Multiple Explosions Rock Brussels in Coordinated Terrorist Attacks, At Least 17 Dead

Multiple Explosions Rock Brussels in Coordinated Terrorist Attacks, At Least 17 Dead

I’ve been surfing Twitter all night, which isn’t uncommon for me. What is uncommon, is seeing a scene like this one at a major Eurpeon airport.

From Brussels…

The BBC has this so far

Images on social media from the scene showed smoke rising from one of the terminal buildings. The cause of the explosions is unknown.

Some reports from the scene speak of casualties but this has not been confirmed.

The blasts come four days after the capture in Brussels of Salah Abdeslam, the main suspect in the Paris attacks in November.

Belgian media say the airport is being evacuated. It has been closed to flights. Rail transport to the facility has been halted.

Social media reports from the scene speak of panic as people fled the airport buildings.

Images showed a swathe of shattered glass on one of the buildings.

Other reports say at least one explosion was close to the American Airlines check-in area but again this has not been confirmed.

More details will be added as they come in. Oh, did I mention I’m flying to London again in May?



Sky News is reporting shots were fired and Arabic slogans were shouted out before the explosions.



Ethan Ralph

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  • Mephisto

    Let in another million muslims, that will fix it….

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  • Sockpuppet Nora

    The security at Brussels Airport is terrifying relax. It won’t be like that anymore…

    • No, it won’t be.

      • Charles Lam

        Part of me thinks this is logical.

        • fnd

          Enjoy your 1984 style surveilance, because getting rid of muslims is racist.

  • Kasey Dynneson

    this shit is getting more and more frequent around the world. who wants to bet the next bomb to go off will be here in the states?

    • It wouldn’t shock me, but I imagine they’re going to have to start having security before you get in the airport. Still, they could just blow themselves up outside instead, I guess. Almost impossible to completely stop it.

      • Kasey Dynneson

        could you imagine this happening at a trump rally?

        • I’d rather not, but yea, I could imagine it. Secret Service doesn’t mess around, though. It would be a lot harder to pull off.

          • TT

            I wouldn’t wish this on anyone, but you know progressives will go to lengths to justify it.

  • Dr Dub

    I believe the Left refer to this as “getting your culture enriched by diversity” .

  • scemar

    “Sky News is reporting shots were fired and Arabic slogans were shouted out before the explosions.”

    They must be wondering who could be behind it.
    If it’s still not not time for them to admit it then I wonder what it will take.

  • Ulysses Joyce

    Here we go agin ,enjoy being a Muslim in France .

  • Kyle LondonArsenault

    well, here we go…

  • samxero

    This is Western Europe’s new reality.

  • RevDr. Robert Foster, AbC, EfG

    But, but, Islam is the religion of peace. Th-Those aren’t real Muslims.

    • fnd

      surely you mean religion of piece…

  • Dave The Sandman

    I guess its because Im older than most of your readers mate, and British, but this stuff doesnt phase me as much as others.
    I grew up during the worst of the Northern Irish “troubles” when the IRA had fireworks parties on a weekly basis, and parts of London and other UK cities were regularly targetted by them. I was living and working in Central London during some of the more spectacular attacks like the Barbican Exchange, Downing Street and Bishopsgate bombings. You shrug and move on mate. Brits have been bombed to fuck during the two world wars, and developed a Blitz Spirit. Terrorists have been blowing our cities up since the late Victorian period. We dont give in. We brush up the rubble, replaster the walls, put the glass back in the windows and get on with getting on.
    Look…. your chance of being killed or maimed by a terrorist is infintisimally small. There is a lot more chance you will get struck by lightning, die is a car crash or killed crossing a road (especially in fucking London mate).
    Dont worry about your upcoming trip…. you are coming to the place the IRA, Kaiser Willhelm and Adolf have failed to bomb into submission….so why be scared of a few bearded fucking maggots like the Islamists?

    Terrorism only works when you allow yourself to be terrorised by the fuckwits.

    • Dave The Sandman

      here is how you respond….WW1 style


    • fnd

      Muh Xtians terrorists. lol you are a broken record on this issue mate.

    • Oh, I’m still coming and plan on having great time. The terrorists aren’t gonna scare me. I will be on guard, though, but then again I always am (being from Memphis lol).

    • Sockpuppet Nora

      One of the people being interviewed, a British fella, got asked if he was scared to go about his daily routine. His reply was ‘No, I’m not scared. I’ve got things to go and I’m going to do them. I won’t let them win’

      • Dave The Sandman

        Told you angel…..Brits of my generation and my mum and dads are just used to idiots blowing shit up from time to time. My granddad remembered the Zeppelins bombing Bolton in WW1, and saw the Luftwaffe burn the mills and factories in WW2. I grew up during the Irish Troubles in the 70s, 80s and early 90s. I also lived during the years when neo-nazis set bombs off in Brixton, and when the ALF were car and bin bombing animal research labs and research staff.
        You learn just to get on with life….and that the world aint as scary as the news media and government security agencies paint it.

        • fnd

          Maybe you should tell that to people maimed by terrorist attacks. You don’t have a solution, you just think the sheeple just needs to bend over and get fucked, such is life. Also, christians are just as bad as muslims, mmmkay?

          • Dave The Sandman

            No – I think people should trust in their security services to handle the fuckwits who like to play with boom boom. There is fuck all the rest of us can do about it, and virtually fuck all chance any of us will ever get maimed or killed by one of the fuckwits either.
            Nice of you to take time off jacking off to your book of iron age snuff porn fairytales though chum. Mind you dont get your little wings caught on the flypaper and do try to avoid flying into that shiny blue light.

          • fnd

            “No – I think people should trust in their security services to handle the fuckwits who like to play with boom boom.”

            lol, fucking sheeple, they are the ones bringing the terrorists and implanting 1984 style surveilance you flaming idiot. Enjoy giving your country away to Muslims bro.

          • Dave The Sandman

            need me to draw you a map of the way back to InfoWars? Hang on…I will get my big fat crayons out…here buzzy bee…listen to some music in the meantime

          • fnd

            How does it feel to give your country away to muslims bro? Do you enjoy cuckold porn by chance? By the way, you type like a faggot.

          • Dave The Sandman

            Sorry ….. cant tell quite what you are saying. You appear to have Alex Jones’ cock in your mouth…

          • fnd

            You appear to type while getting assfucked by muslims bro. Afraid they are gonna behead you? Better to be nostalgic about exctint white terrorist groups instead of thinking about the open displacement of your own blood by globalists and jewish intellecshuls.

      • fnd

        “I won’t let them win” > acts like sheeple. Nobody is scared until you hear the shots fired.

        • Sockpuppet Nora

          He was at the airport.

          • fnd

            Then i call bullshit on his part. They already won, no sensible course of action is going to be taken and innocent civilians will be surveiled more, and suffer increasing displacement and violence. Order out of chaos.

  • Maintenance Renegade

    Well on the bright side Trump really did need a little boost right now, and Britain could probably use the reminder as to why they should bug the fuck out of the EU.

  • ArsenicSundae

    Tonight on FOX News: Donald Trump Supporters Bomb Brussels! Details at 6:00.

    • SalsaMoose13

      Speaking of blaming Trump’s supporters, Ted Cruz just came out and blamed Trump for the bombings. His exact quote:

      “It is striking on the day after Donald Trump called for America weakening NATO, withdrawing from NATO we see Brussels, where NATO is headquartered, the subject of a radical Islamic terrorist attack.”

      • Maintenance Renegade

        Such a great look for Cruz, I’m sure that will play super well for him. Totes wont backfire on him. We’ll have to see but I’m starting to get optimistic about Trump taking Utah.

        Sad to say but this is another case where Trump is generally right, NATO is an institution that was at one time worthy of a great deal of respect. Unfortunately as it stands today it’s primarily an alliance AGAINST one of the few countries (Russia) that isn’t taking any shit from what is rapidly becoming the biggest threat (expansionist Islam) to western civilization. We should probably be asking ourselves why we want to continue on in a mutual defense treaty with multiple nations who both refuse to defend THEMSELVES.

        Europe is fucked and so is the middle east, but if Britain leaves the EU, we ditch NATO and we both work together with Russia we can probably quarantine them so they don’t kill us all. Interestingly under a Trump Presidency we could arrive at a point where the US, Russia and China all actually agree on something and act in unison. That being a hard line stance being taken against Islam.

  • Jak Constantine

    Trump’s right we need to go there and take care of them. UK, US and Russia team up and fuck them up. As a British person we need to get these fuckers soon as.

  • fnd
  • JasonC5

    Teal Deer did a live stream on this not too long ago and Jim/ MisterMetokur made a nice Twitter comment about it as well. It seems #notallmuslims won’t fly this time as a lot of people are mocking it.

    Meanwhile Laurie Penny is taking to Twitter complaining about harassment at the same time this news was made known.

  • JasonC5

    There’s a chance that Youtube is taking proactive measures to remove videos that show the explosions and attacks as the video Teal Deer has viewed on his livestream was taken down…