CNN WARNS: Attack on Inauguration Could Justify Obama Administration Keeping Power

CNN WARNS: Attack on Inauguration Could Justify Obama Administration Keeping Power

This is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen on CNN — and that’s saying a lot. Wolf Blitzer broke out with a “developing story” about how if the inauguration is attacked and everyone died, the constitution actually says that an Obama cabinet member would legally become the president.

How am I supposed to take this? Is this some kind of warning? What the heck are they planning?

I had already been predicting that Soros was planning some financial shenanigans on Friday, 1/20. But what CNN is warning us about could take my prediction of turmoil on that day to a whole different level. I hope that none of this comes to fruition!


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  • Maintenance Renegade

    Nice “warning” CNN, now there’s probably half a dozen campus crazies plotting to lay down their lives in the name of social justice. For safety’s sake and as a deterrent it would probably be a good idea to move both Pence and Ryan to separate high security sites a good ways away.

  • Renaissance_nerd

    more fear mongering, the fastest way to civil war is to remove the Trump administration from power and reinstall the democrats. If the US plunges into another civil war we are so connected we will take the rest of the world with it.

    CNN is less than useless.

  • Nanya

    Welp, only one thing to do…
    Raze the cities to the ground and salt the Earth afterwords.

  • AlishC

    It is time to get the new homeland security and DOJ involved and arrest the heads of CNN who are pushing this news. The new government cannot let this continue.

    • 1-20-17 I pray the National Guard & Law enforcement is used on protesters with the same enthusiasm used to force Integration.

  • Danlantic

    Thought for the day:

    Ponder it. It is a quote. One of the most noised about anti-Trump revolutionaries is DisruptJ20. Today I spent some time looking at their Twitter. At the top they had pix of the hand written mottoes for signs. Presumably they had picked from the best. One was the slogan above.

    It gets better.

    They had 4315 Twitter followers. They had 2000 a week ago. At 300 a day they’ll have nearly 5000. I wonder what the ratio of Twitterers to rioters will be. Will they, as the Encyclopedia Dramatica says, have over 9000?

    Here’s a hot leak: They will be gathering at McPherson Square. How do I know? Shall I reveal my confidential source? YES, I will. They have a parade permit — but only after 9am. Here is their plan:

    —————————————————All Day Graffiti
    8am. Breakfast.
    9am. Space open.
    9:15am. Workshop: Awareness board — Exploring how to co-create safety in community with others.
    Workshop: Tools for Transformation: Conscious dialogue. Healing
    Modalities: Navigating Conflict, and Authentic Relating through
    empowered action.
    12pm. Festival of Resistance. March against Trump (starts at Union Station.)
    12pm. Lunch.
    12:30pm. Awareness Board: Exploring how to co-create safety in community with others.
    2pm. Our Resistance: Rally and March Against Trump.
    3:30pm. Workshop: Collaborative Dialogue Process — “Where do we go from here?”
    ——————————————————Plus! Kids Create the Future: Radical Crafting.

    I wanted to watch an all-day riot on TV, live. I guess I better get Deathrace 2050 from RedBox so I can have some presidential election violence.

  • Mr0303

    Of course CNN would say this. They may not be doing it conscientiously, but they are motivating idiots like the J20 crowd. CNN is at the very least irresponsible and and worst malicious.

  • Danlantic

    I put “constitution order of succession” into a search engine and got all the info Blitzer can’t find.

    On Friday, all those Obama cabinet officers are private citizens. The succession since 1947 has been (after VP):
    Speaker of the House
    President Pro Tempore of the Senate.

    The Hunh-what Pro Tem??????? Never heard of it. But it’s been there since 1789. It fhe VP is unavailable to gavel the Senate to order & such there is a senator who was elected by the Senate.

    So assuming Trump and Pence are given the classic head-on-a-pike treatment, Paul Ryan is President. If he is dead, Orrin Hatch, gets the job.

    Wolf Blitzer is senile and needs to retire. He humiliated CNN with this fake news.

    • Duce

      Both Ryan and Hatch will be at the Inauguration. I believe this scenario assumes they would be deceased as well.

      • Rusty Shackleford

        But a new speaker of the house can be appointed immediately.

        • Phasmatis75

          Whom would be another neocon.

    • Maintenance Renegade

      Blitzer is a shill who colluded with the DNC itself during the election as revealed by wikileaks. Never forget that when considering any of the stupid shit that comes out of his mouth.

      • jim mayer

        CNN: Cantankerous Neocon Nutcrunchers

        Nov 17, CNN plays video of assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan while talking about president-elect Donald Trump

        Dec 2, CNN jokes about Trump dying in a plane crashing when they thought no one was listening.

        Jan 18, CNN Devotes entire segment to Trump assassination fantasy at inaugural, says OBAMA CAN APPOINT THE NEXT PRESIDENT.

        Is it just me, or is CNN sending subliminal messages out to the public? I wonder if this news org has any political leanings? I can’t tell.

        CNN, Channel of Non News. Surely Cadre of Nutty Neurotics will enjoy full access to Trump’s presidency. I’m amazed Chicken Noodle Network
        keeps the literally hundreds of California Neoliberal Nosepickers
        entertained, while they mine for big Crusty Nasal Nuggets
        on their couches, because it’s Certainly Not News.

        The Commie News Network was once the Clinton News Network.
        Now they’re Crap Not News, cuz they just make schitt up,
        like the Charlatan News-ish Nutballs they are.

        Wonder what it’ll be like covering pressers from outside the building & across the street. They’re worse than MSLSD when Keith Olberdouche
        was still vomiting his communist vitriol out of the TV.

        Donald Trump to Wolf Blitzkrieg, “You’re cnnsored!”

        CNN’s liberal butt-hurt won’t change reality, unless their fantasy comes true, & they successfully convince someone to murder America’s new president.

        Keep it up CNN.
        Only the wise learn from their mistakes.

        • Maintenance Renegade

          I know I keep kicking the idea around like a rusty tin can but there really has to be enough of an excuse at this point for the FCC to just yank their broadcasting rights. I hold multiple federal certifications and I’d be stripped of them in a heartbeat if I ever fucked up even a fraction as bad as CNN has, hell I’d be lucky not to end up in Leavenworth if I fucked up professionally as badly as they have.

    • pc25

      CNN will become a pawn when ATT seeks approval from the Trump administration for the Time Warner merger. After ATT jettison them there will be sweeping changes at the network.

    • Danlantic

      (ooooooh dang! I hovered over the up arrow and accidentally upvoted myself. when i do things like that i do not approve. disqus is buggy and removed any feedback so we can’t tell their “engineers” to fix that.

      Old saying about Microsoft Basic: A feature is a bug with seniority. )

  • Danlantic

    It is also weird that Blitzer and others seem to think that the Inauguration is necessary. Several people have become President without it. They just took the oath of office in private.

    In 1923 Vice President Calvin Coolidge was visiting his father in Vermont in a house without phone or electricity. Late at night a messenger — accompanied by a bunch or reporters — told him that Warren Harding had died. Coolidge took the oath of office just after midnight from a Justice of the Peace — his father. About a day later in Washington he wondered if there would be a challenge about that so he got the next Federal judge he could and repeated the oath. It wasn’t even a Supreme Court Justice.

    And everyone knew it was legal.

    Don’t bother telling Wolf Blitzer. He won’t remember it later in the day. Some old men in nursing homes have to be told what day it is several times a day.

    • frustraated

      Actually, Obama did his oath WRONG, and did let later in private! HA!

  • BradMorris64

    CNN is absolutely garbage news. They no longer have any credibility what so ever. Honestly, if somebody blew up all of their buildings and killed off all of their reporters, it would not make one spec of difference in the world the next day. None. Zip. Zero.

    • If Dylan Roof had gone and shot up the CNN HQ he might not have been sentenced to death. I have no pity for the SOB who shot honest church-goers, but if he had eliminated CNN and I was on the jury, it might have ended with a hung jury or aquittal.

  • Mouth

    This is what the peaceful transition of power looks like to leftists…I don’t see what all the fuss is about.

    • Janet L Davis

      No. They’ve never carried on like such fools before. This is insane. And fuck CNN for even reporting it.

  • Robbins Mitchell

    Clown News Network

  • Guest
  • Petra Stonier

    Is this why so many Democrats are staying away one might wonder.

    • frustraated

      Supposedly Hillary is attending. Would they figure she’s expendable? CNN IS FULL OF IDIOTS!

  • Street Detective

    “Kill The Media,” at A M A Z O N.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    if something happened to paul ryan the house would convene to immediately elect a new speaker of the house who would become president…
    why does CNN suck so much at journalism?

    • Reddwine

      If something happened to Trump before tomorrow, this would go towards a guy named Tom under Obama…..yep. A third Obama reigning. Coincidence?? Nope. Planned.

  • DennyOR

    I’m sure CNN wouldn’t have aired this story if Clinton had won. If that’s true, what does that say about CNN?

  • EnoughIsEnough

    A reputable news organization would not even consider putting out this very disturbing “what if” scenario, lest they plant a seed in a sick individual’s mind. CNN’s passive aggressive ploy is transparent. They are circling the drain with this type of breathless “reporting”, and richly deserve their infamous “fake news” moniker.

  • Dr Studebaker

    Idiots like that Shouldn’t run there Yap like that cause I would look into all ofThem Should something like that happen Soro’s needs to be offed

  • John

    This is fucking unreal, there’s absolutely no reason to push this news out there to the crazies, the public doesn’t even need to know about this unless something real bad did happens. They’re just trying with all their might to keep Trump away from the presidency, even if it means tryingto attract crazies to literally kill the guy.

  • James George

    What if their predicted inauguration attack happened? Would vengeful Americans decided to hunt down Wolf Blitzer and burn down CNN? There is no credible evidence that this would happen, but what if…?

    PS. Not actually condoning this, just throwing their garbage reporting back in their face.

    • Janet L Davis

      Yeah, they probably would.

  • orbo

    Warning of it?
    Heck, it almost looks like they’re advocating it!

    • Reddwine

      I think so too. Who in their right mind would even THINK this, let alone put it out there as “news”? Are they hoping some mental whacko will see it and have an idea about “saving the world” doing this? They should lose their license over this one. For pete sakes.

  • Mykeru

    Soros sees money as power, as a weapon to destabilise. He is cancer.

    • Flowey

      All the more reason someone needs to hire a hitman to take Soros out.

  • Phasmatis75

    Anyone remember that part of the national guard is supposed to step down tomorrow?

    • Janet L Davis


      That’s not good

  • Invictus


  • Remember when these leftist libtard SJW faggots told us to peacefully accept the election result if Hillary Clinton won?

  • Reddwine

    CNN should lose their license over this one. Its inflammatory and inciting. Seems like they’re trying to invoke an attack. This is over the line insanity. Are they desperate or just a FAKE NEWS outlet, screaming for attention. Either way they belong in a straight jacket. Remember, Blitzer is a shill who colluded with the DNC during the election, just as revealed by wikileaks.

  • shark boy bonetti

    Blitzer may have gone to far this time.His statements actually sound like a call to anyone so inclined to kill both the president and the vice president.Its not true that you can say anything you cannot call for or suggest killing the president and vice president as a way to return the presidency to the opposition party.Blitzer is a sick F— and I hope kelly ann or some other Trump team official brings legal action against Blitzer and CNN.

  • tickyul

    Libmonsters are INSANE with fury…………..LMFAO!!!!!!!!

  • Carolyn Bowers


  • frustraated

    What a bunch of loony tunes! CNN needs to all be put behind bars till they get their heads back on straight! Instigating violence against our President Elect! I am so sick of their self righteous hypocritical dribblings!

  • Gena Stratham

    Yeah, no. Speaker of the House is next

  • Lost Question

    when trump offically is in office CNN will still be going on about how obama could still have another term or demanding trump be impeached (for the crime of not being a progressive liberal, but they won’t say this bit)

  • Xunez

    CNN = Counterfeit News Network