HIGHER LEARNING: College Textbook Features Anita Sarkeesian

HIGHER LEARNING: College Textbook Features Anita Sarkeesian

Good morning, readers. Well, it’s almost the afternoon, actually, but here I am. If you haven’t checked out FeministPeriod’s excellent piece from last night, please do so. He now has an official writer credit here on the site, so hopefully we’ll be hearing from him even more. I wanted to lead off with a short post that will hopefully show you just how intellectually bankrupt US colleges really are these days. OK, most of you won’t really be shocked. Still, it’s worth pointing out the craziness when we see it.

JJTalkz, a YouTuber that I interact with from time to time, tweeted this out earlier today…


Well, when that woman is a fraudster who lies about her findings, doesn’t know the first thing about the games she studies, and cries harassment so that the media will give her more attention…then her critiques won’t go over that well. Unless you’re a radical feminist or someone with a “progressive” philanthropic organization. I’ll get into that bit later, though (Anita’s fundraising has picked up thanks to a big check from one of those orgs).

Anyway, I asked JJ what the name of the book was, and I was told it was this one:


Good lord, what a sweet racket the textbook industry is. $78 for a new copy and that was the 4th edition. Not only that, there’s a 5th edition coming out this summer. I get pissed every time I think about how much they’re ripping off students for with all this, because it wasn’t that long ago that they were ripping me off personally. I would suggest AbeBooks, where you can find some of your titles in international versions, which include the same material for like half the price, or less. The textbook cartel doesn’t like that you can do this, which is why they sued a Thai student who ran a small book importing operation. Thankfully, they lost at the Supreme Court.

That was a nice diversion about books, but let’s take a short look at these esteemed authors. I’m sure you have to be brilliant in order to sustain a career of ripping off students…


Oh. Well, surely the co-author has…something?



Group culture among rock musicians, you say? I’m sure she undertook long and rigorous study in this field…


No. You really needn’t say any more, anonymous student. I think we all get the picture quite well.

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  • Doge


  • Iso

    What a joke. This is what our educators are leading us into: Safe Spaces and learning from con artists! God forbid these students get in positions of power!

  • I find it astonishing that such utterly frivolous areas of study constitute professional academic careers.

    Can you even imagine what it must be like to get up in the morning and put in a hard day of labor researching “Fan-celebrity relations?”

    That’s true grit.

    Our universities deserve more public funding, and I for one am happy to see my earnings diminish if it means supporting these unflinchingy courageous forays into the pressing topics of our day.

  • Motherfucking Deadpool!

    So Melissa Click is not the only “college professor” who studies useless topics.
    Remember when colleges meant something? Nowadays they laugh at you when you were on one because of morons like this.

    • Terry “Death to Equality” Xu

      half of western academia is useless topics designed for white girls so they can feel like they’re “part of something”

      • Maintenance Renegade

        Too much parental doting going on, if fathers and mothers stopped flushing their money down the toilet by enabling their daughters in this manner the problem would probably mostly go away.

  • Emil Åslund

    “Real world”

  • Michael P

    So they’re both into professional rockstar fuckers, one with hands-on experience no less. The shallow and vapid writing about the shallow and vapid…the great circle of life.

  • Kellen Joel

    This is why I say we should raise the age to vote. Because of stupid shit like this.

  • Academia further disgracing itself and proving it’s retardation once again.

  • Eric Kelly

    fuck it with credentials like this I’m should become a professor of Warhammer 40k or post-ROTJ to pre-TFA Star Wars lore.

  • Sockpuppet Nora

    May I suggest http://www.slugbooks.com/ too.

  • UnBFishburne

    I remember taking vampire stories because I needed a humanities credit.
    now you can actually major in bullshit like this.

  • scemar

    Cool,let the disjoint between the real world and the illusion colleges live on grow.

    You thought colleges had jumped the shark? Nah, there’s still more to come.
    We can always make them even worse.

  • Lyle Lash

    Did you read the article that the book text links to? It shits on Ben Spurr and makes him sound like a danger to women. For making a celebrity facepunch game – of which hundreds (thousands) have gone before.

  • Knightwing19

    I used to date a drummer so i’m cool. LOL!

  • Mr0303

    Well I think Anita should be in textbooks. In the history textbooks to be more precise – as one of the best con artists the world has ever seen.

  • Danlantic

    I’m going to make a safe assumption that there are a lot of fans of the original Die Hard. It’s one of the movies I get out and rewatch every Christmas season. Once I ran it with the commentary by the director and the writer (?). The director said his son came home from college and told Dad his film is in a standard textbook — as a patriarchal, misogynist, etc, etc.

    How? wondered the director. Ms Genarro-McClain is a strong woman who organizes the captives and negotiates with the terrorists. All the black people whether heroes or villain are smart.

    So what did the postmodernist textbook complain about? That John McClain uses the pseudonym Roy. Of course. The text acknowledges that is for Roy Rogers but it is also has to be because Roy means King in French so John McClain is a king over women. The fact that he only woman he dates is his wife (after apologizing to her) doesn’t matter.

    It’s a parallel situation.

  • Kellen Joel

    Also, I checked the link the picture had, and here’s what it took me to: http://www.everydaysociologyblog.com/2012/10/women-gaming-violence.html
    The article is from 3 years ago, BTW.

  • Botiemaster

    Anita Sarkeesian is doing a fine job with providing real life examples of the term “shoehorn”

  • Flowey

    You know what everyone should do. We should 1 star spam this book, I already did it with the canadian site, but we should do that for the american site as well.