Hack Reporter Accuses Paul Ryan of Using Nazi Iconography, Not Knowing it's House Symbol

Hack Reporter Accuses Paul Ryan of Using Nazi Iconography, Not Knowing it’s House Symbol

Sometimes, you overreach. And if you’re a member of the mainstream media, that sometimes becomes every damn day. The example I’m about to show you is particularly egregious. Gabrielle Levy writes for US News & World Report. She thought she had Speaker Paul Ryan dead to rights on spreading Nazi iconography. Well, something funny happened on the way to pay dirt…


At first blush, an idiot might think she has a point. That’s only if you don’t know anything about the history of the House of Representatives, though.

No, she didn’t.


UPDATE: Ms. Levy ended up deleting her tweet.

Ethan Ralph

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  • Silence Dogood

    How profoundly retarded do these people have to be?

    • DisneyVillain

      This is tame compared too some stupid shit I’ve seen. These journalists make me look like a genius and I’m the second dumbest person I know..

  • Maintenance Renegade

    This silly twit https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0ebbec3f42a8c11947c22e9fb48e89c2fa3d55ac96ad9ebe82f7330a1360a25b.jpg better steer clear of Buddhist countries or her head might explode.

    • David Addams

      And India (Hindu religion) as well as areas in the U.S. controlled be certain Native American Tribes.

      P.S. The word “swastika” is actually derived from Sanskrit. It’s not even of German origin.

      • Danlantic


        SV is cognate with Slavic SVENTY = excellent or holy and Latin SANCTUS
        ASTI is cognate with Latin ESSE and EST and English IS

        The compound means excellence or holiness. Roughly sign of holiness.

        The German name for the sign is HAKENKREUS and the Old English name for it is the FYLFOT. = FOUR-FOOT

        The Nazi Halenkreuz spins in the opposite direction of the Bhuddist/Hindu.

      • Maintenance Renegade

        Needless to say panics over “Nazi” iconography are almost universally retarded, aside from the SS lightning bolts I don’t think they invented any of it themselves. They just grabbed a bunch of shit they liked from older cultures and used it how they pleased same as anyone else. It’d be harder to find a Western nation that never liked to symbolize itself as a bird of prey perched atop the globe.

        • ThatGuy

          Even the SS symbol comes from elsewhere. Specifically, those are the Sowilo rune of norse mythology. The runes represent the power of the sun. They are symbols of energy, victory, and attack.

          • Maintenance Renegade

            Ok I guess they adopted ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING from someplace else. That being the case I think we can safely ignore all panics about these symbols ever.

          • ThatGuy

            That would be the case, yes. Himler had a huge hard on for occult revivalism in Nazi Germany. He considered it necessary for the creation of a proper, proud, long lasting culture of Reich volk. A lot of old Norse-Germanic pagan symbols floated around Nazi institutes of power, and certain rituals like the May Pole Dance saw a return to public life.

            So I’d it isn’t that they adopted everything from someplace else. Rather, they misused a lot of ancient German symbols and icons. That goes for the Swastika too. Almost every culture had that shape in their art and ancient religious icons.



  • lol, another stupid SJW leftist.

  • Yuno Gasai
  • David Addams

    BTW, the fact that it’s a BALD EAGLE (native to North America) should have been a dead give away that it wasn’t a NAZI symbol.

  • Danlantic

    Please don’t tell that idiot Gabrielle Levy that behind Speaker Ryan when he is chairing the House of Representatives, the American flag is flanked by 2 fasces which Mussolini adopted 30 years after the US.

    If she doesn’t find out until it’s too late, then we are in for more fun.


  • Wulf2000

    This is a good reason not to read US News and World Report because of “reporters” like Ms. Levy.

  • GuitarAnthony

    In this cold, cruel world, it warms one’s heart when a hack outs herself for being dumber than dirt.

  • Botiemaster

    EVERYONE STEP BACK. You risk becoming stupider around this woman, even online.