BUSTED: DCCC/Pelosi Hack Calls #BlackLivesMatter "Radical" Movement, Says Never Bring Up Black On Black Crime

BUSTED: DCCC/Pelosi Hack Calls #BlackLivesMatter “Radical” Movement, Says Never Bring Up Black On Black Crime

Guccifer 2.0 strikes again!


Confirming what we already knew, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC)is well aware that BLM is indeed a radical movement. And also confirming my suspicions, the DCCC has informed its members to not ever bring up black on black crime.

blm memo

I guess the DCCC doesn’t care about black lives at all, and it’s clear that the whole operation is nothing but a PR move. In the ‘tactics’ listed above, it instructs DCCC members to not ever offer support for actual policy positions. Instead, they’re just supposed to use the movement for propaganda purposes, apparently. “All lives matter” is also off limits.

As the Daily Caller pointed out:

Just two weeks before the memo was written, Hillary Clinton was drowned out by a group of Black Lives Matter protesters while giving a speech.

Wew lads. The DCCC has been busted blatantly using Black Lives Matter and never planning to deliver or to support any actual policies.

UPDATE: BLM has responded to the leak.


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  • Toastrider

    “The DNC has been busted blatantly using Black Lives Matter and never planning to deliver or to support any actual policies.”

    Well no shit. The Dems have no intention of rocking the boat too much. It suits them to keep blacks ‘under heel’ as it were.

    Which unfortunately is leading into all SORTS of unintended consequences. Peter Grant has a fairly interesting read at his blog, with a really nasty surprise: turns out the Hispanic gangs really, really don’t like black people. At all.


    This is the core of identity politics: keep people at each other’s throats to keep them from turning on you.

    • Maintenance Renegade

      Well on the ground level the cleverer ones have to see the writing on the wall, that in the long term the Dems intend on replacing the black populated welfare plantations with an imported Hispanic peasantry via an open southern border and mass amnesty.

  • Yarlg

    “I guess the DNC doesn’t care about black lives at all”, contradicting many of the statements of the documents I just read.

  • Cenobite

    The Democrats have been using blacks since the Dixiecrat smokescreen allowed them to in the name of ending segregation create economic plantations. Said plantations were for the soul purpose of harvesting votes. Using things like entitlements, and welfare programs to keep the economic future limited in these communities. Want an example? The Obama Phone was a hand out designed to get blacks out to vote for Obama. Also welfare does not taper off as you get employed it cuts off so unless you walk into a job that starts at better than 40k a year there is no advantage in getting off of welfare.

    To be honest I think BLM is a problem for the Democrats because it’s a loose cannon on deck. All they can do is try, and point it away from their face before it goes off again. Sanders at least had more of a handle on it, but was less in the wheel house of the Democratic parties goals so he had to go. I would lay odds that what really troubles the Democratic elites is if BLM ever actually gets a clue as to who is really behind the curtain the jig will truly be up.

  • Mr0303
  • DisneyVillain

    However this got leaked, I just have to say, “When BLM finds out about this, I may have to make some popcorn and enjoy the show.” I see almost nothing but pure win from this. BLM will hate the Democrats. Some may riot and in the aftermath, cause more people to see them as scum. Democrats will lose support, and Hillary may suffer more health risks. I think I may need a ton of popcorn.

    • Perrico de los Palotes

      That’s the way the Democratic plantation works!

  • scemar

    but but that’s a conspiiiiracyyy theoryyyy
    no one conspires to manipulate people that’s crazy talk

    the DNC is not racist please that is just a projection you biggots

    blm totally cares about black people

  • The_Positivist

    Democrats using black people to do the work they don’t want to do?