COIN RUSH: Alison Rapp Appears to Have Been a Call Girl –

COIN RUSH: Alison Rapp Appears to Have Been a Call Girl

Wow, I can’t get over this one. It was a lazy Saturday. I was busy editing a segment Co-Host Nora and I did in lieu of the Killstream (which was pushed to tomorrow night). Then, another Alison Rapp bombshell came onto the horizon. (UPDATE: Her husband is in the same line of work. The ride never ends.)

It looks like she was (and still is) a call girl by the name of Maria Mint…


Full thread here (came from here), updates to come…



Ms. Mint’s birthday listed at March 30th. Alison Rapp said her birthday was on March 27th on her public Twitter profile…






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Ethan Ralph

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  • Brad Pr▲me

    Did KoP verify this?

    • runloganrun

      My KoP bot could not verify it, result says it’s 100% fake.

      Which, of course, means it’s legit.

  • Thomas Quinn

    Isn’t she married???

    • Doge

      Yes, recently. Hubby probably setup the site for as cucked as he is by his twitter and photos

      • Mr Snow

        He’s looking for support, trying to put on a face and tell himself it’s normal. His wife, the woman he dedicated his life to, is getting fucked by other people, and he can’t deal. He’ll break.

        • Doge

          True true. He has many o tweets and more that are him seeking ways to cope

  • axisfiver axisfiver

    my body is ready

  • [E] Caladus

    Her husband is a cuck then. I typically sneer on poly or swinging relationships. But that might just be me.

    • Mr Snow

      You’re right to. These are people that don’t need to be married or in a relationship, or pathetic men that women abuse and say “I love you baby, but I need another man’s dick inside me. And then when I raise the jizzbaby, you get to pay for it.”

      • Jerome Anderson

        I’m just…boggled by this. I don’t even know what you are trying to say. Like, you are using English, albeit poorly, and it just…doesn’t seem to backed up by reality? Can you explain your position a little more cogently so I can attempt to either provide some illumination to what I believe are your misconceptions or decide this fire is just out of control and let it burn.

        • Mr Snow

          I didn’t stutter, I might have used words that go beyond your GED, but I didn’t fucking stutter.

          Your wife obviously told you to go and defend polyamory while she goes and gets a baker’s dozen of cocks inserted into her.

          Go back and cry in your corner.

          • Jerome Anderson

            Okay, so I was hoping it wasn’t just that you didn’t know what you were talking about, but apparently it’s not only that you don’t know what you are talking about, but you are a petulant little child who I can only has some massive relationship issues that are either currently on fire or just have never been resolved in a satisfactory way. Either way, I pity you, and I hope it gets better for you.

          • Mr Snow

            Been married coming up on 7 years with a girl I dated two years prior. So, no, no serious relationship problems. She doesn’t bang around or convince me to take dicks in my ass.

            But keep defending that polyamory, you sjw cuck. Because very VERY few of those relationships are happy, they’re just people using and abusing, and their kids, if they have any, get fucked up values in the end.

            Speaking of which, have you fucked off yet?

          • Jerome Anderson

            So, let’s see…My wife, I dated for 8 years, and I’ve been married to her since 2008. In that time, I’ve had male and female lovers because I’m bisexual, and if you have a problem with that, your bi/homophobia is an entirely different concern. My wife has also had other lovers, and we’ve both had some together, as well as separate. My current girlfriend, I’ve been seeing for three years.

            I don’t have to defend poly. Like, it’s not something to defend. Either it’s something you can do, or it’s something you can’t. Obviously you can’t, and there since the varieties of what poly entails are more than can conveniently covered, I’m just going to assume your fear mostly has to do with dicks and your butt, which is weird.

            My children are quite happy and successful in school, my wife is going for her second degree, and I live a life that is pretty close to ideal. So, I must be in one of those very few, because I have few complaints…and most of those have to do with ill-informed idiots who run their mouths about something they don’t know.

            And, congrats, you are the first person to call me an SJW. That’s certainly new.

            But I do find it interesting how you don’t want to have a discussion, you simply want to hurl insults, and even that you do in a way more akin to a child throwing a tantrum. I would honestly like to figure out what your problem is with poly, other than some not-so-thinly veiled fear of having sex with a man.

          • Mr Snow

            You don’t know anything about me more than what I told you. I’m not homophobic, I’m dipshit intolerant, which is what you are.

            Your kids are gonna grow up fucked. But it must be fun in that trailer where nobody can get away from your bullshit.

          • Jerome Anderson

            Well, you certainly hit the intolerant portion of that description on the head.
            You are correct,I do not know anything more about me than what you’ve told and what I’m inferring from your speech, which has, for no apparent reason, mentioned sex with men in a derogatory fashion. If it’s not homophobia, then what would you call it? If there’s more you’d like to share, I’m all ears.

            And no, my children will probably not “grow up fucked.” Actually, they are doing quite well, attending an excellent school, and doing very well. They are talented and clever and well liked. Likewise, no trailer here, but a modest house. Nothing fancy, but it’s home for now and we’re looking to upgrade, actually. I appreciate your concern for the living conditions of my family.

            So, once again, I’d like to actually discuss what your problem is, rather than just have you spewing vitriol for no discernible reason. If nothing else, wouldn’t you like to prove why I’m wrong? I’m offering you a chance for genuine discussion, but you seem afraid to engage. Why is that? You aren’t proving anything, you aren’t even really saying anything, you are just…angry.

          • Mr Snow

            You haven’t fucked off yet, get to it.

          • Jerome Anderson

            And you’ve failed to say anything of import. You’ve basically been reduced to impotently covering your eyes by polite conversation. That’s just sad.

            I’m looking for one shred of anything for an argument other than “butt sex scares me,” which is the only thing you’ve got. C’mon. I know you can do it.

          • Mr Snow

            Still here? Go get cucked.

          • Jerome Anderson

            I like how you’ve been reduced to five syllables because you literally have nothing to say. You can’t defend yourself, you can’t explain what your problem is, you are just pissed off for some reason. Is it because there are other people that are out there happy having sex with more than one person? Do you have one of those loveless marriages where your wife has gotten a little thick around the middle and you aren’t attracted to her anymore, but your antiqued Christian morality says you can’t divorce her so you just harbor this deep resentment of anyone in a better position that you? Is that it? Testicular cancer? Impotence? I just can’t figure out what makes you a) angry and b) so blatantly homophobic when you insist your not, yet think you can be “forced” into a “homosexual encounter” that isn’t raped. Particularly by a woman! So, is it that you hates gay people, women, yourself, or just anyone who doesn’t share your weird psychotic point of view?

          • Mr Snow

            Alright, fuck off now.

          • Jerome Anderson

            Still down to five syllables, but at least you changed a letter, so that proves you are capable of learning. Or maybe I struck a nerve? I mean, this is really simple: I’ve asked you nicely a couple of questions, you answer them and I find out whether it’s some emotionally damaged temper tantrum you are throwing, or whether you have a logical thought process behind your bigotry. It’s easy. A literal child could do it. Well, maybe not an emotionally stunted, repressed child, but, like, a normal one? No sweat.

            The interesting thing is that you’ve not said anything except that you aren’t homophobic (you just have weird notions of what homosexuality is, apparently). Or…oh my god…the anger makes sense if you got cuckholded…Is that it? Wife cheat on you? Or were you “forced into an homosexual encounter”? Maybe it’s not as bad as you thought? Maybe enjoyed it a bit more than you expected? Is that why you are so pissed?

            I mean this would be way easier if you just told me what’s up so I don’t have to keep guessing.

          • Mr Snow

            Ok, fuck off now.

          • Jerome Anderson

            Now you are just repeating yourself. So, I guess we can all assume that the worst happened. I feel sorry for you, man. That sucks. But, hey, you are no less of a “real man” because your wife boned some other dude(s) behind your back (or in front of your face, if you like it that way). Just…you know, you shouldn’t be so angry about it. Everyone has fetishes, and yours is no different, and the whole projection thing isn’t doing anyone any favors. Glad you came clean, though!

          • Mr Snow

            Alright guy, go get cucked again.

          • Jerome Anderson

            You are regressing again! Look, you realize that’s not an insult, right? Like, it’s not. Ethical nonmonogamy isn’t cheating, it isn’t being cuckholded. It lacks both the fetish portion as well as the dishonesty of the cheating. So, in essence, I can’t get “cucked” which only seems to be a concern for…certain types of men. Men who, it seems, have control or trust issues, who hate their partners or secretly resent them (and their relationship, probably). So, telling me to get cucked is nonsensical, bordering on laughable. It would be like telling me to go get a dragon or a ring made of mithril. You, on the other other hand…you know, they say we hate what we fear the most…and so far, I get that you hate “cucks” and homosexual behavior, so…

          • Mr Snow

            Ok, fuck off now.

          • Jerome Anderson

            Wow, now you are just completely repeating yourself. Basically, I’m gathering that you have no defense, your hate is unjustified, and you really have nothing to say. You can’t even give an opinion. It’s weak and sad, and I actually feel sorry for you. Is this how you get through life? You just lash out at someone who says something you don’t like, then when you get called on it, you throw a tantrum like a child? That’s just…sad.

            And I still think I’m right about you. No one has a “moral panic” about cheaters without having been cheated on.

          • Mr Snow

            Keep defending it, your wife gets dicked by other men you get dicked by other men, you know it bothers you, that’s why you defend it so much.

          • Jerome Anderson

            Oh, honey, if it bothered me, I’d deny it. Like someone else I can mention. See, I like men. I like women. And yes, my wife sleeps with other men. That’s something that I’m perfectly okay with. She also sleeps with other women. She finds me play partners. We have a blast. So, I’m not defending anything, I’m reveling in something that means I get to have a great time with many people that I enjoy…and something that bothers you ever so much, and apparently you think it bothers me.

            Oh, wait, hang on, were you expecting, “Nooo…I really hate having all the sex and play partners I want! It’s awful! If only I had a faithful Christian marriage like Mr Snow, I’d be so boring and complete!” Is that it? Are you one of those only-does-missionary-with-the-lights-off fundies?

            Really, you insulted my intelligence, but your grasp on this situation seems very…limited. Then again, you have responded using mostly monosyllable words and single sentences, so maybe anything passed 1+1 is a little bit too much for you to grasp.

            But kudos on working on a whole “complex” thought that time, even if it was grammatically incorrect.

          • Mr Snow

            Go get cucked, you beta fuck.

          • Jerome Anderson

            What’s that, Mr I Don’t Get It? Not an insult, you say? Well, that’s weird, because he keeps using it as an insult, and deflecting his massively obvious insecurities! Gee, it’s almost like he’s projecting his own fears, or possibly his own desires, onto others because he hates himself so much! That’s astonishing!

            What’s that? He called you a beta? What does that even mean? Have you been watching Teen Wolf? Is that what this about? A few too many super attractive men and you just can’t handle it? Do you dream about Derrick? Styles?

            You are funny man. So, is there where you tell me, yet again, to go get cucked? I bet it is. Is it stressing your poor little underutilized brain to come up with something, anything, other than the single sentence you’ve repeated over and over like some sad little broken record?

          • Mr Snow

            Go get rightly fucked then.

          • Jerome Anderson

            Still repeating yourself.

            And I’m not sure just how particularly dense you are, but you realize telling someone to go get fucked is like telling someone to go eat cake, right? Like, fucking is fun, and it’s good (well, for me it is). So…you were suggesting I go have a good time? I mean, you even said rightly. If you had said poorly or improperly, that might have changed the tone.

            Or, were you hoping this was one of those “forced” homosexual encounters you apparently fantasize about?

            I tell you, guy, this would have been over and done with if you just answered my questions. It’s really not that hard. I try not to believe that anyone is, you know, that completely box-of-hair dumb, but you are really starting to make a believer out of me. At this point, I’m fairly certain you are incapable of articulating your feelings outside of anger. And judging from some of your other posts I’ve read…yeesh.

          • Mr Snow

            Your children are fucked and you’re cucked.

    • Mr Snow

      They also get convinced to get fucked by another man by their wives. Men with self esteem issues bullied into homosexual encounters.

      • Jerome Anderson

        Do they now? You have evidence of this? Statistics to back it up? Or is it something you just heard on the internet?

    • Julie Shaw

      No, I agree with you. When you’re in a relationship, it’s supposed to be special and just you two not you and fifteen other men while your husband watches. Poly to me seems to be selfish. I want what I want and too bad. I don’t get it. I love my husband, he’s fucking awesome and even thinking about degrading him or making him watch something like that is just fucked.

      • Jerome Anderson

        Monogamy to me seems selfish. I mean, it’s claiming another person, and giving yourself the right to be angry at them if their feelings change, or they have a perfectly natural attraction to another human. It seems, to be, to not only be selfish but grossly insecure.

        Of course, that’s an oversimplification. I’m merely pointing out that you could have simply left it at “I don’t get” which would be fine, but admitting ignorance, making false assumptions, and applying negative connotations all together seems…not wise?

    • Jerome Anderson

      Ah, yes, the mating call of the super successful traditional relationship.

      Why do you sneer at poly or swinging relationships? Is it because you don’t understand them? Because you actually have experience? Or is it just not your thing so it is worthy of contempt?

      • Seamus McLir

        That’s kind of what I’m wondering, really.

      • [E] Caladus

        I have minor experience. It was bad enough that I was burned off the entire spectrum outside of traditional relationships. I won’t go into details but there it is. In a general sense, breakdown occurred over the other party not observing set boundaries/rules previously discussed.

        I’m glad things have worked out for you. I know they do for many people in poly or swinging relationships.

        Relationships whether traditional or otherwise are never 100% perfect in the sense that they never break down or never have turbulence.

        Have I had bad experiences with traditional relationships? Sure. But they’ve never damaged me as much as poly or swinging did. So, perhaps, I’ve always been more predisposed to monogamy.

        Call it a judgement call based on life experience. I also base a lot of my identity on the relationships I have with people. So that probably factors in as well.

        Life is complicated, isn’t it?

        • Jerome Anderson

          Not to trivialize your experience with poly (which is not for everybody) but you having a singular bad experience for something you do not seem predisposed to enjoy doesn’t seem like it makes it worthy of contempt. Men, like me, who are involved in poly relationships are not “cucks” (unless that’s their particular fetish, I suppose).

          See, people like the utterly delightful Mr Snow kind of worry me. He’s like a hate crime waiting to happen, and I find it distressing that people hate or are contemptuous of something that is a lifestyle choice that is completely optional as though it were an affront to their existence.

          I am sorry things didn’t work out for you. I know relationships can leave people sour. My ex, before I got together with my now wife, literally tried to kill me when I broke up with her, and it made me a little bitter. But, as I said, the good news is that relationships and how you pursue them is completely optional, and there are things that are perfectly okay to find weird or whatever, but…maybe tone down the derision a bit?

          Thank you for talking.

    • Seamus McLir

      I’m curious, what makes you sneer at the poly ones? Swinging I can kind of get (I don’t sneer at them or anything, I’m fine with them, but from an outside standpoint I can see the issue). But why Poly?

  • jack mcdaniels

    I’m sure KiA will ride to her rescue, being the social justice lite cuck’s that they are.

    • ThatGuy

      Why do we keep calling them SJW “lite?” There is nothing light about their progressive white knighting, feelz before reelz, ban everyone who makes us uncomfortable bullshit. Just because we share a zip code with these worthless fucking morons doesn’t mean we have to treat them like the low fat version of our ideological adversaries.

  • GuitarAnthony


  • Faggory Daggory Doo!

    cuck confirmed?

  • Doge


  • Doge


  • scemar

    Oh god please let this be true.
    If it is then any and all objections to her firing become a joke. Even more so than they already were.

    • Doge

      it is

    • utera

      The personal site went down right away, the reaction says it all.

    • Danlantic

      “[You] just can’t stand that a woman has a sexuality.”
      —– Amanda Hess (speaking of Zoe Quinn)

  • Broken Word

    So How much do I have to pay if I don’t want her to talk?

    • Aidey

      Is that your way of asking how much for oral?

      • Broken Word

        Whatever it takes to get her to shut up!

        • EricaRamon

          I get the feeling this is the thought process her parents had that led her to become such a spoiled narcissist

  • Doge
    • No one important

      Circumstancial evidence. I think in a trial she would not be identified as the same person of the photos, nose ring or not. Unless there is a proper face shot, all this controversy will just be considered as a smear campaign by the usual suspects and she will benefit from the victimhood.

      • ArsenicSundae

        There’s nothing to separate her from her comments supporting child rape. That’s the really damning evidence against her. Her sex life shenanigans are only important from a lulz perspective, since so far as we know, she hasn’t actually been fucking with and kids.

        In a different situation, with a different individual guilty of somewhat less indefensible behavior, I’d say leave her the fuck alone. Everyone deserves their privacy. But SJWs aren’t people, they are political constructs and are therefore legitimate targets for any kind of attack that discredits them.

        • No one important

          When you stop seeing people from a certain group as human beings , you are crossing a dangerous line.

  • EricaRamon

    Also, the weird hang up about capitalism (pulled from another of her profiles at )

    • I’m a socialist and I’d walk the other way from that profile on a dating website… as an advert for a professional escort service, I cant imagine who would go for it ><

      It's the sort of cringe I've heard from children of privilege posturing during their rebellious phase rather than anyone that's experienced the "proletariat life" they romanticise.

      • EricaRamon

        Yeah, it’s quite clearly something she considers a really deep thought and wants to make sure other people know she’s had it

      • Danlantic

        I.e. Anita Sarkeesian’s ex, Jon Macintosh.

      • “It’s the sort of cringe I’ve heard from children of privilege posturing
        during their rebellious phase rather than anyone that’s experienced the
        “proletariat life” they romanticise.”

        That’s something that really bugs me about SJWs in general. They’re so fucking pretentious, like you can tell a lot of the shit they spout is them just trying to “sound” smarter than they actually are. I used this analogy to describe Colin Campbell and his atrocious Rock Band 4 article, but I get the feeling that all of these assholes have this grossly false assumption that to be an “intellectual” is to be like South Park’s satirical portrayal of fart-sniffing San Franciscans. As a result, they have zero respect for the gaming hobby that they’re supposed to be working for because, so long as it doesn’t cater to their college arthouse indies (that they’ll never buy anyway), it’s just a peons’ toy industry to them.

      • EricaRamon

        some of the responses are great

      • runloganrun

        You and I, we might be flinging shit at each other on other topics and that’s perfectly fine.

        I’m just really glad we all agree on some of the things that matter.

        Gives me hope for humanity as a whole, y’know.


      I’m sure there plenty of men who would love to shell out hundreds of dollars an hour to hear some Gen Z harpy drone on about capitalism and the proletariat.

      HAHA. Just kidding. They’re dropping major coin so they can cum in you and then tell you to GTFO of his house before the wifey gets back from shopping.

  • DanimalCollective

    Wow, betcha Nintendo is going to revamp their background check process for new hires, especially PR people.

    • scemar

      They should clean up the current staff while they’re at it.

      And make this a lesson for all companies as well.

      • runloganrun

        Purge the Treehouse from SJW proselytizers?

        What would that be? 80% of the workforce? 100%?

        • Liam Phoenix

          Scrap the whole thing, I’d rather have the Engrish of yesteryear than the crap localizations of Treehouse.


      “Question 1: Have you ever sucked dick or taken it up pooper for cash?”

      • rustbeltexpat

        might also be reference to Mint Adenade from the “Tales of…” series. Maria…Fire Emblem? I don’t know enough about the latter to be sure. Rapp is a huge JRPG nerd so she would be familiar with both of these series.

        • Liam Phoenix

          Anyone who works at Treehouse, and gives us those crappy localizations, is not a JRPG nerd.

          • rustbeltexpat

            using the phrase extremely loosely.

          • rustbeltexpat

            heh, loosely.

          • In all fairness, she had nothing to do with the localization of FE Fates, Xenoblade X, etc. She was marketing/PR, not translation.

            So, I think that Alison DOES love JRPGs, but the people doing NOA’s translation work do not.

        • Gabriella Creighton

          Still no idea why people keep saying she had anything to do with those. Getting mad at the wrong person won’t change anything.

      • Maintenance Renegade

        There is nothing inherently wrong with working in the sex trade, but much like far right evangelicals getting caught cheating or hanging out in gay bath houses it’s delicious when SJW queens who shriek about muh objectification turn out to have been actual prostitutes.

        • Mr.White

          Nothing inherently wrong in whoring if you happen to be low-life trash.

          • Maintenance Renegade

            Honestly I think working at some fast food joint for minimum wage would be alot more degrading when it’s all said and done. At least as a whore you get to choose your own hours, your own clients etc and you make a hell of alot more money.

          • Squeegor

            No one is against whores then they’re the ones being blown by one though. Gee I wonder why.

    • Liz

      How Nintendo even allowed her to be hired in the first place is just beyond my comprehension.

      • awvnx

        She was a known risky hire in the first place and was already disciplined for her tweets within the first few months of hire. Nintendo probably wanted to hire people from broader viewpoints, but it looks like that severely burned them.

        • scemar

          She got away with a lot of stuff over and over.

        • Silence Dogood

          And therein lies the difference between actual diversity and just hiring someone because they have a vagina and vomit up lunatic rantings about SocJus and Rad Feminism. SJWs/RadFems are utterly without any semblance of professionalism and should be immediately passed over for employment and if it weren’t for the bullying and libel they’re so good at you’d think the fucking industry would have figured this out by now.

        • Open minded

          How do you know?

      • DanimalCollective

        I think they were worried about getting harangued like everyone else at the time. She was hired in 2013, Gamergate was underway, Anita Sarkeesian was close to the height of her influence, Progressives were powerful, and all the industry was hearing was “people care about race and gender more than games” so that’s part of why they hired Rapp I think.

        • Silence Dogood

          Anyone who legitimately believes that race and gender matter more in gaming than games and fun needs to be taken out behind the chemical sheds and shot.

        • DirkBelig

          >”She was hired in 2013, Gamergate was underway”

          GamerGate began in late-August 2014.

          • DanimalCollective

            Oh I thought it was 2013, my bad.

      • runloganrun

        My bet would be on pedo SJW Treehouse friends.

      • Silence Dogood

        She had a vagina and a veneer of nerd cred. With all the “omg women are a minority in games and are actively targeted to be bullied out” it’s a pretty easy sales pitch. Add in a pinch of nepotism and a dash of “I can use your SocJus/RadFem credentials to get very close with the games press thus making it easier to network with Nintendo” (which is a huge ethical violation on part of said games press, but Games Journo Pros demonstrated they had fuck all regard for being legit journos and are just shitty bloggers with insane opinions).

    • Yarlg

      I’m not sure Google image search does tats or exif data yet…

  • Mo Fei Chen

    What careers Ms Rapp chooses to follow is not my concern, but the bottom line is that if Nintendo had a morality clause (as many companies do) then they were in their rights. It just boils down to did they find out on their own or someone ratted. But however it was discovered doesn’t change things.

    • Erthwjim

      Someone at her work probably hired her at some point…

  • Botiemaster

    You can’t make this shit up.

  • Michael P

    DAAYYYUUMM total guilt boner! She got a tight little body on her for a sick pervert, my peen is having a crisis of conscience.

    Ninty will be thanking their lucky stars they fired her before this news broke. Top kek, this is priceless!

  • Julie Shaw

    I’m just wondering why anybody would pay her to touch her, shes pretty gross, but whatever. Also, I see she plays up the loli-ness in her profile and this is Jack’s complete lack of surprise…no wonder Nintendo fired her.

  • Fatherless

    Poor girl.

  • Erthwjim

    I was expecting someone would find her on a site like or another cam site, this is not something I expected.

  • Erthwjim

    The question would be, did both go into the relationship as polyamorous or did she bring it up after they had been married. If the second, then that usually means only one wanted multiple partners. I’m reminded of that article that someone wrote about how he was ok with his wife sleeping around because it made her happy, while he sat at home wondering what she was doing and probably crying (if anyone has the link to said article).

    • Liam Phoenix

      Yeah, I know poly people, then I know “poly” people who became that because they “just couldn’t lose her” so they agreed to anything she asked for.

      The first?

      Meh, whatever floats your boat.

      The second?

      Grow a pair and dump her.

    • No one important

      Why do we care what they agreed on? As long as they are not doing advocacy of whatever their weird private deal is, it is nothing of our business, unless one of the parties involved asks for help. This is just unhealty gossiping, and that is quite an unmanly thing to do.

  • Botiemaster

    Same nose ring too if you look closely…I think this is non debatable….

  • dsar

    I would like to see how the tattoos match up, before I completely agree that they are the same person. Still, very interesting and not that surprising, another thing I find funny is how both the hooker page and Allison’s twitter are sperging out about how evil capitalism are. I mean if you want to hate capitalism, don’t be a 250 dollar an hour hooker is common sense right?

    • greenleif .

      Understood, just don’t forget that there are a number of tattoo cover up makeup & waterproof concealers that actors, actresses, models & others use for photos & filming that work *very* well.
      Just google ‘waterproof tattoo cover up’ if you want to see examples for yourself.

      @ moonsugarlily 💜💚💜

  • WEL
  • Captain Hero

    I bet she’s hoping to get a gig at a birthday party one day.

  • Sexual confidence for money is empowering you shitlords.

  • Jak Constantine

    So i went on KiA and asked if I can link this and this is what I got.

    Just thought I may this with you Ralph. Damn and I thought King of Pol and Anthony Burch was the biggest cuck, but no its her husband.

    • dsar

      They HATE ralph retort, because we call them out on being the SJW lite shills they are.

      • greenleif .

        Aw, I don’t hate Ralph! 💜^_^💚 but yeah I do get quite annoyed with any sorts of SJW-ery.

        @ moonsugarlily 💜💚💜

      • greenleif .

        I don’t hate Ralph! 💜^_^💚 but yeah I do get quite annoyed with any sorts of SJW-ery.

        @ moonsugarlily 💜💚💜

  • SuaveVillain™

    SJW’s need to hold that L blindly defending her.

  • MKFenris

    Of course she was a call girl. It isn’t like the SJW’s are exactly people of the cloth.

  • Zanard Bell

    2.2 star rating.

    Goddamn, that’s just the icing on the cake.

  • Trevor

    Anyone else thinking her and Brian Altano slept together at E3 now that this info has come to light?

    • No one important

      Trevor, get your act together. There are more important things for you to think about other than who did this young woman sleep with at E3. You are a man, act like one.

      • Trevor

        I didnt mean to offend you madam.

        • No one important

          Not offended, just trying to give you some honest advice here.



  • Strawman Jim

    Wow she’s nasty.

  • Mr0303

    This is the kind of investigative journalism I’d like to see. Great job, Ralph.

    I think Rapp might have beaten Quin in the whore-off.

  • FireWatryIntotheSun

    Aren’t you pussies always whining about how sex negative the left is or whatever? How is this any different than what they do? Bunch of faggots.

    • Dave The Sandman

      Errr because we arent doing this BEFORE the fact, we are doing this AFTER she got her ass fired as a way of showing it wasnt GG and never was – thanks to her posting her new profesional level escorting site photos on her twitter account someone at Nintendo worked out what she was up to and fired her already problematic ass.

      • No one important

        You have to admit some of the comments here are not exactly sex positive.


    I’m laughing my ass off at #gamergateplus attempting to brush this off, ignore it, or worse, come to m’lady’s rescue.

  • Dave The Sandman

    The hilarity continues……meet her idiotic husband Jake…click on the twitter image link for full thread of ass blasting laffs

    • Dave The Sandman

      As for Alison

      counting down to her upcoming appearance in a camwhoring vid on PornHub

  • Jeffrey Quick

    Confirming identity with tattoos? That ought to give people something to think about before they go under the needle.

    • Dave The Sandman

      Or you use photoshop or plain old makeup to make sure they are not in the photos you post online on an escort site.
      Professional photographers who do glamour work for escorts offer that service as a part of a photo shoot. She obviously didnt think she needed to.
      A professional with more than two braincells to rub together would have also removed her fucking wedding ring before the shoot. Nor would they have posted the less salacious ones to their fucking work linked twatter account with “nudge nudge look at me and my sooper sekret sekond job” messages.
      Shes a fucking shitwit.

      and as to who rumbled her and reported it…. well it looks to be most likely a work collegue who didnt like her.

  • Quanta T

    I love the internet drama machine. It teaches me new things every week.

  • D-Bone

    I’m not against ink by any means, but it’s pretty much a visual finger print and with today’s high definition cameras, it makes you incredibly easy to identify.

  • Sockpuppet Nora

    That moment when you realise she looks like a potato on camera. Goddamn, I thought she was so hot.


      Oh Jesus, they’re fucking e-begging so they can have a honeymoon. LOL.

      I think he’s kind of cute, but that helmet hair isn’t helping.

      Also, I found out that Rapp his her last name, not his. When they got married, he changed his from “Johnston” to “Rapp”. Holy fuck, that is pussy whipped. I bet he begged her to at least let him hyphenate it as “Johnston-Rapp” until she shamed him for daring to adhere to disgusting patriarchal tradition and threatened to stop using the strap-on.

      • Mr0303

        If he’s is that progressive I suppose he doesn’t mind being a cuck. He deserves all that’s coming to him.

    • Mr0303

      Well this confirms it then – her hooker career wasn’t very successful.

    • TalesOfBS

      Private already.

  • Spacecat

    GGrevolt delivers the goods again.

  • Danlantic

    I just looked at a Google cache of Maria Mint:

    There is Hebrew text on the page. Is this the image of a shikse that Israeli businessmen dream about? Or are we dipping deeper into Allison Rapp’s fantasies?

  • awvnx

    For more proof: Camera and lens serial number in the EXIF data matches for her modelling site pictures and her deviantart. Short of a controversy theory saying someone planted this evidence 5 months ago, this is incontrovertible evidence.

  • Dunce

    Lmaooooo she still has her wedding ring on while her cuck husband was most likely taking these pictures

  • Fee-fi-fo-fum

    What a diseased cunt.

  • exposethebad

    So Nintendo hired a prostitute who supports pedo’s for a PR position? Man you can’t make this up haha!

  • Sam Melia

    The faceless hooker’s nose in the ring picture sports the same piercing as Rapp too

  • RepeatingDigits

    Seriously, who gives a shit about this? I’m not gonna lapidate her for being a hooker because I don’t give a fuck if she wants to take that job.
    I take more issue with her tainting NoA with shitty business practices.
    Not that NoA wasn’t tainted before, but still. They’re beyond saving at this point anyway.

  • DanimalCollective

    I wonder if Kotaku will change their story because as of now they are still reporting she was fired soley because an internet hate campaign instead of posing provocatively with Nintendo products and trying to sell the photos. Don’t really know how much this call girl thing played into it or if Nintendo was aware but if they were, he’ll yeah you fire her ass. You can’t have a public face of your company image selling herself for sexual activity online. If it was a man selling skimpy photos with Nintendo products and selling and also offering sexual services you better believe they’d can his ass like tuna. The pedo thing doesn’t even need to be part of the convo at this point.

    • runloganrun

      Dude, Lady, Sir, Kin,

      Hell no. What planet do you live on. Check Kotaku, Polygon et al for consistency – the only consistency you’ll find is admiration for Sarkeesian, “Quinn” et al. and consistently supporting the opposite side of any issue the majority of their viewers are having. Be it censorship, Baldur’s SJW Gate, unsavoury despicable individuals – whatever it is, you’ll find them ignoring facts and flinging poop.

      • DanimalCollective

        How dare you call me a “kin”. You have offended me. I choose pistols at dawn.

        • runloganrun

          I’m pro gun, hence can’t use them in an offensive and deadly manner for funsies.

          I say tongues and orifices at dawn.

          • DanimalCollective

            I call orifice

      • No one important

        This is what Kotaku wil do imo: she was fired mainly because of her ideas. Nintendo found out about second job and used that as excuse. Women haters in Internet made up this story about her second job being an escort using the photos of some escort that looked like her, so that Nintendo’s excuse would seem more solid. The harasment campaign againt this woman just intensified, and they wil provide some messages from internet forums that support this. That will be their version of the story.

  • runloganrun

    Browsed through sauce, found what looks like photo evidence of Rapp wearing her pointy ‘escort’ shoes on the wedding photos with Jake Rapp.

    I feel sad now.

  • Devon
  • Liam Phoenix

    This is why, before posting anything online, you destroy all EXIF data.

  • Flo

    What a woman can do with her ass, 7 men can’t do by using their brains.

  • VanFanel1980mx

    Some people suspect that her job as an escort is what landed her a spot on Nintendo, someone has to find her client list or something to confirm.

    • TalesOfBS

      I wouldn’t be surprised if that is the case.

  • Let me guess, somehow the SJWs are going to claim family-oriented Nintendo is a “slutshaming” Alison Rapp. Right? The Verge? Buzzfeed? Vox?

  • tomthumb015

    Jesus $250 an hour, $2000 for the night, men exploit women?? er no women are printing money selling their wares to men. Well she can now stop damseling and blaming gamergate for getting fired, er no you put all your soft porn pics online and got found out by your employer, thats why you got fired.

  • SiliconNooB

    This is so fucking amazing!

  • Typical

    Wow, people would pay to fuck her?

  • Mista9

    Guys should be fired for sleeping around and sexting other girls when they are married or in a relationship if this is how it goes…

  • I think some girls from shod do the same.

  • CaptainAwesomer

    Nothing wrong with doing some side work in the world’s oldest profession.