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TRR Rundown LIVE With Bearing

Enjoy this special Rundown LIVE with Bearing. I threw it together at the last minute, so I hope you guys enjoy it. We talked about the AIU/Naked Ape/Amazing Atheist squabble, doxing in general, Trump’s campaign, Islam, terrorism, YouTube, and more. I thank Bearing for coming on and I hope you guys like it.

DOXING IS UNSTOPPABLE: Devon Tracey is an American Hero

Atheist Roo (Powerword: Devon Tracey) is a masterful composer of internet drama and–while I disagree with a few of his opinions on some contentious issues–I appreciate and applaud his ability to coax YouTube attention whores into the trap of moral grandstanding.

Naked Ape (Powerword: Samuel Haidt) posted a video recently wherein he blasts Amazing Atheist (Powerword: TJ Kirk) for defending Tracey against censorship on YouTube and Twitter. Between Ape’s sanctimonious outbursts of preachy drivel, he plays TJ’s video and accuses him of condoning the cardinal sin of doxing; yet, nowhere to be found in the video is any evidence of TJ even implying that doxing is acceptable. I wonder why Naked Ape chose to make a scathing response to a months-old video by Amazing Atheist. Slow news week?

Korryn Gaines Was Crazier Than a Coked Out Wolverine’s senior political analyst Seattle4Truth joins me to talk about the killing of Korryn Gaines. We go through the incident in detail and come to a pretty simple conclusion: This bitch was absolutely bonkers. Articles discussed: Seattle4Truth: ********************************************...

#Killstream 38: 100 Days Until Trump’s Victory? (7PM EST TONIGHT)

Janet, Nora, & I go over reaction to the DNC and ask whether or not Trump is destined to win 100 days from now. We’ll also talk about Merkel doubling down in Germany, along with several other topical subjects. Janet Bloomfield: Nora Malik:...

#Killstream 37: #FreeMilo, Leslie Jones, #DNCLeak, + More

We’re back again this week with WildGoose, an old friend of mine from the internets (who many of you readers likely already know). We’ll be talking #FreeMilo, Leslie Jones and her spergery, the #DNCLeak, plus much more. Join us for a special Sunday night edition...

#Killstream 36: Janet in London, #BLM Nutter, Turkey, Nice & More (7PM EST TONIGHT)

The #Killstream is back after a one-week hiatus to get you caught up on all the week’s news. Nice, Turkey, #BLM nutters, plus Janet’s trip to London…we have a lot to cover. I hope you enjoy the show.   Janet Bloomfield: Nora Malik:...

TRR Rundown: Gibsmedat #BLM Nutter Goes Off on White Allies

I’m joined by the senior political analyst for, Seattle4Truth. We talk about the insane rant made by Ashleigh Shackelford, a gibsmedat #BlackLivesMatter nutbag. We also discuss Target getting bit in the ass by their own stupidity and Purdue University going full reeducation camp on a #BLM dissenter.

#Killstream 35: July 4th Weekend Freedom Stream (7PM EST Saturday Night!)

We’ll catch up on all the week’s news with the same panel who joined us for #Killstream 30 (LIVE in London). Also, in the spirit of July 4th weekend, we’ll ask all the panelists what’s their favorite thing about America.

#Killstream 33: Does Feminism Make Women More Vulnerable to Rape? (6PM EST TONIGHT)

We’re going to be talking about how feminism makes women more vulnerable to rape, the 2016 elections, Zoe Quinn backing out of the Wikimedia conference, Janet’s “most retarded feminist,” Brexit, and more. We’re joined by the aforementioned Janet Bloomfield, the lovely and talented Co-Host Nora,...

Watch Me on The Patriarchy Show!

I did a podcast last night called The Patriarchy Show and it was a lot of fun. I don’t always have a good time when I’m on other people’s shows, but last night was great. I encourage all of you to check it out. I...

#Killstream 30: LIVE From London (Saturday Night @ 6PM EST)

A huge panel of guests talk about some of the week’s news, with Co-Host Nora and I coming to you LIVE from London, England. Should be a very fun stream! Janet Bloomfield’s info: Co-Host Nora info: Feminist Flow info: Seattle4Truth...

#Killstream 29: Pre-London Finale (TONIGHT @ 7PM EST)

All the week’s news will be discussed with the one and only Janet Bloomfield, along with the lovely and talented Co-Host Nora. We’ll also talk about my upcoming trip to London, where the #Killstream will emanate from next week. Janet Bloomfield’s info: Co-Host...

Friday Night Shoot Stream: The Ethics of Doxing (9PM EST TONIGHT)

Tonight, I’m going to be discussing the ethics of doxing with the ever controversial WildGoose. WildGoose Info: Muh Patreon:

Amazon Takes on YouTube With “Amazon Video Direct” (But So Far, It’s Lacking)

I’ve been waiting on a decent challenger to YouTube to come down the pike, not because I’m that dissatisfied with the service (although I have had some issues), but because competition usually makes everything better. While I was hoping for a more outsider-type to be...