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Brianna Wu Has a Meltdown Over Alleged Degree Lie, as Master Milo Readies for the Finish

Brianna Wu is on the ropes, and trying to claim victim status. Not exactly a shock.

Petition to Send Emma Watson to Migrant Camp For Feminist Research Garners Thousands

Petition to send Emma Watson to the Calais migrant camp is at 3,000 signatures and rising.

Valenti Reveals True Colors in Column Defending Idea of Voting Hillary Because She Has a Vagina

Hillary’s surrogates keep trotting out the idea that voting for her simply because she has a vagina is an idea with substantive merit.

PLEASE NO BULLY: Liana K Shoot Stream Removed From YouTube Over “Personal Attacks”

YouTube is just about kill, at this point.

Lady Gaga’s Music Career is in the Dumps. Her Answer? VictimBux, of Course.

You know, I’ve been reading about Lady Gaga’s broken career for over a year now. So when I heard she was getting into the VictimBux game, I wasn’t exactly surprised. In fact, it’s probably the smartest move she could make right about now. She’s not...

Ricky Gervais Collects Salt From Radical Activists After Caitlyn Jenner Joke at Golden Globes

Ricky Gervais, expert salt-miner.

German Interior Minister Says “Right-Wing Platforms & Chat Rooms” Are as Bad as Rape.

A German official takes the early lead for most fucked up quote of the year.

Feminists Furious New “Sherlock” Features Murderous Feminists

Feminazis never know how to handle criticism. They get pissed when you call them authoritarian, and respond by being even more cuntish. A few weeks ago, we saw a radical feminist cry to the Internet Governance Forum about being called a “feminazi” on Twitter. Her...

Idiot SJWs Complain About Harrison Ford Making More Than Daisy Ridley For Star Wars: The Force Awakens

I’ve seen a lot of idiocy this week. Actually, come to think of it, I’ve seen a lot of that over the last year, but I digress. As most of you know, I loved the new Star Wars film. If you didn’t, that’s fine. I...

“No Justice, No Shopping”, Shout #BlackLivesMatter Grinches Blocking Chicago Macy’s

I thought I dipped out to enjoy a peaceful Christmas by writing a satire piece about Obama canceling the NORAD Santa tracking due to separation of church and state. Ralph and I had a chuckle because some people missed the glaring “SATIRE” tag which preceded...

YEAR IN REVIEW:’s Top Stories of 2015

Merry Christmas Eve, everyone. I hope your holidays are going as well as mine. Of course, if you’ve been reading the site lately, you know that my big day is going to be on December 30th when I touch down in London, but still, there’s...

SATIRE: Obama Administration Makes NORAD Quit Tracking Santa, Citing Separation of Church & State

Social Justice lunatics finally got their way today, after Obama quickly folded after being pressed by the Twitter campaign using the hashtag #NoMoreStateSanta. Santa doing a dry run was taken out by NORAD. Christmas is canceled. — Greg Kopycinski (@GregKope) December 23, 2015 It...

#BlackLivesMatter Hooligans Storm Mall of America Despite Court Order to Cancel

Another day, another chimpout with complete disrespect for due process.  Today it’s the BLM thugs raiding the Mall of America after a judge taught them that no, the first amendment doesn’t guarantee one’s freedom of speech on private property. Police illegally and unjustly blocking protestors...

“MISANDRY’S HERE TO STAY”: VICE Confirms They’re Anti-Men Scumbags

Sometimes you see a column so brazen that you think it must be a joke. That’s what happened to me early this morning when I was reading a recent piece from VICE titled: The Year in Male Tears. I kept thinking this must be some kind...