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#Killstream Special: Milo Says Farewell to Breitbart (LIVE TONIGHT)

My friends and I talk about the biggest news of the week so far: Milo Yiannopoulos’ departure from Breitbart. All-Star Stream, TONIGHT @ 9:30PM EST

I am so, so, sorry for the slow pace here the last couple days, but it could not be helped. Soon you well see why, but basically, I had a lot of shit to do. I should get up a couple posts late night after...

#Killstream 57: Antifa Berkeley Staffer Gets Rekt (TONIGHT @ 7PM EST)

On the return edition of the #Killstream, I’m joined by co-founder Janet Bloomfield and Stefanie MacWilliams of We’ll talk about one of the biggest stories (if not the biggest) in the history of my site. It concerns the antifa rioter/assaulter at the Milo Yiannopoulos...

#Killstream 56: Will Radicals Crash Trump’s Inauguration?

The Political Editor of, Seattle4Truth, joins Nora and I to talk about the potential for violence on Janurary 20th, when Donald J. Trump is scheduled to be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. Seattle4Truth: Nora Malik:

#Killstream 55: Expect the Unexpected

Beardson Beardly joins me, Janet Bloomfield, and maybe a couple others…for what was originally going to be some sort of debate. Now, it’s supposed to be a regular show…but it could still turn into a complete clusterfuck. Either way it goes, I’m pretty sure it...

Nora & I Have a Chat About Serena Williams & “Race-Mixing”

I sat down with my lovely and talented fiance last night to talk about Serena Williams’ engagement to Reddit co-founder Alex Ohanian. We also delved into the topic of “race-mixing,” which is something I’m familiar with. Although, it’s hard for me to enunciate the opposition...

#Killstream 54: Featuring Brittany Pettibone (Saturday, December 17th @ 7PM EST)

This week were are joined by rising star Brittany Pettibone, who has went deep inside the #PizzaGate controversy, among other things. We’re going to talk with her about that, as well as the Electoral College vote on Monday, Kanye visiting Trump Tower and the racist...

#Killstream 53 (Saturday Night, 12/10 @ 7PM EST)

Janet Bloomfield, Political Editor of Seattle4Truth, and #Killstream first-timer Kelly Beruff (@kb_marie) joins me to talk about the Trump transition effort, MDE: World Peace getting the ax from Adult Swim, Arthur Chu’s continuing problems, Weev getting the boot from Twitter, and much more.

#Killstream 48: Mystery Guest, WikiLeaks, Journo Doxing, & More

I’m trying something different this week. Going to go live on Periscope and simulcast that here on YouTube. Sorry for the slow posting lately on the site, but I’ve been tied up with personal stuff. All will be explained tonight. I hope to see as...

Ghostbusters cover photo

The #Ghostbusters Honest Trailers Video is so Savage YouTube Comments Have Been Disabled

Here’s a hilarious story I saw The Hollywood Reporter Twitter account retweet. By the way, I really enjoy their website. They cover an amazing amount of ground and they’re usually pretty fair. THR isn’t perfect, of course, but it’s probably my favorite entertainment site as...

#Killstream 47 feat. Nora’s Return

Join Nora and I as we talk about all the week’s issues and have fun for an hour or so. Sorry for the late notice! I’ll do better next week. I’ve been sick as shit for 3 days.

#Killstream 46: Loony Louise Goes Off The Rails

The panel and I discussed: Louise Mensch going nuts about Russia, the ICANN handover, Tim Burton getting dragged by SJWs, the new Luke Cage show on Netflix and how a BLM backer doesn’t like Cage’s aversion to the n-word, the Candid app controversy, and much...

#Killstream Goes LIVE @ 10:30PM EST Right After Trump/Clinton Debate

There’s not much to say here, except that Janet Bloomfield and I are going live over on YouTube right after the Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump debate tonight. As soon as it’s over, we’ll be on the air. I’ll probably be joined by some of...

#Killstream 45: Charlotte, Cruz Capitulates, Luckey Loses & More (TONIGHT @ 7PM EST)

Join me, Janet Bloomfield, Johnny Fox, & Bacon Man as we talk about the Charlotte unrest, Ted Cruz’s capitulation to Donald Trump, Palmer Luckey’s ill-advised apology to SJWs, & more.

#Killstream 44: Pepe vs Progressives, Plus Nora’s Last Show

It’s been one hell of a ride. Join us as we say farewell, and also laugh at the recent Pepe absurdity.