SHAKE DOWN: Demanding Cheaper Housing, #BLM Activists Chain Themselves To Cambridge City Hall

SHAKE DOWN: Demanding Cheaper Housing, #BLM Activists Chain Themselves To Cambridge City Hall

In case you didn’t catch the memo, Black Lives Matter is no longer really about ending “police violence” or “systemic racism”. They’ve moved on to greener pastures, like demanding reparations and other forms of handouts and freebies which are intended to be only available to blacks. Todays demand is cheaper housing, and to get it, four activists chained themselves to the Cambridge City Hall. From the Boston Globe:

Four protesters were arrested Wednesday after locking themselves to the front doors of City Hall during an hours-long rally that at times grew tense as elected officials and demonstrators argued over the city’s affordable housing policies.

Two women used U-shaped bike locks to connect themselves by the neck to the handles of the building’s doors around 6 a.m. The women were also linked to two other protesters — both men — whose arms were connected inside plastic tubing wrapped in red duct tape.

The protesters, who wore “Black Lives Matter Cambridge” T-shirts, were part of a larger demonstration that began with a peaceful march through the streets and ended on the front lawn of City Hall.

A woman who would only identify herself as Stephanie, a co-organizer of the protest, said the group was calling on City Councilors to pledge to vote in favor of requiring developers with more than nine units of housing to make 25 percent of their developments affordable.

She said she believes Cambridge is struggling to meet its affordable housing goals as the city’s housing market grows more expensive.

“Meanwhile, the people of color are disappearing. Meanwhile, Cambridge is getting less and less affordable for average people. Meanwhile, families are disappearing,” she said. “We’re here because we’re saying we want to keep Cambridge Cambridge.”

Black Lives Matter has become a parody of themselves at this point. They’re no even protest police violence anymore, they just want the government to step in to give them cheaper stuff — housing, in this particular instance.

How can BLM expect anyone to care about their movement, when they’re literally putting bike locks around their necks because they want cheaper rent? It’s laughable. I mean, it’d be one thing if they were chaining themselves because it was in protest of police killings. Granted, they’d be seen as silly as some.

I mean, it’s kind of hypocritical to say that the state is shackling you down by not stepping in like a socialist dictator to control market prices, while simultaneously voluntarily choosing to shackle yourself down down and refusing to undo the locks. Are metaphorical shackles oppressive and intolerable, while actual shackles are comfortable and no big deal? It’s just a weird way to go about it, in my opinion.

But these fools aren’t even protesting something worth while. They’re literally just demanding that the government steps in so that they aren’t forced to move to more suburban areas because of another city gentrification project. It makes them come across as selfish whiners who are incapable of living in a free market economy.


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  • Maintenance Renegade

    For a variety of reasons and pressures I wont pretend to understand younger people of means want to go live in urban centers now. So the “urban market” is getting priced out of their urban neighborhoods and moving out into the suburbs which in many cases are rapidly turning into the new ghettos.

    Sucks because I don’t want to live in a concrete, metal and glass canyon but I don’t want to keep living in the suburbs if they’re going to be crime infested hellholes either. I’m about ready to say fuck it and spend the rest of my life out in rural areas so far as I can manage to do so.

  • Lost Question

    y’know the wacko’s with the bicycle locks around their head are pretty much pre arrested just lead them into the back of a paddy wagon and cut the lock off them one at a time at the local station once your need to process them.

  • Silence Dogood

    Bike locks? Really? As if those stupid tubes weren’t already a joke. I’m for affordable housing, but only if the people living there meet some objective standards.

  • Fatherless

    Boston is getting really expensive, but it’s hitting all races. I guess some really want to depend in white tax money though.

  • Fatherless

    Also, Boston has a very high per capita rate of students, who pay their living costs with debt, which raises rents beyond what the market will bare.

  • Dave The Sandman

    Original image at header:

    Indicating once again that if you need to get anything at all done, you need a couple of white men to make sure it gets done.

    What a fucking joke.

    • Brittenytcesar4

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  • milk bone

    I don’t know what the situation in Cambridge (home to Harvard, MIT, and a few other institutions of higher learning) these days, but at one time they _did_ have a rent control scheme in place. Some landlords, who primarily rented to students, felt they could not meet expenses at the city’s enforced rates (real estate taxes are quite high in greater Boston, and throughout Massachusetts in general; there’s also a state income tax and a 6.5% sales tax), so they decided to take their flats off the market. Seeing that the unintended consequence of rent control would be a shortage of housing (particularly student housing), the city passed an ordinance preventing landlords from getting out of the rental business.

    How this was legal is a mystery to me, but it earned Cambridge the moniker “People’s Republic of”. Another twist is that the Massachusetts tax code gives a deduction to renters, but nothing to those who pay mortgage interest, which is the opposite of the federal code. There’s a state tax credit for mortgage interest only if you’re over 65.

    The upshot is that Cambridge has already made efforts at providing affordable housing, and as far as I know still does, so it’s really just a debate over how effective the various proposals are.

    But then, this business of forcing people to engage in commerce against their own interest found expression in Romneycare, a program instituted throughout the Commonwealth by then-governor Mitt Romney, which forces everyone to pay for a health insurance plan which meets governmental standards whether it makes financial sense for that individual or not. So we anticipated Obamacare by a few years, and, like that nationwide program, enforced it through the tax code rather than the criminal code. These plans are not really insurance, of course, which is intended to cover low-probability/high-expense occurrences, but health maintenance plans which cover more mundane events, resulting in overuse of the system (because hey why not? might as well get one’s money’s worth if one is paying the premiums), leading to triage and ever larger “insurance” costs. Actual insurance just for catastrophic events does not meet state standards, of course.

    It’s all part of life in the workers’ paradise of Our Benighted Commonwealth.

    • Gregg Braddoch

      About the only thing that government has put price controls on that ‘worked’ was milk and that is only because they moved the price higher.

      The rent control reminds me of the government in Venezuela enforcing prices for things at the supermarket – Mass food and other necessity shortages.

      • milk bone

        The situation in Venezuela is truly tragic, but yet another example of the failure of Communistic economic policies. As I’ve mentioned ad nauseam on Twitter, I experienced these policies first hand as a boy in Poland shortly before the collapse of the Soviet Union, so I’ve little patience for attempts to revive Marxism and its cousin, socialism.

        A lesson concerning affordable housing can perhaps be learned from the Chicago project known as Cabrini-Green:

        It was instituted with the best of intentions, and named for St. Frances Xavier Cabrini:

        but ended in utter disaster. Perhaps there’s some way to sort this sort of thing out, but I seems no one has yet hit upon the magic formula.

        As an aside, today (Sept. 1) is known in Boston as “Allston Christmas”, as it’s the day when college students move in to new digs and others vacate theirs. People tend to leave the stuff they no longer want on the sidewalks for others who might want it to pick up.

  • Fatherless

    Blacks putting themselves in chains. They want to be made dependant on white tax money or else they’ll remain in their chains.


    Hotep needs to happen faster.

  • ever heard of a bro on a diet

    are they boyfriends of the women or something? the tall dopey one seems to be having second thoughts in that picture

  • StephaneDumas

    One guy thought that image could become a perfect meme.