CENSORSHIP: @Ricky_Vaughn99 Twitter Account Shadowbanned and Locked (He's Back Now)

CENSORSHIP: @Ricky_Vaughn99 Twitter Account Shadowbanned and Locked (He’s Back Now)

(Update: Ricky is back on Twitter.)

Ricky’s known as being an aggressively outspoken critic of regressive left politics and a proponent of Donald Trump. His @Ricky_Vaughn99 account has been a crucial node of weaponized tweeting and his voice has been influential throughout the Alt Right. I first found out something was up when I received a Crowdfire notification telling me he had unfollowed me on Twitter, which was a bit odd. After visiting his profile, I realized all of the people he had been following before had been completely wiped from his profile. Having been shadowbanned and locked earlier today myself, this was a familiar sight. Anytime somebody’s account is either locked or suspended on Twitter, their following/follower counts tend to be wiped out until they take the steps to unlock the account. Also, none of Ricky’s tweets are currently visible in Twitter’s search results.




While it’s a mystery as to exactly why his account has been locked or suspended, we do know that his last tweet was nearly 11 hours ago which is a little out of character given how prolific the account is. While censorship is still rampant across its platform, Twitter remains a bloody gladiatorial arena for political pundits and average Joes alike.

UPDATE: Ricky has confirmed that his account has been locked by Twitter on his Gab.ai account: https://gab.ai/femfreq/posts/398781


UPDATE: Ricky is back on Twitter.

Updates will be posted to this story as they are received.


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  • scemar

    sneaky, dishonest, biased, manipulative actions

    classic twitter, classic sjw, classic jack

    glad this was brought up

    they must really struggle with the urge to just shadowban the hell out of everyone that’s not “one of them” daily, I mean, their platform is now being used to wake up mainstream people about the lies they’ve been told in mass, and they could easily just get rid of all of them but that would just make it easier for the public to see their true nature

    but every now and then they just can’t resist it and go for it, hoping not enough people will notice or care

    oh but we noticed

  • Perrico de los Palotes

    Thanks for this news item. Yes, please keep us updated.

  • milk bone

    Disgusting. Similarly, this is at the top of voat:
    “Mass censorship on Reddit today as mods delete 3 frontpaged posts and hundreds of comments revealing Hillary directed her IT guy to illegally alter emails”


    Shades of Chairman Pao. In a healthy democracy, all citizens would understand that it’s more productive to discuss our differing opinions than to suppress those ideas we disagree with.

  • ash

    I like his Twitter Trump picture. Trump looks like he’s about to whoop someone ass. lol

  • Doge

    You know what would be nice… if those Gab fags actually cared about infiltrating twitter and not running off like little bitches. Torba, if you’re reading, you will not be The Next Twitter™. So stop trying to divide the base so you can monetize people’s tweets later.

  • Perrico de los Palotes

    Glad to hear that he’s back.