Infamous Nutter Brianna Wu Insinuates the FBI Was Infiltrated by GamerGate

Infamous Nutter Brianna Wu Insinuates the FBI Was Infiltrated by GamerGate

I guess this is throwback day here at I already put up a post mocking Anita Sarkeesian. Now, I’m turning my attention to Brianna Wu. Although, Wu is nuttier and more despicable than Anita could ever dream of being. When I think about detestable human beings who bring nothing but trash to the table, I think of Brianna Wu (still a better developer than Slade “RougeStar” Villena, though).

I also think of insanity when Wu’s name crosses my radar. Other than possibly Loony Louise Mensch, no one says more crazy shit than Brianna. This was proven again today when the “feminist Godzilla” accuses the FBI of having a pro-GamerGate bias.

Yes, this actually happened.

This is the same person who tried to insert themselves into my own personal run-in with the law, so I’m not surprised to see the nutter again saying some shit straight out of Crazyville. The FBI doesn’t concern themselves with trolls on Twitter. Supposed threats have to have a level of believability behind them or else the Feds don’t care. Some goof on Twitter saying they want to assassinate Wu with pizza crusts isn’t going to motivate them to do anything.

People on Twitter have been having a field day with this lunacy and rightfully so.

Just another day in Wacky Wu’s world. Someone tell a doctor to up the dosage.

Ethan Ralph

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  • BoredbyMSM

    What can you expect from Brianna Wu, aka John Flynt – dude was literally crazy enough to have his dick chopped off.

    • Idk if that happened the clown of a husband frank wu sticks around for some reason besides looking like an old ass master roshi/ Arthur chu hominid

  • Toastrider


    Considering the general political leanings of GG, if they had THAT kind of pull with the FBI, Comey’s investigation of Hillary’s emails would’ve gotten a LOT more interesting.

    • Maintenance Renegade

      It’s funny because yeah the picture that’s coming together is that Comey is probably in the tank for the Clintons but that other police and intelligence agencies got together and put his feet to the fire thus forcing him to allow his more upright underlings to to actually do their jobs, de-compartmentalize complimentary investigations into Clinton’s shit and partially admit what was happening to the House Oversight Committee.

      Could be wrong because I’m just some guy on the internet gazing into a murky fishbowl from across a large poorly lit room and trying to figure out what’s happening in there. Just the same check this out if you haven’t seen it, I’d dismiss it out of hand if not for the man’s credentials (high ranking state department) and the circle’s (Tom Clancy’s BFF) he’s traveled in. Could be he’s fucking with us, gone off his rocker or a lookalike impostor but damn it’s still kind of unnerving in any case:

  • GodBowser

    Accusing members of the FBI of being Gamer Gate supporters?… She must be more mentally disturbed then we thought

    How does Frank manage to put up with her?

  • Mr0303

    Here’s a hint, Bri-bri: you have to have an actual crime to charge someone with before you can have them prosecuted.

    And no, “hurting your fee-fees” does not count as a crime.

  • Maintenance Renegade

    Stupid Brianna. FBI is really just another front for Vladimir Putin, everyone knows that!

  • milk bone

    Here’s the Grauniad article Wu’s referring to, in case anyone’s interested. Looks like a press release from Clinton, Inc. is making the rounds.

    • Iso

      The Guardian is a rag that gave that drunkard Leigh Alexander a job. Not worth using to light a bonfire with, to be honest!

      • DisneyVillain

        Your own shit would be pissed at you if you used it to wipe your ass.

  • Alex Barbu

    Statistically it would make sense that there are a few pro-GG people in FBI. After all, I’m sure it has plenty of employees and we know that GamerGate has had a high number of supporters.

    But even if FBI has some pro-GG people in it, I doubt they are in high enough positions to actually influence something. I find it more likely that FBI has actual important stuff to take care of, and it just can’t be bothered with Internet trolling.

  • Iso

    Isn’t it just typical? Just blame GamerGate for everything whilst ignoring the fact that the FBI are doing their job in looking into the Corrupt Crooked Clinton? After all, she is shilling for Clinton, so perhaps it’s an order from Herr Clinton?

  • Mykeru

    People who cut their own dick off make bad decisions. Who knew?

  • DisneyVillain

    Flynt is the living embodiment of delusion.

  • Jak Constantine

    Lol if this was true she would have been locked up months ago. Crazy bitch.