Ex-Hillary Staffer Attacks Military Widow For Appearance During Trump's Speech

Ex-Hillary Staffer Attacks Military Widow For Appearance During Trump’s Speech

I just watched President Trump’s speech to a joint session of Congress this evening, and I have to say, it was tremendous. I might go further into some analysis on it later, but I think telling you that it was his best work as a politician will give you a short synopsis of how I felt about it. One of the more powerful moments was when he highlighted the widow of recently deceased commando Ryan Owens. She was so brave to even be out in public, much less at a national event like this one. President Trump showed her amazing grace and kindness. It was a special moment for anyone who isn’t a soulless cretin.

The “non-soulless cretin” category doesn’t include ex-Hillary Clinton staffers, apparently. Then again, I think most of you may have already suspected that. Here’s what Dan Grilo, who worked on both Hillary and former President Obama’s campaigns, had to say about Carryn Owens’ appearance.


I’m not exactly known for being the nicest guy around, but good lord. How sick in the head do you have to be to send out a tweet like this in the aftermath of such a powerful moment? Even if you had this nasty thought running through your mind, most people would be smart enough to keep it to themselves.

I guess this is just example #6,745 on the list of reasons why the left is where it is today…in the gutter.


UPDATE: Mr. Grilo has seemingly deleted his Twitter account.

Ethan Ralph

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  • itzmatthias


  • Maintenance Renegade

    Considering the stunt the Hilldabeast pulled with her pet muzzie and his pocket constitution and dead son routine I think we can all agree this fool doesn’t have any moral authority to bitch about Trump’s look at muh war widow bit.

    Overall the speech was a well crafted and executed piece of political theater, moreover I admire the technique and skill with which he exerted his will and social control on congress itself. He’s holding all the political capital and they know it.

  • Mouth

    Just your typical leftist…nothing to see here.

  • Cincinnatus

    A thief always thinks he’s being robbed.

  • Hawk Hopper

    I just got done watching a video that decried Milo for triggering people for the sake of triggering people and that if you do trigger people it should have a point. (I really don’t care as long as it brings excitement and keks.) But I don’t get what message or agenda you’re pushing or, most importantly, what sort of fun this guy thinks he’s having by attacking this lady. And if he is going to say stuff like this, he shouldn’t delete his account like a complete pussy.

  • Memorable Event – A Deplorable

    Grilo must be mentally ill. No other explanation for such stupidity. I cried with this brave widow tonight and prayed that God will hold her close.

    • Quise

      At least Trump would never disrespect a fallen soldier’s family! He’s better than that!

      Except for the Khan family. But that shouldn’t count, because they’re muslims and that means they are worth less than the neckbeards commenting and writing articles on this very site……………

      • Grant Armbruster

        If I’m not mistaken the khans worked for Hillary as well as took a stance a verbal stance on the issues. This woman just stood up. We have no idea of the politics that goes on in her head.

    • Danlantic

      No, he sounds like a 2nd rate lawyer. That is, in many law schools you are told to aggressively crossexamine a witness to find some crack to wedge open. Better lawyers know that you may just be reinforcing that witness’s testimony in the jury’s mind and making the jury dislike you.

      I got this from The Art of Questioning: Thirty Maxims of Cross-Examination (1987) by Peter Megargee Brown.

      • JasonC5

        Too many lawyers in progressive cities are just as idiotic especially women. They eat up the MSM narrative, no critical thinking or seeking more sources as a good lawyer would and in turn participate in moronic actions regarding anti-trump protests, disparaging others and wanting to limit free speech and the like. My so-called friend’s wife is one of those hillary tards.

      • Memorable Event – A Deplorable

        Thankfully, his employer fired his this morning.

  • Toastrider

    It must be nice to be a leftist. Imagine, having no scruples or integrity whatsoever.

    • Dayna Hamilton

      No different than being muslim.

  • ScienceABC123

    Some people have no love for their fellow man. Dan Grilo is such a person.

  • John


  • Dayna Hamilton

    What an absolute POS he is. Par for the Democrat course though.

  • Fred

    Dimentia seems apparent here.

  • Quise

    At least Trump never disrespected a fallen soldier’s family, amirite?!

    Wait, that’s right…..the Khan family.

    • John

      Last i remember is he just ask why is the mother not allowed to talk. He’s not calling em idiots like this guy right here.

  • RevDr. Robert Foster, AbC, EfG

    I’d call him a cunt for that, but he lacks both the depth and the warmth.

  • Christine Blakeley

    The bottom line in all this is that he embarrassed the Company that he worked for and so they fired him. There are a lot of Companies out there that would think this was a badge of courage. Course, they are all losing a lot of money, stocks, and trade but they made those decisions as a Company. This Company didn’t want to have any part of this individual’s behavior. Good for them!

  • Christine Blakeley

    As an after-thought, he was probably asked to resign or be fired. He probably resigned. Which means the Company will still pay for his Unemployment income. But, his name is out there and he will find it hard to find another job. Unless of course, Hillary or Obama want him on their team. I personally don’t like it when we delight in the tactics of the left coming back to haunt them. We should be better than that.