass Effect? Are you fucking kidding me? Are you actually serious? Am I being baited by the bait god? Holy. Shit.

  • Steven Stone

    Ok, it seems that someone has removed the steam thread entirely. Any chance of us getting some screen shots of what went on before this happened?

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  • Michael Ray Birch

    It would be FrazerJC. I fucking love that guy. He takes no shit from anyone. Absolutely destroyed her, too. Hero of the Steam discussion boards, he is.

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