S4T: I Called This A Year Ago, They Called Me Tinfoil — Soros Leaks: INTERENET RESTRICTIONS VIA TPP

S4T: I Called This A Year Ago, They Called Me Tinfoil — Soros Leaks: INTERENET RESTRICTIONS VIA TPP

Last summer, I came across a video from November 2014 wherein the General Council of Microsoft, Brad Smith, gave a luncheon with Jonathan Zittrain of the notoriously Marxist globalist academic tech behemoth at Harvard, the Berkman Center for Internet and Society.

In the PR event which was intended to manipulate public opinion, the Microsoft Council laid out the reasons why we ‘need’ a ‘world internet government’ to enact a “universal law” that would be binding for all inhabitants of the planet earth. So I made a video about it for YouTube, wherein I speculated that US citizens would be defacto held under laws similar to EU’s ‘hatespeech’ laws, and even holocaust deniers would probably also be punished, worldwide — except in the Islamic world — they’d undoubtedly get a special exemption from the progressives in charge of the operation.

I even said at the end of the video that this “World Internet Government” was going to come through the TPP. The video is worth the watch, as there’s a ton of pertinent information in there.

I tried to warn the world in August of 2015, but many critics said I was a tinfoil wearing quack. Today, there was a Breitbart article which totally vindicated me:

A leaked document from George Soros’s Open Society Foundations reveals the organization was seeking to influence the positions of Latin American governments in negotiating the Transpacific Partnership Agreement, or TTP.

Soros’s organization does not appear to support the TPP outright, but expressed interest in influencing the sweeping internationalist treaty, including the treaty’s positions on Internet regulation.

You can read the rest of the story about the actual leaks on Breitbart, I just want to talk about how this is a perfect example of how globalist Marxists now control all major institutions:

  • First you have billionaire investors like Soros seeding revolution through fomenting unrest, paying for lobbying to charge laws, as well as providing subversive media operations to influence public opinion. He’s on record here trying to push global Internet governance through the TPP, thanks to the hackers that stole his emails.
  • Then you have Marxist academic institutions such as Harvard, which is home to Jonathan Zittrain’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society.
  • To complete the racket, you have corporations hoping to eventually fully-unify with the government — when the Marxist take-over eventually happens — so that they can block out all competition through state mandate, and they’ll settle for kicking the ladder away from the castle for all competition via socialism, in the meantime.

These globalist vermin need to be tried for treason and/or sedition!

The only thing that keeps me from blowing a gasket is the knowing that one day these traitor scumbags will pay for their treachery — punishment will be ordered by a tribunal, court, or maybe even a CIA black-op. Justice will prevail.

The body of an American paratrooper killed in action in the jungle near the Cambodian border is raised up to an evacuation helicopter in War Zone C, Vietnam, 1966. (AP Photo/Henri Huet)


Political Editor of TheRalphRetort.com. Previously published by Capital Research Center.Twitter: @spaghetti4poop

  • scemar

    That’s a great job spotting those events, noticing the players, their agendas, and connecting all the dots.
    It’s a shame your educated guess ended up being correct.
    But it’s such great news that at least now we know about it.

    But it ought to be a lesson to everyone to stop calling this sort of stuff conspiracy theories when there’s a history behind them and knowing the people involved and what they are working on gives us a good context of what’s coming.

    The world changed too much thanks to the internet and big players are now desperate to take back control over it. The world internet regulation would have been a disastrous thing for freedom and democracy worldwide.

  • DisneyVillain

    Wow, we really may need to “take back the internet.”

  • Botiemaster

    /S4T/ was right again!

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  • This needs to be spread everywhere.