Internal Email Shows Guardian Had Mind Made Up on GamerGate


Today, The Guardian put out a piece of trash journalism, calling for the rest of the media to stop giving positive coverage to our consumer revolt. You see, when the SJWs start getting their asses kicked, like GamerGate has been doing, their go-to response is to change the rules of the game. So, they put out editorials designed to shame the few non-biased colleagues they have into not covering us objectively. I can guarantee you that Ricky Camilleri, of HuffPost Live, has gotten a lot of shit for even doing the segment on us yesterday. That’s how they control the narrative.

Earlier this evening, I was provided with an internal email from the technology editor of The Guardian, Jemima Kiss. She thought she was sending it to her staff, but instead unknowingly sent it to an associate of After reading it, you can see that we never had a chance with her, or The Guardian. They’ve had their minds made up for quite sometime (at least as far back as Sept. 23rd).

If I had to guess, I would imagine there are many more emails like that, stretching back even further. She shows a clear disdain for our consumer campaign. I don’t think such a woman could ever be impartial. Outright dismissing our claims as “idiotic?” That’s not how a professional journalist is supposed to behave.


“Do not respond?” I guess she was afraid her journos might learn some unbiased facts from our supporters. So, not only does she call our campaign idiotic, she also tells her reporters not to even talk to us. How is that the way to get to the truth? But, you have to remember. People like Jemima Kiss aren’t interested in the truth. They only want their side of the story to be told, fairness and journalistic integrity be damned. I would be more upset, but these past few weeks have made me almost immune to this sort of thing.

So, when you see the this, or the next, hit from The Guardian, keep in mind where it came from. They’re not interested in letting us have our say, because they know we will win the day. It’s the same thing we’ve seen for years in the gaming media, just bigger. These old media outlets are already going under, though. Just read about it. One of the main reasons why, is breaches of trust like this one.

The Guardian should be ashamed of not giving GamerGate a fair shake,



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  • Madbrainbox

    The more we keep going,the more we learn.

    • Blah

      Journalists used to be revered by society – the next generation realizes what these Journalists are really up to with their form of Social Justice Panhandling. Using moral intimidation to try and control the narrative, and coerce the “correct” thoughts. Its not working so the panhandling becomes more aggressive.

      Hit them in the pocketbook – send a copy of the email to their advertisers with a short explanation on what “kill all men” means. This will quickly cost them revenue – if it happens enough, the money guys will get involved.

      • Madbrainbox

        I didn’t give the “kill all men” thing too much importance the first time I red it.But the second time it hit me like a sledgehammer.It’s bizarre.And it’s grotesque to have something like that mailed inside a company.

        • Blah

          Absolutely – its inflammatory at face value and to the casual observer, there would have to be a lot of explaining. If they are doing a positive piece as irony or a spin piece, this would derail and shame. A letter writing campaign to corporations advertising with the guardian would have them back away from this paper in droves. Corporations HATE controversy – its very bad for business. Companies are under such financial duress, they DO NOT want to lose a single customer.

          • Madbrainbox

            Wish the guardian was part of Gawker now,

      • The_RS_Gadfly

        I have begun to suspect that the only reason “journalists” use to be revered by society is that they were the only ones telling society about what they do.

        It’s been more than 20 years since I was in college and took an introductory journalism course. It was already corrupted to the core back then. The very opening of our TEXTBOOK called on us to be activists. Not get the story right. Not report all the facts. But to find stories to shape the political landscape and advance a particular set of ideas.

        I’ll never forget the day in class that crystallized for me that I could not finish a degree in journalism. We were discussing the Gramm-Rudman-Hollings act. After stating that the bill excluded the military as well as welfare spending I impertinently asked the question “How can you claim they are across the board budget cuts when you’ve already excluded two-thirds of the budget?”

        The reply I received (which was not an answer) was “Mr. Gadfly,” (the professor prided herself on her conservative use of the honorific) “you should be in Philosophy class where they search for Truth, not Journalism.”

        • Chris Wedge

          Try looking back forty years. Fifty.
          Because twenty years is in my lifetime, and journalism (and feminism) are both a lot older than me.

          • The_RS_Gadfly

            It’s the way back that I’m referring to. I’m recalling my high school history teachers prattling on about The Jungle and all the muckraker journalists and how the cleaned up America from the evil trusts. I now believe those were just early examples of the Progs feeding the masses the fouled meat of envy and deceit. Only because it was only the Progs reporting on it, we didn’t know any better.

    • Alto Berto

      so true

  • Vuyisile Junior Sibeko

    4th estate is dead.
    Keep finding these things out.

  • The Winning One

    LMAO holy shit but #GamerGate is not about corruption and unethical behavior, though.

    • Vuyisile Junior Sibeko

      what’s it about then?

      • C G Saturation

        It’s certainly not about our “morally superior” opponents, “#killallmen”.

  • Nigel Coleman

    This is outrageous.The Guardian needs to answer for this. Why should we not even get a chance to defend ourselves?

    • Blah

      Take the #killallmen to advertisers.

  • Livnthedream

    If need be we will burn the 4th estate to the ground. I am tired of this shit.

  • Josh

    What gets me the most is the “Leigh will be coming” part.

    • Madbrainbox

      What gets me is the killallmen part in the title.

      • Wisdomcube2000

        So you’re telling me that you DON’T do that for every email? What a strange person you are :

        • Madbrainbox

          I tried to take all insult thrown at us with some humor.But I have troubles now keeping calm.

          • Wisdomcube2000

            Np just joking above, this stuff gets pretty borderline crazy most of the time. Humor helps lol.

          • realgamer07

            I thought It was mandatory by law to put killallmen in my emails, am I wrong? 😀

      • dodoking

        fuck I just noticed that seriously

        • Madbrainbox

          They are insane.Batshit insane.

        • Daniel Freeman

          Me too. How much self-awareness does it take to do a simple thought experiment, and ask how it would look if the sexes were reversed?

          • bazzar

            I’d try it for real but I value my life.

      • Blah

        Send the email and complain about the hashtag to advertisers. Believe me they will pull ads that day.

    • Satori

      what really gets me is the everything part

  • DickNBalls

    Holy fuck are you serious? This is retarded man.

  • The mainstream media do this all the time.

    I was once sent a morning schedule for CNN; which all the staffers and presenters have to read – every morning.

    The schedule tells them what they can and cannot say throughout the day (news, chat, etc), which topics they must focus on, and which topics they must not talk about.

    Mainstream TV and newspapers are controlled VERY tightly.

    It has ALWAYS been that way.

    • TekBoi

      Cenk Uygur got FIRED from msnbc due to his free thinking spirit. I’m a left leaning Libertarian, and if you watch some of his segments about GamerGate (or anything for that matter, he’s usually very objective). He gives credit when it’s due.

      • Satori

        I agree with this. I think he’s wrong about a lot of stuff but he isn’t intellectually dishonest at all.

      • rudhvelyn

        I haven’t seen him comment on gemergate. Could you point me in the right direction?

      • Mr0303

        He’s great. Yeah…

  • Rosalina

    The Rabbit hole might as well be 200 km deep now.

  • harbl


  • Pepipopa

    haha you in it now too guardian.


  • Megamatics

    They’re so bad at being corrupt it’s almost sad.

    • Forreals! As someone that used to work in energy companies, I’m just kind of shaking my head at all this, it’s pretty shameful. They should all just commit sudoku already.
      It’s a sad state of things when the most secretive one turns out to have been zoe, the amateur of amateurs. I mean how long did it take us to figure out MSNBC’s angle? Like just a single hour?

      • shoyusatsu999

        I don’t think there’s an act called sudoku. Pretty sure that’s a newspaper thing.

        • Arty McBert

          It’s a joke that clearly went over your head.

          People intentionally use “sudoku” when they actually mean seppuku. It’s a meme, one of the less annoying ones.

        • that’s kinda the joke, yeah

      • TekBoi

        Sepuku: ritual suicide to reclaim honor (you have to be ALLOWED to commit sepuku, idk what these people deserve, but it’s not sepuku)

        Sudoku: a puzzle game where you arrange numbers from 1-9 in little boxes

        • Daniel

          It’s a long running meme.

        • Patryk Obara

          I think he posted exactly what he wanted to :]

        • Soduku is a thinking game, it should help

      • Pewpschute

        I would totally commit Sudoku 😉

      • Graham Strouse

        So, so stupid! It’s like we’re dealing with Talking Barbie SJW! “Covering up seditious activity is HARD!”

      • Jesus Zamora

        Well, MSNBC kinda needs to go the hardcore SJW route. Their ratings are in the shitter compared to Fox and CNN. Without ANY mainstream appeal, they have to keep an audience.

    • realgamer07

      And they say, to do something Bad you have to be really good at it. These people didnt get that memo. 😀

    • Graham Strouse

      I know, right? Even the Mafia tries to avoid leaving evidence when it wants to shut someone up. As an aspiring criminal I find this ineptitude professionally insulting!

    • Chris Wedge

      Well, they’ve had a good gig for nigh-on 40 years now.
      I’d say they’re actually pretty good at it. Thankfully, not good enough.

  • C G Saturation

    “#killallmen” huh.
    This again emphasizes that people aren’t backing Alexander because she’s a genuinely nice person. She has some things in common with them (eg. extremist views, etc), or over them.

    The Guardian has always been a joke. I’ve read some of their articles, and they can’t even do basic fact checking. Like a lot of these so-called “news” or “facts” sites (eg. Cracked). With a pompous air of self-righteousness, they constantly push blatant lies as truths,

    Edit: It seems like The Ralph Retort is getting a lot of views. GamerGate? Or TheGuardian attempting to cover up their intent for gender-based genocide?

    • Blah

      The #killallmen endorsement should be sent to all advertisers so they can know what they support.

    • The_RS_Gadfly

      Breitbart. It’s the link I followed.

      Wait ’til you hit Drudge.

  • Sentsuizan_93

    Oh wow…
    Guardian dun goofed hard. They are literally scraping the bottom of the barrel here.

    • Jay

      The barrel’s dead…

      They burned it, spread the ashes to the wind and left a nuclear crater where it was.

      This is “hole to China” territory of scraping.

  • Cwbintennessee Michael Winton

    The more they fight us, the more it fuels our righteous indignation and fight against corruption

  • Red Lagoon

    Shit! Have this people any standards at all? wtf!

  • Madman

    This is what #GamerGate needs to focus on. Forget the harassment and misogyny shilling. This is the point everyone needs to stay on. Remember that the goals are very simple.

    1) More clearly defined and transparent ethics policies and DISCLOSURE across the board.
    2) The ones who said gamers are dead and shat all over their sole consumer base? They need to answer for it.

    • The Deuce

      Precisely. Even if we’ve got the better end of the argument with respect to harassment and misogyny (which we do), that’s what the SJWs would prefer to be talking about, to keep the spotlight off themselves and their dirty deeds. Time to put it back on. We don’t need to get derailed into dancing to their tune and letting them define the terms of the debate.

    • Satori

      It’s important to remember that “SJW” Ideology led to a lot of this. These guardian guys helped Leigh because they share her ideology, and it created the gamers are dead incident.

  • Boogerleader

    What’s incredibly funny to me is that #GamerGate started because of corruption in game journalism. We proved it, and they tried to hide it. Then mainstream media picked it up and apparently forgot that they had skeletons in their closet as well.

  • Axel Blaster

    When a Climate Change or Vaccines controversy is in the news, the press doesn’t hesitate to present the counter argument, even if discredited. This would had been a great chance, for a change, to present the other side.
    I don’t understand how they insist on presenting a massive community as a monolith of misogyny. Forget the fact that they had no proof of any wrongdoing directly tied to any active cluster of GG.

  • Andrew ‘Wolfie’ Woolford

    Ralph, trying to get in touch over twitter, talk to me you ass!

  • Sand Ripper

    Just when you think these jokers have hit rock bottom, they dig the hole a bit deeper.

    • Daniel Freeman

      No one ever taught them what to do, when you find yourself in a hole: #StopDigging

  • Brit Bong

    Is that screen shot edited for personal information?
    Just checking.
    Don’t want something like that buried because of that.

    • The Deuce

      Once on the Internet, always on the Internet 🙂

  • the red army

    well well here we are

    met with undeniable outright bias against us yet again

    today was kind of tough to stomach… all the big news running with the sarkfakian death threat

    the sjw’s were running full frontal assault on the comments

    and yet we know that they dont matter… how many major devs are involved in this?

    fuck even IGN looks like a fucking beacon now

    dont lose hope gamers logic is on our side

  • Valentine

    As someone who works in the business industry, and someone who has done a fair share of “Dirty deed” done dirt cheap, obviously, i can’t really understand this industry’s modus operandi, in any other industry, Zoe, and everyone who’s been involved in this drama would have been cut out and replaced with more meek/silent mooks.

    • Harrison Jaegermeister

      simple dude, they have connections, tie-ins in the social media. So they cant just do that.

  • Thanatos2k

    This is corrupt journalism personified. Having a racist foul mouthed liar come in to “brief them” about what to think? Pathetic beyond belief.

  • Kelly Maxwell

    these people really are bad at this. I shudder to think what the next wave of sjw will get away with.

    • Donger

      Maybe the next wave might actually fight for social justice. Or you know, just reblog “powerful/ brave/ inspiring” tumblr blogs from the comfort of their own homes in the suburbs while the rest of us muck it out trying to pay rent.

    • The Deuce

      Thanks to us, less.

  • Topgeartony

    They’ll have to cover us soon. We’ll get our chance soon. Once the media gets bored of spinning the story and the views drop. They will come to us for our side.

    • realgamer07

      Did you see the killallmen in the subject par of the email, these people are fricking delusional.

      • Topgeartony

        Give’s us a chance to bite back when we go on the media. One show of that and they’ll be sweating bullets.

        • realgamer07

          Did you see the huffpost live yesterday?

          • Topgeartony

            Yes. With our side. We killed it.

          • realgamer07

            The listen & believe ending was so badass.

  • Michieie

    >sent it by accident

    God, this people just seem to be stupider and stupider.

    • A Real Libertarian

      Accidentally E-Mailing the wrong person is how Karl Rove’s vote caging scheme was exposed.

      • Michieie

        For fucks sake. These people really don’t know how to be evil or corrupt.

        Impotent Rage comes to mind.

        • A Real Libertarian

          These people really don’t know how to be evil or corrupt.

          Oh, they’re experts at corruption and evil.

          Basic competence on the other hand…

          Not so much.

          Just like Dubya’s gang.

    • realgamer07

      The stupidity of these people is godlike. Only them can reach that level of stupid.

  • JARose

    Declaring all supporters of #gamergate to be misogynists and refusing to give us equal time to an openly misandrist bully. Clearly no hypocrisy or corruption there…


  • Wow!

  • Magnus Opum

    I was not aware it was possible to be this clumsy. This is actually really impressive level foolishness. Also, that subject line, “#killallmen”? What, did no journalist with a working moral compass want the job? Did The Guardian need to hire tumblrinas?

    I wonder what else we will learn if we push harder?

  • Satori

    The shilling in the thread about this on Kotaku in Action shows how scared this is making people. This is fucking awesome, a great victory handed to us out of nowhere.

    • darji8114

      It is not a victory if people in mass are not aware of this. We need to let people know this. report the guardian to some authority etc.

  • Burn Ender

    Its not just gaming journalism guys, I’ve said this from the day I heard someone in #Gamergate wanting to go to CNN. Feminists have taken control of all non-conservative media outlets for about 40 years now. I’ve watched how they covered gender politics before, they will keep slanting this back to misogyny and harassment of women. They have no other angle to play. The conservative media isn’t going to be much more friendly, they’ve done their fair share of shaming gamers for peter-pan syndrome, games cause violence and other problems.

    The mainstream media is very fickle, they’re not going to cover this long, especially with the midterm elections starting in around three weeks in the USA. That is going to dominate the coverage along with any developments with the Ebola situation ongoing in the USA.
    If we are going to have a conversation with the media, I would suggest a small council of people who are from NotYourShield so they can’t throw racism or misogyny arguments at them. The girls who went on huffpo did an excellent job, that needs to be the baseline of execution with anyone who engages the media on our behalf.

    We need to continue hammering advertisers, especially Sony. I think Sony is the perfect advertiser to go after and here is why, black Friday is a little more than a month away. The holiday shopping season starts in the USA, 1 day after thanksgiving. Everyone wants to do well during the holiday season, tell Sony why you won’t be buying a PS4 for Christmas because they advertise on Kotaku.

    Lets not get caught up in a media debates, leave that to a select few people. Actions speak louder than words, hammer those advertisers, time is not on the oppositions side, especially with Christmas looming.

    • Guest

      Take your “council” out back and put a bullet between its eyes. We will remain formless and leaderless to the end, because we know the enemy wants us in a box — a box with clearly defined leaders and agendas that they can corrupt, co-opt, and control. Ideas can’t be influenced like that, and that is why we can and will win if we stick to our guns and refuse to coalesce into something they can take a potshot at.

      We aren’t “GamerGate” — that’s the name of the enemy’s scandal. We are a group of angry consumers uniting around a common demand. We have no agenda.

      • Burn Ender

        That doesn’t mean leaders, Yes, we do need people who are well versed in dealing with the media who can actually deal with the media. We don’t need people going to the media who have no experience in dealing with professional spin artists. I thought the girls did a fantastic job on huffpo but that guy isn’t nearly as bad as what they will face by the likes of CNN,ABC,CBS,MSNBC.

  • Dat troll

    Edit: I’m an idiot

  • conrad1on

    I’d like to assume the idiotic campaign she was referring to was #killallmen, but that would be attributing reason where none is to be found.

    The Guardian loses £30 million a year, and it certainly doesn’t seem like it’s their crack technology department that’s keeping them afloat.

  • It’s as if the Leveson Enquiry, investigating ethics within the newspaper industry after the Phone Hacking Scandal which humbled Rupert Murdoch never happened. Time for reform to introduce ethics and transparency needs to be extended beyond video game journalism.

  • Daniel

    Seriously, fuck them.

  • Deckard Kain

    Can we tweet this letter to @jemimakiss and @guardian to have them explain what the hell is going on?

  • darji8114

    So can we do anything about it? Media? Commission? whatever?

    edit: Or are we sitting here and saying I knew it and not change it? This is the prefect evidence for building a narrative. We need to act and we need to act now. When no one talks about it anymore it is too late. The best impact is now. We need to bring this to the mass media, to authorties NOW…

  • Benjamin Peters

    If #GamerGate can keep the pressure up, I only foresee them making more and more mistakes simple from stress.

  • Alias Covername

    This ride never ends!

  • Italy GG

    “b-but gamergate isn’t about journalism corruption, it’s meesodgeyknee”

    • Chris Wedge

      Feminists’ knees are always soggy. Did anyone else notice?

  • Andrejovich Dietrich

    Feminism’s iron clad rule.

    “Logic is the enemy and truth a menace.”

  • iggy

    Hack journalists protecting hack journalists, who woulda’ thought that! The Guardian exists to show the world what media bias looks like… its not a place you got for facts or you know.. actual news and stuff. Feminist tabloid.

  • Blah

    Journalists used to be revered by society – the next generation realizes what these Journalists are really up to with their form of Social Justice Panhandling. Using moral intimidation to try and control the narrative, and coerce the “correct” thoughts. Its not working so the panhandling becomes more aggressive.

  • Problem Raptor

    I feel the need to comment, but at this point it would just be a succession of swear words. Fuck these guys.

  • Steve Cheney

    It’s pretty normal for newspapers and news websites to have an editorial line. It shouldn’t bother you that much. If it only started bothering you when it was about your own pet cause, but then started bothering you a lot, you should be ashamed of yourself.

  • JMessun

    So I just want to make sure – how do you know this is in relation to #GamerGate and not, in fact, #KillAllMen?

  • wint3rmute

    Pretty hyberbolized article written about journalistic ethics. Maybe the guardian is biased but all you’ve done is prove your own bias. Takes one to know one I guess.

    Question, does gamergate have the integrity to stand up for good journalism even when it supports their own cause?

  • Spunky McGoo

    >The Guardian is shit


  • JohnnySocco

    As the Americans learned so painfully in Earth’s final century, free flow of
    information is the only safeguard against tyranny. The once-chained people
    whose leaders at last lose their grip on information flow will soon burst with
    freedom and vitality, but the free nation gradually constricting its grip on
    public discourse has begun its rapid slide into despotism. Beware of he who
    would deny you access to information, for in his heart he dreams himself your

    — Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri [1998], Commissioner Pravin Lal

  • Roland Bjorkman

    #killallmen in the subject line.

    not exactly subtle, are they?

    meanwhile, some feminist developer gets some nasty twitter messages and that’s portrayed by the media as evidence of some kind of “campaign” against women by the gaming community. Strange days we live in.

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  • Akumanoid

    Gamergate is the gift that keeps on giving. The longer it goes on, the more the mainstream media is exposed for being a non-credible source.

  • Zanard Bell


    Well, that’s comforting to know. Leigh is a paragon of human bean.

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  • Distance Left

    Bye Bye Guardian, even your ‘free copies to students’ can’t save you now.

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  • SaltHarvest

    It must be luxurious to call campaigns “idiotic” on a whim. Imagine if that whim proliferated a bit …

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  • Fail Burton

    For reasons best known to The Guardian, it has decided to back gay feminist queer theory and it’s equally hateful critical race theory “intersectional” “third wave” component to the hilt. As you all know, comics, SFF and gaming has been under assault (mostly by useful idiots who don’t know the virus they’re carrying forward as an infection) to end the “gender binary,” sexualize children, end marriage as a viable institution and generally demonize men and whites like Nazis demonized Jews. The only way out of this is to continually quote the “theorists” who started this sick ideology.

    “We want to destroy patriarchal power at its source, the family; in its most hideous form, the nation-state. We want to destroy the structure of culture as we know it, its art, its churches, its laws…” – Andrea Dworkin, Woman Hating (1974)

    “The incest taboo can be destroyed only by destroying the nuclear family as the primary institution of the culture. The nuclear family is the school of values in a sexist, sexually repressed society.'” – feminist Andrea Dworkin

    “Children are fully capable of participating in community, and have every right to live out their own erotic impulses.” – Andrea Dworkin

  • James

    They “should” be ashamed. But they have no shame. That’s SJWs. And “SJWs Always Lie”.