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Give Me Your Thoughts on the New Commenting System

I’ve lived in Virginia for almost two years, but I’ve yet to transfer my driver’s license over. Today, I’m going to go change that so that I can vote in the GOP primary next Tuesday. I’m already registered, but you have to show a valid...

Neocon Failure Max Boot Says Twitter Should Kill Anonymous Accounts

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, but I had a terrible headache yesterday, plus  I was just feeling down in general. It’s time to get my mood back on track with a scathing attack on an ideologically bankrupt neoconservative. You remember the neocons, right?...

Transgender Beauty Queen Stripped of Title for Being the Wrong Kind of Trans

It seems like there are now standards to be met if you want to be viewed as a transgender woman. Well, at least in the eyes of the Miss Transgender UK competition. Not meeting this criteria can led to you not being allowed to compete or...

Psycho Argentinians Kill Baby Dolphin So They Can Take SELFIES

Yes, I realize that I called these shitheads psychos in the title instead of idiots. But after you read what happened here, I will explain why I’ve come to this conclusion. Of course, you do have to be an idiot to not realize that dolphins...

I Recently Heard About a Facebook/Twitter Mashup Called Tsu

Someone I know got kicked off Twitter the other day. Afterwards, they sent me a link to a social media network I had never heard of called Tsu. It has some interesting features, not the least of which is revenue sharing. You see, Tsu sells...

SITE UPDATE: We’re Upgrading Servers This Week

There will likely be some downtime throughout the early morning hours as the site transfers over to a new server. I’m hopeful that this will make it to where I don’t have to keep the CloudFlare protection turned up all the time, but we’ll see...

#Killstream 17 LIVE at 7PM EST

Janet, Ralph, plus the lovely & talented Co-Host Nora preview the GOP debate and go over all the week’s news, including: Milo Yiannopoulos’s Rutgers appearance, Anita Sarkeesian’s Twitter council, the Zoe/Eron drama, and much, much more. Join us at 7PM EST. Watch the #Killstream every...

Kanye Sends Activists Into a Tizzy By Proclaiming Bill Cosby’s Innocence

I’ve only talked about Bill Cosby a couple times since all the rape allegations have come his way. I have to admit, it doesn’t look that great for the legendary funnyman, but then again, I always let my loyalties lie with the defense. In other...

Hypocritical Hillary Clinton Flip-Flops on Draft Registration for Women

Is there ANY position Hillary Clinton won’t abandon for political expediency?

Fine Brothers Channel Still Burning After “React” Trademark Scandal

The Fine Brothers are teaching a course in how to piss off the entire internet.

When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong: The Duct Tape Challenge

The Duct Tape Challenge turns out extremely badly for one young teen.

Kristen Stewart Tells Actresses to “Do Something” Instead of Complaining About Misogyny

Kristen Stewart calls out the complainers in Hollywood.

Valenti Reveals True Colors in Column Defending Idea of Voting Hillary Because She Has a Vagina

Hillary’s surrogates keep trotting out the idea that voting for her simply because she has a vagina is an idea with substantive merit.