Desperate Dems Think They Can Win the Meme War With Pathetic 50-State Strategy

Desperate Dems Think They Can Win the Meme War With Pathetic 50-State Strategy

The desperate Democrats are realizing they have to change things up if they want to start winning elections. That’s because they’re up against a conservative movement that has become a finely tuned meme-machine — a decentralized operation that pumps out a never ending supply of user-made jokes, information, and opinionated rants via various forms of media. The 2016 election showed us that a decentralized meme-jihad (the inner struggle type) consisting of mostly the work of volunteers can be more powerful than a billion-dollar highly coordinated effort run by data scientists, the entire MSM, and over a billion  dollars worth of ads.

How do the Democrats plan to counter our decentralized meme-corps? By investing an entire $10,000 per state, per month, into their ‘ground game’. Many Democrats are cheering the move, thinking this is a great start. But $10,000 for an entire state for an entire month is practically nothing, when you do the math.

There are 3,142 counties or county-equivalents in the United States. Divide that number by 50, and you get an average of 62.8 counties per state. Then divide $10,000 by 62.8, to see how much each county would get, and it comes out to $159.13. What the heck can any county accomplish with 159 dollars per month? And on top of that, it is likely that most the money will end up going to the urban areas with higher population — the areas that already tend to vote ‘D’ anyway.

But when you realize that this 50 state budget isn’t even something totally new — it’s just a 33% increase from what they spent to achieve their electorally-devastating results in 2016 — the situation becomes comical:

Beginning this October, all state parties will receive a monthly $10,000 investment from the DNC through 2018, which is a 33 percent increase over the base funding levels from 2016 and a 100 percent increase over 2015. This is a historic commitment to party building at the grassroots level.

It turns out, it’s barely even an increase of what they were spending. And only double from 2015. This isn’t a new program, or even something meant to be effective.

This sounds like it’s just the DNC Chair, Tom Perez, blowing smoke up the Democrats so he can act like he’s accomplishing something. But he’s just throwing a few dollars at an enemy that really has no leader and doesn’t need funding. We already smashed a billion dollar campaign behemoth that had the entire corporate media spinning for them. Do Democrats actually think $159 a month per county is going to knock the Trump-train off the tracks? It’s laughable.


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  • Silence Dogood

    The meme-jihad cannot be stopped.

    • ThatGuy

      Amen to that Mr Dogwood.

  • #FreeKekistan 🐸👌🚁

    We are the resistance. We are legion. They cannot silence us and definitely cannot stop us.

  • Toastrider

    It’s downright hilarious when you consider that they’re not starting from an even keel with the Republicans.

    For good or ill, Republicans have been claiming governorships and state legislatures inexorably. People are seeing the fruits of Democrat ‘leadership’ in places like Illinois, California, and New York, and the reaction is ‘Nope. Nope. Nopenopenope!’

    Consider the cash they poured into the GA-06 special election — Ossoff outraised Handel four to one, US$23 million to Handel’s US$4.5 million. And a large chunk of Ossoff’s funding came from out of state (gee, can’t imagine THAT wouldn’t piss off Georgia voters, oh no). And it came to naught; Ossoff got ‘Handel’d’ quite easily.

    Meanwhile, internal stresses continue to wrack the Democrats. If they kowtow too much to their lunatic fringes, they turn off independents and drive out the last vestiges of sane liberals (who will either stay home or vote Green). But as we’ve seen, the lunatic fringe won’t allow themselves to be pushed into the attic like crazy aunt Martha; no, they’ve got a taste for power now and they won’t drop it.

  • They’ve lost one game, but the left will redouble their efforts to ban opposing players from the stadium. Large arenas like facebook, twitter, youtube- places where normies might actually see a meme- will be increasingly rigged and politicized (“made safer” from “hate speech”) precisely to counter this sort of grassroots memeing from being effective in the future.

    I think that’s where the real challenge remains- keeping platforms open, and pushing back when the Silicon Valley elite try to mash their thumb on the scale.

    Generating alternate platforms like is great- but we can’t just endlessly abandon online territory by declaring “facebook sucks” and opting out. Because like it or not, that is where the people are, so that is where these battles get decided.