EXCLUSIVE: Never Before Seen Footage of Antifa Girl Ranting About Her Failed Coffee/Wine Shop

I had thought the last article about Emily Rose Mitchell (aka Louise Rosealma) was going to be yesterday’s, but I received a message on Twitter with some footage that I don’t believe has ever been seen before, at least by the masses. In it, Emily tells us about her failed coffee/wine shop out in California, rants about capitalism, and alludes to her upcoming “modelling career.” Yes, that career. Most people call it porn, but I guess modelling is the politically correct way to describe it.

Oh, and her boyfriend Tony Santic shows up during the middle of it. He was last seen looking like this…

But before the Battle at Berkeley, he was featured in a local newspaper trying to pimp out their coffee/wine shop…

You see, their business went, well, out of business right before all this mess. It’s where all those empty bottles came from. Emily is literally getting drunk on this video while trying to coax her friends to come and buy their stock of booze so they can cover final costs. It doesn’t look like it worked, so I can sort of understand why her and Tony were so angry that they went out to collect “Nazi scalps.” I mean, it wouldn’t be my choice, but I can at least see the reasoning. They were mad at everyone for their lark of an enterprise being sacrificed to the gods of capitalism.

There’s also rumors that Tony was the guy trying to smash free speech supporters’ heads in with a giant lock, but I can’t confirm that.

I hope you get as a big a kick out of this video as I did. Damn you, pesky capitalism!

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Ethan Ralph

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  • Celerity

    I know a money making service she can use on sex starved betas. Now with complimentary STDs!

  • Dindu McNothin

    She won;t be poor for long. I hear JJ Abrams is going to cast her furry taint as an Ewok in the next Star Wars movie.

  • TMC

    What was her booze shop called, “Hair of the Dog”?

    • Nutstuyu

      More like Hair of the Ass

  • Mr0303

    Who would’ve guessed that she’s a failure in life? OK, everybody.

  • Dave The Sandman

    she should team up with Ally Pokiwhore Rapp and start some godawful escort agency in the Bay area serving betas up blue rinse motel sex, and her BTFO boyfriend can double team with Ally’s rentboy boyfriend

  • StephaneDumas

    Looks like she seems to suffer from “governmentholism”. It’s like alcoholism by replacing alcohol with gouvernment. I wonder if she do a prayer to government everynight like Butters in South Park? 😉 I guess she’s too stubborn to acknowledge then her entreprise is also sacrified to the gods of government.

  • theGOONIES

    Lol what a couple. Losers

  • Duce

    Of course they went out of fucking business. They weren’t even open 12hrs a day. goo.gl/urYJ5W


    Nope, Tony isn’t U-lock coward. But he is one of the four main guys (referred to as “black hoodie punk”) to pick the fight that led to Antifa being swept from downtown Berkeley about two minutes before the photo of him bloodied above was taken.

  • Remove Democrats

    That was hard to listen to. I couldn’t make it through the whole video.

  • Typical

    It’s cute how so many leftists issue seems to be “I failed at life, everything should be free.”

  • Meadowbrook

    Who knew you had to pay your rent? She looks, talks and sounds like a complete dope and I am willing to bet her customers were all just like her. It must have been the Antifa loser watering hole.

  • will ford

    The first two seconds of the voice, the face, all the extra chrome, the hair, NASTY NAP. I just couldn’t watch or listen any longer. THEY got a small taste of reality. MAYBE some more and they might forget their communistic BULLSH&T they were taught? NAH, not yet.

  • Stalker

    the highlight of the complete asskicking the libs took was her getting punched out.

  • Nutstuyu

    She’s actually not that bad-looking. If she cleaned up (and shaved) she could almost be a #TrumpHottie

    • JasonC5

      There were before pictures of her and it was indeed the case. Sadly too many models and actresses nowadays are regressive leftists that buy into the SJW and feminist narratives even though they are living comfortable lives doing easy work.

  • Some Rabbit

    She says she has a “shiity landlord” which I assume means that he expected them to pay the rent. Then she badmouths Starbucks coffee which is odd considering how much Starbucks shills for Left-wing causes.

  • ever heard of a bro on a diet

    i guess her hair is like a living timeline. starts off with the blonde that she dyed her hair with before she went all “dreadlocky kill-nazis”. that poor blonde she used to be is just screaming in a slow death

  • Beazy

    I tried to listen to her talk, but I get sick when I hear dip shits speak. Had to turn it off.

  • Whaler31

    Sounds like the commercial property landlord has a bad-ass attorney and had the California Marshall’s slap her with an unlawful detainer eviction notice from her leased premises, post-haste (Those are the ones where you have to vacate within like 24 hours)

    I used to live in T.O., and I would NOT have patronized a food & beverage business that had a skanky dreadlocked proprietor like her.

    Funny, she’s blaming Starbucks. Hey Moldylocks, it’s not like they are new on the block, rosebud.

    I guess the boyfriend was cool with her doing porn to cover the bills? I’m sure her wealthy family got tired of paying them (the average home value in T.O. is $700,000)

  • Flick Yoli

    Go Ralph, Go!