CNN IS ISIS: Network Correspondent Worked with Al Qaeda, Says 'Islamists' are the 'Heroes' in Syria

CNN IS ISIS: Network Correspondent Worked with Al Qaeda, Says ‘Islamists’ are the ‘Heroes’ in Syria

Is CNN is literally ISIS? According to new evidence that has been uncovered, the accusation might turn out to be far more than hyperbole. In this 30 second video clip, a CNN correspondent, Clarissa Ward, says that the “heroes on the ground” in Syria are the “Islamists” — you know, the violent rebels that are currently involved in the insurrection that has caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands.

How could anybody in their right mind think that the Islamists insurrectionists in Syria are the good guys? Ironically, the same CNN correspondent, Clarissa Ward, was the one claiming that Trump is putting foreign correspondents at risk with his rhetoric — while she was literally palling around with Al Qaeda just prior, according to the progressive website, Alternet. ISIS has been in talks to officially merge with Al-Qaeda since April.

Star CNN correspondent Clarissa Ward worked with al-Qaeda “media man” Bilal Abdul Kareem to gain access to her “heroes on the ground.”

After Alternet asked CNN for information on their relations with Bilal Adbul, CNN refused to respond. Busted!

AlterNet contacted the senior press manager for CNN International, along with CNN’s Middle East press officer and public relations coordinator, to request comment on Abdul Kareem’s relationship to the network. We asked for details about Abdul Kareem’s contractual obligations with CNN and whether the network felt his well-documented relationship with al-Qaeda compromised the reporting it carried out in Syria.
CNN did not respond.
Could it be possible that CNN didn’t want to respond, because they’ve been caught conspiring with actual terrorists, and they didn’t want to lie or confirm what has been allegedly uncovered about them? Is CNN going to start going after progressive websites now, too? So many questions. Not enough answers.


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  • Silence Dogood

    Islamists are as anti-democracy as it can get. This is despicable.

  • Mr0303

    Well that pretty much confirms it – CNN has islamist supporters in their ranks. I’m not terribly surprised at this point.