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The #Ghostbusters Honest Trailers Video is so Savage YouTube Comments Have Been Disabled

Here’s a hilarious story I saw The Hollywood Reporter Twitter account retweet. By the way, I really enjoy their website. They cover an amazing amount of ground and they’re usually pretty fair. THR isn’t perfect, of course, but it’s probably my favorite entertainment site as...

#Killstream 47 feat. Nora’s Return

Join Nora and I as we talk about all the week’s issues and have fun for an hour or so. Sorry for the late notice! I’ll do better next week. I’ve been sick as shit for 3 days.

#Killstream 46: Loony Louise Goes Off The Rails

The panel and I discussed: Louise Mensch going nuts about Russia, the ICANN handover, Tim Burton getting dragged by SJWs, the new Luke Cage show on Netflix and how a BLM backer doesn’t like Cage’s aversion to the n-word, the Candid app controversy, and much...

#Killstream Goes LIVE @ 10:30PM EST Right After Trump/Clinton Debate

There’s not much to say here, except that Janet Bloomfield and I are going live over on YouTube right after the Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump debate tonight. As soon as it’s over, we’ll be on the air. I’ll probably be joined by some of...

#Killstream 45: Charlotte, Cruz Capitulates, Luckey Loses & More (TONIGHT @ 7PM EST)

Join me, Janet Bloomfield, Johnny Fox, & Bacon Man as we talk about the Charlotte unrest, Ted Cruz’s capitulation to Donald Trump, Palmer Luckey’s ill-advised apology to SJWs, & more.

#Killstream 44: Pepe vs Progressives, Plus Nora’s Last Show

It’s been one hell of a ride. Join us as we say farewell, and also laugh at the recent Pepe absurdity.

#Killstream 43: Out on Bail

The one and only Janet Bloomfield joins me to talk about all the week’s news, including my recent release. Nora Malik might drop by, although she’s pretty tired from work…so we’ll see. Regardless, we’re gonna have a good time tonight! Janet Bloomfield: Nora...

#Killstream 42: Happy Birthday #GamerGate (TONIGHT @ 8PM EST)

Nora, Janet, and Feminist Flow join me to celebrate the 2nd birthday of GamerGate. We’ll also talk about a lot more, cause let’s face it, I don’t think we can do a full 90 minutes on GG anymore. I do want to examine the impact...

#Killstream 41 featuring Margaret MacLennan (SATURDAY NIGHT @ 7PM EST)

This week the one and only Janet Bloomfield, plus the lovely and talent Nora Malik are both joined by the majestic Margaret MacLennan. Oh, and I’ll be there too. Join us as we go over the major stories from the past week.   Special Guest...

RUNDOWN: Shaun King Justifies Riots, Ellen Smeared As Racist, & Choudary Heads to Prison

Seattle4Truth and I got through some of the recent stories on the site, including: Anjem Choudary heading to the Big House, Vanderbilt caving to PC pressure, Ellen smeared as a racist, & Shaun King justifying riots.

Feminism Fail #1: Meet the Man Paid to Have Sex With Kids

EDITOR’S NOTE: I’m going to try to start working in at least one special edition of the Rundown into the schedule each week. It will be dedicated to an issue I feel Western feminists and their media mouthpieces are ignoring. This will not be a...

#Killstream 40: #HillarysHealth, WikiLeaks, Ghostbusters Flop, & More (TONIGHT)

Check us out at 7PM EST tonight! Nora, Janet and me…plus open lines and maybe a special guest or two.

TRR STAFF LIVE: The Great Doxing Scare

Check us out over on Feminist Flow’s YouTube channel… “The Great Doxing Scare or Doxamania debate is getting out of hand and turning into a ridiculous witch hunt. Let’s talk about it one last time, then we’re done.” The Ralph Retort Staff: Feminist Flow:…...

#BlackLivesMatter’s Attack on Israel Isn’t Going Well

Today I’m joined by the senior political analyst of, Seattle4Truth to talk about the complete failure that is #BlackLivesMatter as of late. The newest fail to come from the group involves Israel and Jewish pressure groups inside the United States. It’s not going well for BLM.

Naked Ape Falsely Accuses TRR Staff of Trying to Dox Him, Refuses to Apologize

I haven’t gotten to write quite as many articles this past week as I would have liked. Longtime readers of this site will note that it’s not at all uncommon to see me say that. Part of being a person who writes daily is missing...

RAGE QUIT: Naked Ape Gets Destroyed in Debate

I don’t really know Naked Ape and I’d seen maybe 30 seconds of his work before the past week. I’m not denigrating his stuff, just pointing out that he was not on my radar in any way. I don’t have anything to do with Devon...