GRAVESTANDING: Is Louise Mensch Lying About Her 9/11 Story?

(UPDATE: Photo confirms that WTC towers not visible from Flatiron Building area)

Louise Mensch, a Heat Street writer and promiscuous former British MP, is no stranger to political grandstanding and will often cite her own eyewitness account of 9/11 when justifying her remarks…but does her story hold any water?

Mensch claims that she watched the towers fall from the streets of Manhattan with her own eyes, but in other accounts, she says that she only watched one tower fall.

Notice how her previous accounts stated she had only seen the second tower fall.

Another gaping flaw Mensch’s story is that she claims she was standing near the Flatiron Building in NYC when the second tower collapsed on 9/11.

Let’s take a look at what her view may have looked like from that Flatiron vantage point on the ground.


The Flatiron Building is nearly three miles away from where the towers fell. That isn’t a flat plane, either. It’s a heavily-populated area with large buildings and infrastructure that might block her view of the collapse. Perhaps a Google Street View search will give us a more enhanced perspective.


This certainly raises some questions as to how valid Mensch’s 9/11 story is and it wouldn’t be the first time somebody’s lied about 9/11 for the purpose of self-aggrandizement. A 2012 documentary entitled The Woman Who Wasn’t There tells the tale of Alicia Head, a prominent “9/11 survivor” who was found to have completely fabricated her tale for monetary gain, sympathy, and notoriety.


Is Louise Mensch just a mild version of Alicia Head?

UPDATE: Photo from morning of 9/11 confirms that neither of the WTC buildings were visible and the only thing that was visible was the smoke.

Photo from 9/11 shows that only the smoke from the towers was visible from Flatiron Building area.

Photo from 9/11 shows that only the smoke from the towers was visible from Flatiron Building area.

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    Some people just can’t stand not being included or not have all the attention. Mensch strikes me as that kind of person. I have no doubt she would lie about this…she sure does love bragging about it.

    “I was there, man! I’ve seen some shit, man!”

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