HE'S SAFE: HuffPo Writer That Got Canned, Then Mysteriously Deleted Twitter Is Fine

HE’S SAFE: HuffPo Writer That Got Canned, Then Mysteriously Deleted Twitter Is Fine

David Seaman’s — the guy who got canned from Huffington Post after writing an article questioning Hillary’s health, then proceeded to go on a Twitter tirade about emails that prove that Clinton’s aides gave animal sacrifices to pagan gods and that Hillary is pretty deep into occult practices herself, which lead to him deleting his account.

It’s only a short 5 minute video. Spoiler: he’s fine. Just kind of shook up about everything.

Some people are claiming that Seaman has schizophrenia. Frankly, I just think he’s been through a lot and he’s really spooked. I had a similar event the first time I got hacked while doing an investigation, and sensitive data was deleted from my computer. I freaked out and thought they were coming to kill me next, so I made a video where I racked a shotgun and said I’d shoot anyone who broke into my home. There were reports that Seaman was tweeting about black helicopters circling his house. I don’t know if that’s true, but if so, or even if it was a coincidence, I can understand why he’s spooked.

Lo and behold, when I sperged out on camera and acted super paranoid, people said I was schizo, too. Thousands of people seriously thought I had it — some probably still do, lol.

Seaman’s Twitter account has been deleted, but I was able to acquire a Google cache file and got an archive of that. Here’s a screen shot of the tirade:









Pro-Tip: all of these emails are real and can be found using the search feature on WikiLeaks.


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  • Yeah, he’s spooked alright. Sounds really nervous.

    That Moloch and Rothschild stuff is some crazy shit.

  • Silence Dogood

    Now I’m wondering how many of the elite in the world might possibly be into the occult? I’m sure at the levels of power and prestige these people operate at and with what’s at stake for them no avenue is worth being unexplored. Still, they really ought to throw their hats in with the One True God: Cthulhu.

    • A lot.

    • DisneyVillain

      That which is not dead can eternal lie. Yet with stranger aeons, even Death may die.

    • Gregg Braddoch

      Alex Jones is on a rooftop somewhere screaming “I told you so!” into his bullhorn. lol

  • DisneyVillain

    I heard of Moloch. I think he was a demon in an episode of Paranormal Witness. But I think Moloch was into child sacrifices though.

  • Barnassey

    Im going to say this as someone who has been using vomputers for 25 years, if you use the same computer for investigation that stores your data, you are doing opsec very very wrong.

  • Botiemaster

    ….the hell?

  • Jak Constantine

    This on Breitbart and Infowars? Spread the word.

  • Dave The Sandman

    Spoiler: he’s fine

    Corrected Spoiler: Hes a fucking lunatic on an epic ChimpCon 5 social media meltdown.

    Moloch? Owls? Minerva? Black Helecopters?

    Really? Is that where TRR is now….an offshoot of Alex Jones’ laughable so called expose of The Bohemian Grove? Selectively quote mining email archives to find odd suspicious looking words or out of context phrases?

    What the fuck is it with you Yanks and your obsession with Satanic Panic style occult paranoia?

    The only god the global rich elites worship is mamon

    C’mon Sats…..for fucks sake. If you snagged my email archive and did the same you could make me look like Anton LaVey. You are a better bloke than to be buying into this Evangy-fundy raddled twaddle.

    • Skeletor420

      Dave, if you think you’re so smart – answer me this: Why do you think the references to Moloch and Minerva, sacrifices, etc. are in the emails?

      If you don’t have an answer please STFU and refrain from labelling others. You don’t get to call it crazy when it’s coming from her own emails ffs. You get to call her & her associates crazy, but not the people making you aware of it.

      This is not satanic panic. This is more legitimate proof of something Jones has covered up for years. He works for the likes of the Clintons as a rearguard, always has done, honeypotting & misleading patriots.

  • Typical

    What in the actual fuck is this lunacy?