More Evidence That GamerGate Isn't Behind Doxxings

More Evidence That GamerGate Isn’t Behind Doxxings

Tonight, we’ve uncovered even more evidence that GamerGate is not to blame for the recent spate of doxxings against our opponents. You would think this was obvious, since we’ve been getting doxxed as well. But the dumbass media continues to blame us for people (like with Felicia Day) getting their private information released. Hopefully, these revelations will put a stop to it.

Be honest, mainstream media…just this one time.

I’ll be back later today with more GamerGate coverage. I just wanted to bring the to everyone’s attention as quickly as I could.

Ethan Ralph

Founder, Owner, & Editor-in-Chief of Political fiend, gamer, & anti-bullshit.

  • Anon

    I’m getting the feeling that you fell for some simple trolling on this one. Just because someone posts something on a forum doesn’t make it true.

    Also, it’s not #GGs job to police the internet, I’m already having huge misgivings about that “Harassment Patrol” thing, because it seems like something THEY would do and it’s a basic recipe for starting infighting and disintegration. A PR person from their side would love to divide & conquer.

    “He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does
    not become a monster. And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss
    also gazes into you.”

    That said, even if all of this was true, there’s still nothing illegal about “doxxing” anyone so it would be kinda moot. Finding public information (like how people did in the good old days in the white or yellow pages) and posting them Online isn’t a crime. Threats, filing false police reports etc. on the other hand are.

    • Damian Ghosh

      Then please explain, where did he get the pastebin link, and if he didn’t make it, how does that make spreading it anything less of doxxing?

    • I never said there was anything illegal about it…and I don’t give a shit about policing the Internet.

  • Burn Ender

    I’m going to be honest, I’m not apologizing nor reporting shit. I am not the moral police, I think people are getting too caught up in trying to police the hashtag. 3rd party trolls are consistent because every time someone doxxes, or does something retarded, a litany of people flood the hashtag with report this or report that. The longer people spend on reporting idiots, the less focused we are on the matter at hand, the corruption in gaming journalism.

    I cannot control what Jimmy, Johnny, Jane or Jenny do in California, Kansas, Louisiana, Florida. People need to take a line from forrest gump, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

    I understand why there is a patrol, I understand people want to be good folks and do the right thing. I don’t hold any ill-will toward these fine people, I just chalk it up to a disagreement in tactics. Trolls are getting a kick out of watching the hashtag blow up with hundreds of report x,y or z person tweets, trolls are going to exist as long as they have fun. Every time you acknowledge something that needs reporting, they laugh, it motivates them to stay around and troll longer.

    We’re too caught up in the harassment Olympics, the other side isn’t going to change their opinion on us, I can promise you that. You could report 5000 trolls tomorrow and they’re still going to call GG a harassment campaign that is ripe with misogyny. There is no reason to infight, we all have our own reasons for being here, if you disagree with a harassment patrol like I do, lets just call it a disagreement of tactics and be respectful about it.

    I know these types of people too well, once they set the narrative, thats it, they will never change it, no matter how much you prove them wrong. We need to get back on track and continue burning down these publications until they’re forced to start having a logical and rational debate and begin coming to the table to discuss an end to this.

    • I don’t care about reporting him. I’m doing this so the media can have evidence that we aren’t behind this kind of thing. Save your preaching for someone else.

      • JMessun

        Like your style of replying to comments even more than that of your writing

      • Burn Ender

        Preaching? Hardly, #gamergate could accomplish great things and we will still be misogynists who harass women and are worse than ISIS to the vast majority of the media. A lot of people don’t have a clue how these people operate, how they think, how they view the world. I spent almost a decade in these peoples minds, you could provide the media with all the evidence you want, the media is gynocentric, period the end.

        Lets not forget, I predicted this is how the media would cover #Gamergate in late September, you know, when people had that brilliant idea of putting our side of the story on the CNN I told people, the media would only focus on the supposedly misogyny angle.

        The age of true journalism died when these idiots corrupted the mainstream media in the late 1980’s, just before 3rd wave kicked off. Those Ideologues Sargon keeps talking about, they control the media, if the media was interested in the truth, #Gamergate would have ended 4 weeks ago.

      • Shane Phillips

        The media are only one facet of public opinion. The great thing about social media is that people can still be educated whether the media are on board or not. Don’t get me wrong, their disgraceful behaviour is why I’m on board with GG but it doesn’t mean our voices cannot be heard.

      • Dick Gozinia

        I hate to sound like a dink, but these people are not interested in facts. I know you have heard this. I know you’re sick of hearing it. Truth of it is, the anti gamer gate fuck tards don’t care about the truth. They only care about what has been substantiated just enough to make them look like they are the victims. we have to make our selves like Johnny mnemonic and have the low techs are our world hack every single freaking media source there is to get the truth out. No one cares as long as dominant media holds all the cards. Truth is subjective. No one gives a shit about the truth unless you actually have the ability to give it!

    • ArsenicSundae

      While it’s unlikely to affect the activist media who have already invested their reputation in promoting the lie, what it could do is make others think twice BEFORE they do the same. Before now, there was no proof to counter the slander. Now there is. Just need to get it out there into mainstream and let it serve as check against the non-stop dezinformatsia from our opponents. It doesn’t mean we stop emailing.

    • Niwjere

      We know the media won’t change its mind. The point of having this evidence on-hand is to more easily win over the reasonable individuals who are actually investigating the facts and not swallowing the media’s tripe whole.

    • Roland Bjorkman


      If evidence were found that some of this stuff was actually coming from people on their side, they’d just tell you it’s a distraction and not worth reporting on.

  • Mark Samenfink

    and now we wait to see the gymnastics show.

  • Topgeartony

    I love how obvious the trolls look now. The ones scrambling to prove this article wrong or trying to act like it’s not big deal. They probably dropped a brick up in their big boy trousers,

  • LulzTalkRadio

    We would never spell “doxed” as “doxxed”. This is a slanderous lie.

  • Brit Bong

    More evidence.

    We did suspect, but it’s nice to have more definitive proof.

    Thanks Ralph.
    Keep on digging.

  • zaiger


  • Point Less

    The Anita Sarkeesian doxxer that made national news never mentioned GamerGate and was traced to a Brazilian game journalist that had been infatuated with her and harassing her for years over multiple Twitter accounts. Did I read about that in the press? No, some GamerGater honeypotted him and found out who he was, and subsequently got his accounts banned from Twitter. Did Anita thank that guy or did any news agency or blog report that? Nope.

  • Andy

    I dont even get why “doxing” need so much coverage. Its not like pulling addresses from FB is that hackery.. OH but wait, 90% probably didnt even know what doxing is…

    (just saying you dont need to hack to dox some one)

  • disqus_zmsaP8zFtV

    likeicare? that australian fag who trolled DrMusic?