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#Killstream 40: #HillarysHealth, WikiLeaks, Ghostbusters Flop, & More (TONIGHT)

Check us out at 7PM EST tonight! Nora, Janet and me…plus open lines and maybe a special guest or two.

Will Smith Trump

Is Will Smith Preparing to Become the First Officially Cucked US President?

After Will Smith’s anti-Trump remarks in Dubai, there’s been speculation that his outburst was posturing for a future career in politics. If that really is the case, it’s important that we get to know Smith on a more personal level before the Fresh Prince is elected as Grand Chancellor and enacts his final solution to ‘cleanse’ the US of Trump supporters. If Will Smith were ever elected as president, he wouldn’t be the first black man in office, but he may very well be the first gay black autistic cuckold to have his thetan-clearing fingers on the nuclear codes.

TRR STAFF LIVE: The Great Doxing Scare

Check us out over on Feminist Flow’s YouTube channel… “The Great Doxing Scare or Doxamania debate is getting out of hand and turning into a ridiculous witch hunt. Let’s talk about it one last time, then we’re done.” The Ralph Retort Staff: Feminist Flow:…...

#BlackLivesMatter’s Attack on Israel Isn’t Going Well

Today I’m joined by the senior political analyst of, Seattle4Truth to talk about the complete failure that is #BlackLivesMatter as of late. The newest fail to come from the group involves Israel and Jewish pressure groups inside the United States. It’s not going well for BLM.

Naked Ape Falsely Accuses TRR Staff of Trying to Dox Him, Refuses to Apologize

I haven’t gotten to write quite as many articles this past week as I would have liked. Longtime readers of this site will note that it’s not at all uncommon to see me say that. Part of being a person who writes daily is missing...

RAGE QUIT: Naked Ape Gets Destroyed in Debate

I don’t really know Naked Ape and I’d seen maybe 30 seconds of his work before the past week. I’m not denigrating his stuff, just pointing out that he was not on my radar in any way. I don’t have anything to do with Devon...

TRR Rundown LIVE With Bearing

Enjoy this special Rundown LIVE with Bearing. I threw it together at the last minute, so I hope you guys enjoy it. We talked about the AIU/Naked Ape/Amazing Atheist squabble, doxing in general, Trump’s campaign, Islam, terrorism, YouTube, and more. I thank Bearing for coming on and I hope you guys like it.

DOXING IS UNSTOPPABLE: Devon Tracey is an American Hero

Atheist Roo (Powerword: Devon Tracey) is a masterful composer of internet drama and–while I disagree with a few of his opinions on some contentious issues–I appreciate and applaud his ability to coax YouTube attention whores into the trap of moral grandstanding.

Naked Ape (Powerword: Samuel Haidt) posted a video recently wherein he blasts Amazing Atheist (Powerword: TJ Kirk) for defending Tracey against censorship on YouTube and Twitter. Between Ape’s sanctimonious outbursts of preachy drivel, he plays TJ’s video and accuses him of condoning the cardinal sin of doxing; yet, nowhere to be found in the video is any evidence of TJ even implying that doxing is acceptable. I wonder why Naked Ape chose to make a scathing response to a months-old video by Amazing Atheist. Slow news week?

Korryn Gaines Was Crazier Than a Coked Out Wolverine’s senior political analyst Seattle4Truth joins me to talk about the killing of Korryn Gaines. We go through the incident in detail and come to a pretty simple conclusion: This bitch was absolutely bonkers. Articles discussed: Seattle4Truth: ********************************************...

TRR Rundown: Gibsmedat #BLM Nutter Goes Off on White Allies

I’m joined by the senior political analyst for, Seattle4Truth. We talk about the insane rant made by Ashleigh Shackelford, a gibsmedat #BlackLivesMatter nutbag. We also discuss Target getting bit in the ass by their own stupidity and Purdue University going full reeducation camp on a #BLM dissenter.

Man Claims #Dallas Shooter Was a #BlackLivesMatter Member Who Attended #Trump Protest (UPDATED)

OK, I’m going to have much more on this in a moment, but I wanted to get the story out there as fast as I possibly could. It looks like the shooter from last night was also officially a #BlackLivesMatter member who was protesting at...

JUST WHAT WE NEEDED: Another Cop Shot, This Time in St. Louis

I swear that I’m going to get back to crazy SJWs and goofy shit I see on Twitter later today. Politics and shootings are starting to wear me down. But, I don’t control the news and I feel like this is the biggest thing happening...

PHOTOS RELEASED: Micah Johnson Identified as Dallas Shooter

I’ll be back to update this in a minute with all the latest news on the shooter, who has been identified as Micah Johnson. There are reportedly 3 other suspects in custody, but it is unknown at this time whether or not they took part...

SICK: Bestiality Legal in Canada as Long as There’s No Penetration

I was going to do my Hearts of Iron IV report, but this shit was just too sick to pass up. Apparently this guy up in Canada had molested his two stepdaughters over a number of year. If that wasn’t sick enough, he also alleged...

Open Thread: What’s on Your Mind?

I haven’t done one of these in a long while, so I figured what the hell? Tell me what’s on your mind as of late. There’s plenty of topics to choose from, but maybe there’s some stuff I missed. In fact, lots of the things...