FRAUD: The Anita Sarkeesian Story.

FRAUD: The Anita Sarkeesian Story.

Anita Sarkeesian

Apparently, Anita Sarkesian sperged out when Carl ‘Sargon of Akkad’ Benjamin showered up to her presentation at vidcon. I was told this second hand, of course. You don’t know how sad I am to have missed out on the Twitter lulz. I gave Nora a quote for a post she was going to do on the subject (AUTHOR’S NOTE: I didn’t do it, sue me.) but I just wanted to come and pay my official respects to the biggest fraudster I think I’ve ever seen.

Ok, there are a lot of fraudsters documented on But for the sake of this post let’s call Anita the biggest.

She always says she just wants a dialogue. Poor Anita only wants to talk, people! The only problem with her formulation is that every time anyone contradicts her stale talking points, Sarkeesian claims harassment. Keep in mind, she does face real ‘abuse’, or whatever you want to call it. But so do I. So does anyone who puts themselves in the public sphere. It’s just part of the game. Phonies cry about it, real folks keep it moving.

The most ironic part of Anita’s con is she literally plays the damsel in distress which is on the tropes she constantly criticizes. It works, too. She’s made hundreds of thousands of dollars with this scheme. And we don’t even have a full accounting. It’s a real possibility that her overall take has reached seven figures at this point.

On a certain level, I almost have to admire the scam. There’s nothing much that can be done to stop it, truth be told. The media is all in with Anita’s narrative.

But while it can’t be stopped, it can be criticized. Thankfully, SJWs and their allies haven’t shutdown free speech yet. Feel free to weigh in with your takes on Anita’s recent gambit down below. Hopefully, her father made another donation to Donald Trump after he heard about the sad spectacle.

Ethan Ralph

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  • Mr0303

    I think people are not giving Anita enough credit.

    Everybody assumes that she saw the shitlords in the front rows, got triggered and called Sargon garbage, but I don’t think that’s the case. I think she more clever than that – after all she’s a con artist and not an ideologue. She was fading into irrelevance after her Tropes series ended and nobody was talking about her – not the sceptic community nor the SJW media. Anita feeds on victim bucks and outrage and she needed to create some. This is why she agreed to speak at the panel at Vidcon – she used herself as bait.

    She knew that some people will undoubtedly try to ask her a question or disrupt her presentation. When she saw Sargon she took the opportunity and baited him with an inflammatory insult hoping that he would fire back. He didn’t which was for the best, but then she played the whole sceptic community like a fiddle. Vidcon took her side as expected, the twats at Kotaku and Polygon got material to write-up the victim articles and every shitlord out there made a video about it further promoting her by sending her “harassment”.

    • Grust

      She was fading into irrelevance after her Tropes series ended and nobody
      was talking about her – not the sceptic community nor the SJW media.

      That’s why I kept referring to her often as She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. I wanted to avoid jinxing that. Thanks Vidcon for ruining my hard work.

    • TheOnceAndFutureKing

      Spot on, I’ve been saying this for a while. Its redundant to keep attacking her when shes already been exposed and debunked several times, yet some people are just too bullheaded to learn and accept this.

      Not to sound too cynical, but I think skeptics attack her for the clicks as well.

      • Mr0303

        Good point. The Sceptic™ community has a symbiotic relationship with Anita and all the other high profile feminists.

        • TheOnceAndFutureKing

          Yeah, the whole GamerGate days of fighting Tumblerettes online has kind of faded away when people starting drifting more towards politics. I think the skeptic community fears updating their content due to being labelled as alt-right and being censored, so they play it safe by attacking the same old stuff.

          The whole Vidcon thing is a little sketchy to me. Me personally, I wouldn’t have attended Anita’s panel because there really was no point to, Sargon’s excuse of wanting “proper dialogue” is bs since everyone, including him, knows that professional victims refuse debates due to the high risk of being exposed. Going to her panel was basically doing her a huge favor.

          • Mr0303

            I think that there is still value in mocking SJWs online. Ridiculing the idiots is the best way to show the normies how insane are their ideas.

            That being said I agree with your second paragraph. They made Anita a huge favour by going there and took the bait if my theory is correct. I doubt they really thought about it – the line of reasoning was “wouldn’t it be fun if we go to Anita’s panel and film it?”. Some of those people should’ve known better. A better strategy would’ve been to send in a lesser known YouTuber, who could’ve recorded her panel, which everybody could’ve debunked later.

      • Botiemaster

        It’s true. If people only forgot she existed then she would be no different than anyone else in her league as far as YT subs goes. It’s sad that most of her views is from the right LOL. If no one cared then her words would reach no one. But no, the right wants to hate her, create videos for clicks about her, the left jumps in and defends her, thus making her more famous than she deserves to be. It got so bad that TIME shoehorned her into their top 100 list which has been one of the greatest LOL WOW moments in history.

        • TheOnceAndFutureKing

          Yeah, the right and alt-right thought that if they can successfully knock down someone like Anita a few pegs, then it will have a ripple effect of multiple SJWs committing suicide or something lol. Little did they know that she was baiting from the beginning.

  • GodBowser

    Did her dad really make another donation to Trump?… I guess he must really hate his own daughter to do that and I wonder if the rest of her family feels the same way about her

    • Yeah, check out the article that Ralph linked to. Her whole family seems surprisingly based, with Anita being that one crazy liberal outlier.

      • GodBowser

        Wonder if the other crackpot SJW’s have family’s that are more down to earth then they are like maybe Nut Job Wu’s parents might be perfectly sane compared to him

  • Toastrider

    Much like ‘problematic’, ‘dialogue’ is another word I’ve had to shelve because it’s been so fucking misused.

    Like most progressive ideologues, she says one thing but means another. And when she says ‘dialogue’ what she means is ‘shut up and don’t challenge me, prole.’

    On a side note: Ralph, are you blogging from prison? 😀

  • Lost Question

    unless the fed is breaking anita’s door down with a arrest warrant its more of the same for anita,same ole hypocracy and dubious legal handiwork mixed with rather unethical behaviour

  • Juli Yanti