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Trudeau Says We Shouldn’t Be Afraid of the Word Feminist (But We Should Fear Idiots Like Him)

Canadian PM Trudeau spouts rad fem garbage…and we should all be fearful of where it might lead.

The Patriarchy Won! Gregory Alan Elliott Found Not Guilty!

The Patriarchy Won! Gregory Alan Elliott found not guilty!   Great news fellow toxic males of the internet! I am proud to announce Gregory Alan Elliott has been found: Not guilty.     The ego of ALL Canadian Feminists was rectally wounded after Mrs Stephanie...

INTERVIEW: @Ricky_Vaughn99 Sheds Light on the Alt Right Perspective

@Ricky_Vaughn99 gives us a taste of the Alt Right perspective.

Petition to Send Emma Watson to Migrant Camp For Feminist Research Garners Thousands

Petition to send Emma Watson to the Calais migrant camp is at 3,000 signatures and rising.

Valenti Reveals True Colors in Column Defending Idea of Voting Hillary Because She Has a Vagina

Hillary’s surrogates keep trotting out the idea that voting for her simply because she has a vagina is an idea with substantive merit.

S4T: Trump Should Dump The Secret Service

Things are getting crazy in Germany right now. Crazy enough that with a year’s worth of Arab migrant attacks on Germans it could well happen that in the secrecy of the ballot box, many people are going to vote for Trump that would never even...

Bernie Sanders Gets Attacked by Radical Activists Over Right to Trial For Accused Rapists

Bernie Sanders, still getting attacked by rad fems and the like.

German Interior Minister Says “Right-Wing Platforms & Chat Rooms” Are as Bad as Rape.

A German official takes the early lead for most fucked up quote of the year.

Unethical Huffington Post Libels Trump With Fake Tweets

Look, everyone loves a fun satire story. And I have nothing against them either. Why, just on Christmas Eve I had a blast writing about how Obama administration banned NORAD tracking of Santa, due to concerns about separation of church and state. Of course, the...

Germany Fails at Burying Story of 1000 Muslims Raping & Robbing On New Years Eve

What unfolded on New Year’s eve in Cologne, Germany was shocking and unprecedented. A thousand Muslim men organized and went on a rape-and-pillaging crime spree. There are almost 100 victims, with the assumption that many haven’t came to police. The response from the German government—who...

Kansas Governor Defends New State Law Allowing Guns on Campus

The great SJW campus-chimpout, which began in the fall of 2015—a phalanx of boo-hooing cry-bullies not afraid to use tactics that would make Alinsky blush—is only on hiatus for the winter break. They’ll be back soon, and with all the faux rage pent up from...

SATIRE: Obama Administration Makes NORAD Quit Tracking Santa, Citing Separation of Church & State

Social Justice lunatics finally got their way today, after Obama quickly folded after being pressed by the Twitter campaign using the hashtag #NoMoreStateSanta. Santa doing a dry run was taken out by NORAD. Christmas is canceled. — Greg Kopycinski (@GregKope) December 23, 2015 It...

Minneapolis City Council Member Doxes Multiple People on Twitter in Support of #BlackLivesMatter

Thankfully, I have returned home safely from some hellish traffic jams here in Richmond, VA. I got most of the errands I was talking about earlier done, but some will have to wait until this weekend. I want to thank Seattle4Truth for coming up with a...

Obama Calls Out Campus Protesters Over Shutting Down Opposing Viewpoints

Good morning to every single reader here at The Ralph Retort. I have a ton of shit to do today besides writing, so I’m going to try to get that done first and then go take care of all the rest. We’ll see how that...