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Punch Steve Bannon, Get Free Whiskey for Life

The progressive left is once again preaching that love and understanding they’re famous for.

Laci Green

Laci Green Gets Gashed by Progressives After “Red Pill” Video

So, Laci Green made a video last night and it’s caused everyone to lose their shit. I wonder what that’s all about… Yea. Laci didn’t exactly say she was now red pilled, but she did announce that she was going to have some public debates...

Sarkeesian Admits Game Vids Were Always About Social Justice as She Moves on to Trump-Bashing Fundraising Scheme

Noted charlatan Anita Sarkeesian wrapped up her Tropes vs. Women in Video Games series late last week. I actually watched one full episode of this shit show a couple years back. It was as just as tendentious and mendacious as you would expect. And no, I didn’t...

#Killstream 61: French Election, Moldylocks, & More

We go over the French election results, laugh about Moldylocks, and talk about some of the other big stories from the past week of Janet Bloomfield, Pave Darker, & Jimmy from the Zoe’s ex stream join me (among others).

WATCH: Antifa Clown at Richard Spencer’s Auburn Event Gets Humiliated by Black #MAGA Supporter

This is certainly one of the funnier things you’ll see this month. Last night, at Richard Spencer’s Auburn appearance, there was a weird looking antifa dude who was screaming out dumb shit on a pretty constant basis. He’s the same clown I quoted in the...

Easter, Professional Atheism, Quiet Agnosticism, & The True Injustices

Happy Easter! Even though I celebrate the holiday, I’m not a religious person. Although, I have found myself shift away from atheism into agnosticism over the last year or so. I’m not sure why that is, although it might have something to do with the...

Joss Whedon

“Feminist Ally” Joss Whedon Gets Dragged by SJWs Over Batgirl Gig

You can never please these people, so why even try? Even a longtime “feminist ally” like Joss Whedon will get trashed when it suits SJW purposes. Assuming he doesn’t back out of the Batgirl gig due to these bully tactics, maybe Whedon will at least...

new twitter replies suck

Twitter’s Gimps Replies, As They Continue to Ban Anti-PC Accounts

On today’s Coffee Thoughts: Twitter is a big fat mess, at the moment. But how long will people like me even be allowed to stay on the platform? So many of us have fallen recently, including PizzaPartyBen just last night. Articles discussed:

Franchesca Ramsey & Shoe Argue Blocklists, Ciccariello Denigrates Troops, & “Racist” Classmates

I’m back with another coffee break this morning. Thanks for the response to the last video! I’m glad it was well received. Today, I’m going to talk about Franchesca Ramsey & blocklists, George Ciccariello attacking our brave soldiers, and a “racist” classmate column from The...

PewDiePie Destroys VICE’s Credibility With One Tweet After They Lie About His “Restricted Mode” Status

The YouTube “Restricted Mode” kerfuffle isn’t kinda stupid to me. Yes, I would prefer that Restricted Mode not exist and everyone be allowed to post and search for whatever they want on YouTube. That is the optimum goal. However, it’s not turned on by default....

After MundaneMatt Jarbo Got Destroyed by His Own Fans For Defending Female Rapist, Dave Cullen Came in for the Kill

MundaneMatt, aka Matt Jarbo, is a shill of the highest order. Way back in the day, he wanted to setup a council to “run GamerGate,” which is just as dumb as it sounds. He’s been crying about Twitter refusing to verify him for years, which...


JonTron Responds to the Media Campaign That’s Tried to Label Him as Some Sort of Nazi

JonTron finally responded to the media assault that’s been brought to bear against him since his debate with the Twitch streamer known as Destiny. JonTron, real name Jon Jafari, admits that he had some stumbles during the debate, which is pretty obvious if you actually...

Dutch Election LIVE Stream @ 4:15PM EST!

Me and the crew go over the Dutch Election results as they come in. Gryffix to possibly join us later in the show.

#Killstream 58: DNC Decision Leads to #DemExit, BuzzFeed Declares War on YouTube, & More

Join me tonight as some Patrons and I go over the fallout from Tom Perez being chosen as the new DNC Chairman. We’ll also talk about more Milo fallout, Lily Allen’s nuttery, Trump saying he won’t attend the White House Correspondents Dinner, and more. ********************************************...

#Killstream Special: Milo Says Farewell to Breitbart (LIVE TONIGHT)

My friends and I talk about the biggest news of the week so far: Milo Yiannopoulos’ departure from Breitbart.

#Killstream 57: Antifa Berkeley Staffer Gets Rekt (TONIGHT @ 7PM EST)

On the return edition of the #Killstream, I’m joined by co-founder Janet Bloomfield and Stefanie MacWilliams of We’ll talk about one of the biggest stories (if not the biggest) in the history of my site. It concerns the antifa rioter/assaulter at the Milo Yiannopoulos...