JAIL TIME? Master Milo Hints That Anti-Gamer Sarah "srhbutts" Nyberg Could Soon Face Charges

JAIL TIME? Master Milo Hints That Anti-Gamer Sarah “srhbutts” Nyberg Could Soon Face Charges

Let’s continue the overnight patrol with some explosive news from Twitter. As many of you know, we pretty much pioneered the Sarah Butts beat here at TheRalphRetort.com. Our reports from earlier this year are still routinely cited, and it’s where most of this avalanche originated from. In case you missed those, you can read them here, here, and here. We also chastised Leigh Alexander for having the nerve to hire this deviant. In short, we’ve covered Pedo Butts very thoroughly, ever since the creepo had my site shut down for six hours back in December.

Still, we need the someone to come land that final blow. Who could that be? Well, Master Milo Yiannopoulos dropped some info about his upcoming piece on Nyberg last night. Here’s the letter he addressed to the aforementioned Liquored-Up Leigh Alexander:


(Full KiA thread)


Talk about getting ready to nuke someone from orbit. Take a look at that last bit. Milo says he’s been in contact with the parents of the little girl Nicholas  Sarah Nyberg allegedly had designs on. Not only that, according to The Master, the parents will be approaching local and federal law enforcement once our story is published. This is very, very, very bad news for Nyberg. Why? 

I wonder what all the anti-gamers are going to think when Nyberg is led away in cuffs to go join Jared Fogle in a federal penitentiary? I imagine they’re going to be pretty salty, given the vociferous defense they’ve offered for this disgusting person.


(Interview I conduced with BeninCitizen back in the fall of 2014)


(Link 1, Link 2, Link 3, Link 4)



(Link 1, Link 2, Link 3)




and finally…


(Link 1, Link 2, Link 3, Link 4, Link 5)

I don’t have anything else at the moment. I think we’ve covered the story pretty extensively with this post. As soon as Milo drops the bomb, we will be here to monitor the cleanup on that as well. Before we go, though, here’s a little reminder from the (alleged) perpetrator:


Ethan Ralph

Founder, Owner, & Editor-in-Chief of TheRalphRetort.com. Political fiend, gamer, & anti-bullshit.

  • Sheba

    Let this be a lesson for everyone here. If you plan to be some kind of moral crusader, make sure your closet have no skeletons inside. Because the court and the prison do NOT care about your status as a internet white knight or moral Templar.

    • Hawk Hopper

      It always seems like the most intense and fanatical moral crusaders have the most sinister skeletons in their closets.

    • Landale

      Make sure you’ve got no skeletons and make sure you’re not known.
      These people are attention whores though, they make sure they’ve got a face, they make sure you know their face. Thing is, if you’ve got a face you’ve got a neck. And necks get cut when they go where they shouldn’t.

      • ThatGuy

        Oooooh. I like that.

    • Tom Mickleborough


    • REAPER

      Kill all Templars!

      • Silence Dogood

        I had some fun in college roleplaying a break away sect of Dark Jedi called the Templars who effectively removed their initiates individuality by forming a collective mental link. Individually they couldn’t express emotion, but collectively they could wield the Dark Side with enough effect and precision to level cities. Yes, I am a turbo nerd. And, frighteningly enough, I think I prophecized the SJW hivemind.

        • REAPER

          I would’ve loved to have seen that skit.

          Still, I shudder should the day come when such a hive mind comes to fruition.

          Unless… such a hive mind already exists and we still aren’t aware of its existance! O.o

        • V Whitaker

          ‘Turbo nerd’…love it!

    • Bronx Shogun

      Forget closets, every one of this Social Justice Types have mass graveyards of dirty deeds.

      • Lost Question

        It’s usually because they want some kind of twisted redemption, or they believe that the ends justify the means (I’ve played enough games and read enough history to know that it never does and all one does is end up deluding oneself until the damn dam breaks). Why is it that moral crusaders personify Sargon’s law so well

  • Problem Raptor

    So to recap, for a period of one calendar year, we in GamerGate have been labelled racist, misogynist terrorists by:

    – Gawker Media
    – A self-confessed pedophile
    – People who defend the above

    You know, I’m kinda happy to be on the wrong side of history.

    • Sheba

      I am happy to have listened what Anons had to say for their defense, and started digging about the ZQ case back in August 2014.

    • webkilla

      They keep saying that we’re triggering them – they’re obviously correct: Look at how they’ve shot themselves in the foot here

    • masterninja

      I rather be libelled and slandered as the worst then actually be and support the worst humanity has to offer…

      We arent on the wrong side of history as we will no doubt be passing the events over the last and coming years on to generations!

      • The whole “right side of history” argument is absolute nonsense.

        The victors write the history books…

        They tell it how they want it to be seen, regardless of what actually happens.

        • angry foodie

          I’d say this is less the case now than ever.

          Take Vietnam. A person could indulge themselves in the history of the Vietnam War from both sides from every major historian and still not have a clear picture of what exactly happened.

          For example, in my opinion, given the geopolitics of the world, the only chance to prevent/win the war was to screw the French and turn Ho against the communists in 1945.

          Moreover, I believe Ho was amenable to that. He was anti colonialist first and foremost. By backing the French attempt to recolonize, he went all in as a Mao-style communist, even though he never trusted the Chinese.

    • Lord Raa

      Don’t forget Tauriq Moosa who likes incest and necrophilia enough to write and publish articles approving such things.

    • Platinal

      They claim we’re villains, but history will remember us for what we’ve done, anti-GG is just dog shit on the road to our destiny.

    • SiliconNooB

      So does Nyberg go to boy jail or girl jail?

      • Elilla Shadowheart

        Well I can’t speak about in the US, but in Canada you’re more likely to end up in the boys prison than the girls. They also keep them in restricted/prison segregation since many of them are also molesters(as in what they were charged with) or charged with a variety of sexual assaults, so the other prisoners are likely to remove them if they don’t.

        • Platinal

          Its essentially the same in the US. Child molesters are often quarantined, because even the most vile monsters in our prisons abhor child molesters.

      • Maintenance Renegade

        Until something else drops to change my mind I think it’s more likely at this point that the miserable fuck will land in a loony bin. There’s enough now I think to order a psychological evaluation and there’s no way that Nyburg will pass one. Coupled with the overwhelming evidence that their dealing with a sicko who has expressed interest in offending and you’re probably looking at an involuntary committal.

        • V Whitaker

          Agreed. I don’t think there is anything that has been revealed that would warrant prison unless someone comes forward with evidence of an actual abuse/molestation. The posted photos (which I haven’t seen) of the child that is mentioned in the chat may be enough for heavy probation and required registration as a sex offender but I don’t see anything in chat logs that would make a prison sentence likely.

          • Maintenance Renegade

            There’s enough there at this point to suggest that the individual is sociopathic, sees nothing wrong with fiddling kids and has ongoing intent to fiddle kids. So like I said it’s far more likely that if anything Nyberg will be detained, psychologically evaluated and after inevitably failing the evaluation be committed to a mental institution.

            There’s a clear case for Nyberg being an imminent threat and law enforcement tends to error on the side of caution with that shit. It just looks too bad when they blow off information like this and some kid got fiddled because they did.

            There’s also a history with Nyburg, a previous seizure of a computer and no doubt a very stern warning given. So that also establishes a lack of remorse or reformation. Trans status isn’t going to be enough of a victim identity to get out of open and remorseless pedophilia.

          • Lost Question

            as dumb as i think SJW’s are and as out unattached to reality butts is I unfortunately do not see butts failing a psychological evaluation as i’m sure butts knows how to cheat a psychologists eval. Maybe being the one responsible for FFshrine will be what butts is sent away on but until things happen its only speculation.
            Even if butts is charged with anything the SJW’s will attempt to support butts and pressure the law enforcement to release butts unless its a open and shut case against butts or their attempts to get butts out fails, then they will act like butts never existed and deny any contact or knowledge that they had with/of butts. the complete ostracisation of butts by the SJW’s will be a interesting sight.

          • Maintenance Renegade

            You assume the same social rules apply in a court of law or the judicial/criminal system. These people seek the court of media opinion for a reason and it’s because they always lose in the court of law.

            Push comes to shove I expect to see SocJus piling between 25k-100k on trying to keep this idiot out of prison. If an arrest and a charge happens then this will become the hill the lot of them die on. Always remember rule 2, they always double down.

          • Lost Question

            But as I said they will still attempt it (in this regard they are quite predictable) even if it fails or even backfires. As far as piling together cash I would say maybe 1k-25k.

  • GeekVariety

    Get those image archives ready folks, cuz once this thing goes south for our good friend Butts, we need to remind people what they said.

    Not only do we need to remind people what they said, but we need to show news sources what those people who have been demonizing #Gamergate for a year have said about their good chum Sarah Nyberg and her dealings and goings on behind the scenes.

    Light is the best disinfectant they say, but I prefer something a bit more biblical in nature like fire, so lets give this pile of trash a goddamned sunburn.

    • Lost Question

      the instant news comes out that butts is in the slammer most all of the higher ups in the socjus cult will be going “butts who? never heard about them? really i hung out with them well I don’t remember that, you abusive misogynist so blocked.”
      Well let’s now watch butts frantically scitter about and fling even more shit at the wall then usual. should provide some entertainment before the main show arrives to haul butts away.

    • Silence Dogood

      Well said.

  • Landale

    That picture in the update, something looks rather off about it. The look is exactly the same between the normal and zoomed bit, but not the background. I’m thinking that one particular detail is fake, unless someone can explain it.

    • Akimbo

      The close shot is real. The wide shot is photoshopped. Someone recognized the mall in the background.

  • Dave The Sandman

    Meanwhile, on his orbital Disco Death Star and Fabulous Shag Pad, Emperor Nero orders his well hung and perfectly groomed loyal minions to prime another Truth Bomb….

    • Lost Question

      “the truth bomb has been primed and loaded, all lasers are set to fabiolous desintegration, truth beam emitters fully charged and primed. There shall be no refugees from planet pedo butts. All hail god emperor Nero.” ~ random minion prior to the obliteration of planet pedobutts and all its inhabetants

    • Silence Dogood

      That space station is magnificent.

      • Dave The Sandman

        it’s so loooooooong!

    • Bronx Shogun

      I’m getting Space Balls vibes up in this bitch!

  • MeteorMess

    If I’ve understand correctly Milo also found she is a tax evader for something like 100.000 bucks. Now, even if simply reading all these logs should grant her at least a ticket to a locked room into a psychiatric ward I’m pretty sure the tax evading stuff is pretty serious. I don’t know a shit about U.S. laws but if you managed to jail fucking Capone for that crime, well this is probably really the end for her. Game over. Ciao ciao.

    • David Reynolds

      You get 25 to life for murder, but tax evasion is life.

  • The safety of any children in danger is the most important thing.
    I would however admonish people to remember that paedophilia is a condition. Child molestation/abuse is the crime.
    The former is indeed disturbing, but I hesitate to hate such people. I pity them.
    While Butts’ seeming attitude to her condition is one of the most sickening I could imagine, I think people are perhaps being too quick to jump to extreme responses.
    As much as I’d want the blood of anyone who put my nieces and nephews in danger, I don’t think that’s a healthy justice system.
    Lets cool it down and not act like a lynch mob, no matter how justified it may or may not be?

    • Fail Burton

      Social justice lynch mobs go after fakery like micro aggressions as racism, rape culture, invented bullshit like misogyny and patriarchy and privilege. We are going after facts about one person, not smearing 100 million at a time.

      • Condoning what amounts to a death threat (we all know what happens to child molesters in prison unless they’re connected) offered by a neonazi troll is a bridge too far imo. I’ve seen no evidence of actual harm done, only inference that sexualised pictures (don’t think I’ve seen allegations of actual abuse) were taken and distributed. Disgusting, but not worthy of a death sentence.

        I think people are too ready to take the easy option of “burn the witch” rather than understanding the wider social issue.
        We stigmatise this too hard, we make it into an effective death sentence, and people will not seek help and treatment. They’ll remain in hiding until they offend.
        I’d rather we had a system to prevent the offences from happening than simply punish in the aftermath. That, sadly, requires laying aside vengeful thinking.

        I’m with the hate brigade for SJHypocrites like Butts, I just refuse to descend to their level.

    • Silence Dogood

      Zero tolerance for pedophiles mate. Especially ones who are proud of it instead of seeking mental health aid. Butts’ is also a first class abuser and harasser, so please, don’t tell us to “calm down.” Butts’ deserves to be ganged up on, revealed and utterly destroyed for being a self-righteous monster.

      • Pedophilia is a mental illness.
        I agree that Butts’ pride in it is incredibly disturbing and warrants entry onto a sex offenders registry all on its own.
        I just think an attitude of zero tolerance that includes condoning these people being shanked in prison is not justice.
        If we criminalise thoughts, if we make it a defacto death sentence to think something awful, we are really no better than Butts. Indeed, it will drive those unfortunates that *want* treatment away. I’d rather we supported a system that prevented offences being committed, rather than seek vengeance later.

        • Silence Dogood

          You misunderstand me. I do not believe that it is ok for pedophiles to be victims of violence in prison. No one should be a victim in prison; prison is bad enough on it’s own without the animals that pass as human in their turning it into even more of a hell than it already is. Butts’ is just empirically a terrible human being and has hurt a lot of people, which is why I’m very, very happy to see him/her/it in jail and being made miserable. He/she/it is a psychopath who has done a number of harmful and harassing things and, in my semi-deluded world view, has committed the gravest sin of all, corrupt “truth” and “justice” by twisting it towards a wicked and malevolent cause. I’m just a teeny, tiny bit fixated on the Black and Whites of things, philosophically speaking. What goes for me isn’t going to go for the majority of people (I’m in therapy if it makes you feel better).

          I will say, however, that “thought crime” is fundamentally different than fantasizing about committing rape (child molestation is rape, first and foremost), especially to the point that it builds from an unhealthy psychological illness to motivation and planning to commit the act in real life. That is why unrepentant pedophiles or ones who stock pile “fake” kiddie porn are so dangerous; they’re scratching that itch through virtual proxies, but eventually that won’t be enough for them and given the opportunity, they’ll wind up acting on it. It’s a shame that people with that particularly awful mental illness don’t feel safe enough to go to a counselor who can put them in treatment, anonymously.

          • Indeed.
            I doubt we’re too different in opinion here, I just think it’s easy to get carried away in righteousness. Ralph included a literal neonazi’s threats to inform prison populations in advance.
            It’s obviously a troll threat (however more serious it is than the standard) but I think it harms our collective condemnation of Butts as an individual to include such extremes.
            I for one hope they find no evidence of child abuse (as in, I hope no child abuse happened) but that would not excuse Butts in the slightest for her comments and “fantasies”
            The fact she’s unrepentant and selfrighteous ABOUT her pedophilia says everything that needs to be said. She hurts those unfortunates you describe in your last sentence with her bullshit, because she’s justifying the horror we all feel when confronted with our children being in danger from predators.

          • Silence Dogood

            I think said neo-nazi’s threats classify as “newsworthy” since despite being a troll of the highest (lowest?) order, that’s a significant concern Butts’ will have to worry about. She’s a bad person, so hopefully something goes on to correct that or remove her from her unrestrained vomiting up bullshit on social media (Harper keeps her from getting banned on Twitter, basically).

    • A Real Libertarian

      Butts took photos of her cousin and gave them to her pedo groups.

      • Certainly gross and illegal (endangerment?) BUT not the same thing as child abuse.

        • A Real Libertarian

          Crotch shot photos.

          8 year-old cousin.

          • Still not the same as child abuse/molestation.
            I know people that went through it. I would not trivialise their experiences by likening them to photos. (I got lucky in that my Nan, who physically abused all her kids, only managed to hit me once. Albeit with a broom. I’ve also had to comfort people telling me of things that make me weep to think about to this day)

            If a creep were stalking women and taking upskirt shots or w/e I would not DARE compare that to rape, no matter how violated a person feels nor how creepy, criminal or immoral the perp.
            They’re just two very different things, and I for one am incredulous that anyone could make such comparisons.

  • hurin

    When I think of how often GamerGate has been accused of defending pedophiles because they have a board on 8chan, and somehow everything on 8chan including Baphometh is GamerGates fault. Revenge is indeed sweet.

    Could we possibly start a defense fund to help inmates who beat Nicholas?

  • jal16

    How badly do these people despise GG that they are blindly defending a self admitted pedophile? sickening

    • Silence Dogood

      Oh Harper was defending him/her way back when and as you’ve seen from all the captured tweets the most vocal of the anti-gamer hate mob have always supporter him/her because he/she does a lot of their “holy work” in cherry picking and screen capping bullshit to drip feed to their mindless supporters who hide in their echo chambers.

  • Mad Vandal

    Reports from the victims or the parents are taken far more seriously than from 3rd party/anonymous sources. This should be enough for some kind of investigation by law enforcement to finally start.

  • D-Bone

    Congrats Ralph. This site has rapidly become one of my favorite sites to frequent. Right up there with MLBtraderumors.com and ESPN. These looney toons are crazy but I’m thankful for them in a way.

  • Fail Burton

    Let me make a simple comparison: let’s say you have 2 anti white supremacist movements. One never uses terms like “white tears” and the other uses them every day. The latter is obviously a con job. That sums up what this so-called “social justice” movement in gaming, SFF and comics is. It is a bunch of man-hating feminists and anti-white racists allied with hopelessly naive do-gooders who you could sell a continent full of swamp land to as long as you’re not a straight white male. They hide behind “social justice” like snakes hide in tall grass.

    One reason I always highlight the fact this social justice movement’s go-to ideology is lesbian third wave feminism is because of the fundamental belief system of that ideology. One of the things it quickly latched onto was anthropologist Claude Levi-Strauss’s idea that incest was not a natural aversion but one engineered by men to force women into arranged marriages. The second idea is one promoted both by Simone de Beauvoir and Andrea Dworkin, and that is that children were fully capable of sexual “agency.” Furthermore, in a 1975 Time Magazine interview with Betty Friedan, de Beauvoir stated women should not be permitted to raise their children and they should be raised in creches by the state. Take note how Phil Sandifer declares childhood to be “invented by the Victorians,” presumably because they were too backwards and unenlightened to bonk kids.

    Perversion and a biological hatred of men and – added somewhat later with “intersectionality” – whites, is at the bottom of this movement. The fact so many consider this movement and it’s attachment to “genderblindness” to be a form of social justice is a testament to how hate and perversion can be mainstreamed as love. Naturally, when gamergate pushed back, they were said to be the one’s who were hateful.

    Milo is doing you a great service. One by one he has taken down and exposed these hateful frauds and mentally ill sickos. Gay third wave feminism is the perfect hidey-hole for perverts, man-haters and anti-white racists.

    The truth is that within this cult you can get away with anything as long as you declare yourself a woman, a genderbender or non-white, because that’s the Ten Commandments these fucks use in place of a moral ethos. Convenient how straight white men are never right – not ever – and are the source of all the world’s problems.

    • Silence Dogood

      I like where you’re going with this. Quite insightful.

      • Fail Burton

        Someone on Vox Day’s site said it better than I can:

        “All of the hard core SJW’s seem to have some nasty secrets or habits they’re trying to normalize. By supporting every extreme deviancy imaginable they hope to not look so bad in comparison.”

        That neatly describes the founding tenets of gay feminism: the normalization of perversions and paranoid sociopathies towards men and the demonization of the norm of heterosexuality, marriage and family as “oppression.” In the world of gay third wave feminism, normal people are “weirdoes” if not obsolete dinosaurs. That applies to the racial “intersectional” element as well. Morons like Tariq Moosa act like 10 white gamers in a room is a KKK. Racists become anti-racists, normal people become women-hating perverts.

  • Silence Dogood

    Ralph, you forgot how much time Kluweless spent lapping at Butts faux-vagina when he was disrespecting Mercedes in the interview with Pakman. This is going to make his retarded little mind imploded.

    • Motherfucking Deadpool!

      I haven’t heard of that d-lister in months. Is he still alive?

      • Aj Retro

        He made an appearance at PAX with other aGG e-celebs like Felicia Day.

        • Motherfucking Deadpool!

          Its always funny that these D-Listers think they are A-listers.

          • ThatGuy

            XD Is that website legit? That dude is practically a living characture of the idiocy we’ve been dealing with.

          • Motherfucking Deadpool!

            I have no idea. Some people suspected poes law.

          • A Real Libertarian

            It’s Satire.

            That’s Nick Soapdish’s site.

          • A Real Libertarian


            It’s run by Nick Soapdish.

          • ThatGuy

            I do not know who he is.

          • A Real Libertarian

            He sometimes comments around here or other places.

          • ThatGuy

            Then I have not been paying enough attention. >.> When he posts around here, is he a giant SJW douche, or generally on our side?

          • A Real Libertarian

            He’s a very good satirist.

      • Silence Dogood

        Probably got verbally bitch-slapped in private for being such a blatant douche bag to a woman, even one with as much “internalized misogyny” as Mercedes.

  • Silence Dogood

    Hey! It’s Phil Sandifer, that bald-headed, neckbeard little SJW cunt who adamantly argued that “politics are a form of quality” regarding the Hugo’s. Why am I not surprised that gross looking freak is defending a pedophile on ideological grounds?

    • Motherfucking Deadpool!

      Maybe he is one of the club. He does have the beard and glasses for it.

  • Motherfucking Deadpool!

    I have a theory about this butts person:
    I think he/she may chose to be trans so that he can call people transphobic and misogynists if someone disagrees with him. I mean think about that. Lena Dunham gets defended by a ton of people even after she wrote that she molested her sister. So what will the Butt say when the police comes after her? “I am a woman I can’t be a pedophile”.

    Keep in mind its only a theory, not fact. It is of course possible that the trans stuff is genuine in Nyberg. I am not being transphobic or anything But when I read this turds tweets its obvious that she enjoys the “You must stop disagreeing with me because I am a trans-woman” get out of jail free card.

  • Fatherless

    From a GG perspective, the next step is “Look everyone, see how their Narrative is built on lies! Look at who they have to defend to protect their Narrative!”

    If Nyberg has planned to harm a child then Nyberg belongs in jail. If Nyberg has not, I still can’t see how anyone takes Nyberg as a moral authority.

  • Motherfucking Deadpool!

    Wow, thats a bunch of ugly people! The garbage pail kids are supermodels compared to these freakshows.

  • Shane Phillips

    If there’s genuine evidence of her being a paedophile, the first thing Milo should do is hand it over to the relative authorities. I appreciate that he’s a journalist nor a law enforcement agent, but the way I see it is that he has enough that she at least warrants being investigated, and I personally consider it a moral obligation to hand the evidence to the authorities.

    It’s very telling, though, that you have so many SJWs with dodgy backgrounds, staggering how much projection a sense of your own guilt can cause. As someone else here said, if these people are on the right side of history, I’m happy to be on the wrong side.

  • Mark Samenfink

    Honestly, if #GamerGate’s only lasting accomplishment is stopping this pedo from harming any children (further), it was all worth every second.

  • Angus66

    That image of Butts/Nyberg is really creepy.

    I’very only seen one image of Butts that’s worse – the one where Butts (shirtless and hairy as an ape with “creepy perv eyes) is next to a fully-clothed (THANK GOD ) “Sarah/female” Butts.

    I throw up a little in my mouth when that image comes to mind…

  • Speaking as someone who was “shamed” by Butts,; i usually consider myself a better person than this. I’ve never sent anyone death threats, I’ve never harassed people, I’ve never targeted people. Sure, I may have occasionally left a tweet telling Anita or Brianna to “Fuck off” or “fucking grow up” (which was once used to “shame” me by Butts as “harassment”; I don’t know how retaliating to provocative tweets with a simple “fuck off” is harassment?)

    Anyways, I pride myself on trying to be a better person and this goes against my own code. But considering what I’ve read about Butts and seen posted from her/him/it (?) I hope Butts burns

    The only person I feel bad for is the kids involved…if any of this has serious validity to it then fuck you, Sarah Nyberg, I hope you crash and fucking burn…for all your “shaming”, turns out you were the biggest piece of fucking degenerate shit in the room and all your fucking enablers and supporters can go fuck right off…

    Now I will go back to thinking good thoughts…Again, the only people I feel bad/sorry for are the kids and family involved.

  • Also, so that’s what Todd In the Shadows looks like? Potential rapist much? 😉

    Okay, that was low of me, very low….but man, that photo looks unintentionally sinister.

    • Angus66

      Unfortunately there are worse images of Butts out there. ..

      • I know, I’ve unfortunately seen the topless photo on Encyclopedia Dramatica…I’ve seen it and I can’t unsee it, no matter how much I try to bleach my memory, that horrible image lingers….damn you, Butts!!!!!!

        • gixxerharry .

          Thank you for reminding me of that “boy whit tits” foto on ED……wont sleep for a week again

          • 1, 2…Sarah’s coming for you
            3, 4….better lock your doors
            5, 6…grab your crucifix
            7, 8…gonna stay up late
            9, 10…never sleep again

            on another note…

            Wes Craven, you left us way too soon and it still pains me. R.I.P you magnificent horror maestro.

            God, if you truly do exist, can we give you Sarah Nyberg in return for Wes Craven? Pretty please???? 😉 j/k

          • Jaker_K17

            I’m pretty sure such exchanges would have to be equal. A million Sarah Nybergs isn’t worth one Wes Craven, because we all know a million times nothing is still nothing.

  • BerzerkJ

    Why is it that the trannies keep being shown to be mentally unhinged sexual deviants? Oh right…that is because that is what they are by definition.

    • let me give you a list of the trannies that defame respectable transpeople

      1. FakeRobotAnna

      2. SrhButts

      3. Brianna Wu

      They try to make the internet and social media as a whole their own massive unpaid therapist/Dr Phi/Prozac

      • Internet aristocrat aka Mister Metokur did an interesting live stream with two trans plp about how SJWs were hijacking the movement.

        Check it out

  • Aj Retro

    I wondered how long it’d be before law enforcement gets involved. I know there have been investigations into the bomb threats and the like, but the cops/feds haven’t really made any real moves/arrests yet. Excited to see them soon.

  • Motherfucking Deadpool!

    Look what I just found. Is anyone surprised?

    • Digger

      After Milo rekt this beast she has about as much credibility as a #BlackLivesMatter supporter.

      • Motherfucking Deadpool!

        These idiots are too dumb to realize that when you wanna play “warrior of justice” on the internet that they should not have skeletons in their closets.
        Or at least trying to hide them where no one can find them.

  • angry foodie

    This has been fun.

    There are also defenses from Katharine Cross and Arthur Chu, among others.

    This is gonna get good when all the SJWs try to deny they supported a pedo, or say they didn’t know.

    With that said, I doubt an arrest is forthcoming. I don’t know US law that well, but it is my guess that all of the bad stuff is protected speech. Might support a search warrant though, and what happens from there may or may not lead to an arrest. Unfortunately, she has had time to insulate herself and destroy incriminating evidence if such evidence exists.

    That’s just my guess though.

  • Motherfucking Deadpool!

    Social Justice Warriors: “Thats HOT!!!”
    Everyone else: “MY EYES!!!”

    • Fail Burton

      I saw those eyes in Jaws.

      • Motherfucking Deadpool!

        But its not as hairy as this sasquatch.

  • Ciaran Reid

    She’ll get hers’, don’t worry. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9WClv4U5B8

    • Motherfucking Deadpool!

      We all hope so but it will end like always. Not much will happen.

      • ゾーラック ナニャビズ

        Yeah, they’ll put that circus freak in protective custody . . . however, Weev’s friends on the inside are very resourceful.

        • Motherfucking Deadpool!

          If the motherfucker goes to jail then I am so curious on the SJW excuses that will float the web.

          98% will say Nyberg got framed and folks like ben Kuchera will go back to their defenses.

  • Motherfucking Deadpool!

    Hey folks! I think I found a picture of Srhbuttfucks father.

  • fnd

    Nero never released part 3 of Handy Farter :^(

  • Kellen Joel

    This is a really bad day for them… 🙂

  • Motherfucking Deadpool!

    If nyberg should get arrested, how do you think social justice warriors will react?

    A. I never thought she really is a pedophile
    B. I am shocked, I trusted that person

    • Steven Van Hoorick

      that’s why we’re archiving all the twitter posts etc. in defense of her. The internet never forgets.

  • Ryan Arko

    After Milo drops his article, if Nyberg is arrested, this is how the chips will fall:

    *One portion will be cognitively dissonant loyalists who will try to rationalize this as GG witchcraft. That we somehow put cp on Nyberg’s hd. That we did it retroactively because GG is an elaborate he-man-woman-hatin’ organization that broke off from the Illuminati after Christopher Columbus smuggled them to America under the guise of a spice trip to the Indies.

    *One portion will claim Nyberg was always a closet GG associate and we’ll start seeing photoshopped tweets everywhere as “proof” because let’s be honest, nothing about faux progressives is done honestly.

    *One portion will get it right at first, condemning Nyberg for being a monster, and then they’ll fuck up any potential respectability by blaming GG for aGG’s acceptance of Nyberg among them. If GG didn’t harass everything that identified as women, they wouldn’t protect them so broadly, or some bullshit like that.

    And me as an ardent liberal will have a stomach churning feeling knowing that Milo, a proud conservative, did more to rid the world of pedophiles than the whole of these self-proclaimed liberal aGG’s.

    • Fail Burton

      Phil Sandifer is already providing covering fire for his own Tweets supporting Butts by now saying he’d even support the serial killer Ted Bundy if Breitbart came after Bundy. The problem is Sandifer didn’t say he supports Bundy. He said he supports Butts. These feminist mental cases thought they were going to come in and smear their bizarre ideology over something as innocuous as gaming and now they’re getting lit up one by one as serial abusers, mentally ill and perverts.

  • Skilenton

    Nyberg’s off to the big house? Looks it’s time for her to find out why they call nonces nonces.


    I cannot wait when Butts finally gets hauled off by the Party Van, just to see all her so-called “allies” show their true colors like they did when Wu met with Wardell. “I’m glad she’s gone. I hated her anyway”, “I was always warning everyone that she was a pedo!”, and “OMG, IT’S GAMERGATE’S FAULT WE DEFENDED SARAH! THEY MADE US DO THIS!” (This the excuse they used when Gawker outed a gay man)

  • Peter Venkman

    Nyberg will be arrested or she won’t. Only the police know that for sure, unless they’ve already completed their investigation and have told a reporter that Nyberg will be charged. Whether she spends time in jail or not isn’t up to the cops — it depends on a range of factors, including the severity of the charges, any priors, whether she’s considered a flight risk, whether she has a decent attorney, whether she can afford bail or bond.

    That said, if the chat logs are real, if the police did indeed seize Nyberg’s PC, the question is: Has she done anything to break the law? Nyberg may be slimy, reprehensible and disgusting, but it sounds like he/she was cognizant of what’s legal and what’s not, and was careful not to cross that line. I’m not a legal expert, and I don’t know where Nyberg lives, much less the laws in her state, but I do wonder if she can be charged with having supposedly clothed images of children, along with the fantasy pedo stories she says were on her HD.

    One thing’s for sure — if Nyberg is convicted, it will be open season on the publications that defended her and reprinted her allegations that all this stuff was “invented” by GGers. I wonder what advertisers would do if notified they’re supporting publications that not only defended an alleged pedophile, but gave that pedophile a platform to smear others and perpetuate his/her lies.

    • ゾーラック ナニャビズ

      I have a feeling if the cops get involved, they will find some illegal shit on Nyberg’s HD.

  • Wisdomcube2000

    Please send him/her to jail if found guilty. That would be one less insane jackass hounding us for imagined slights plus if these events are true then Sarah going to jail would prob be for the best.

  • Samantha Lemon

    There’s no proof those logs are even genuine as anyone could have tried putting them there or doctored them. That they’re still being hailed as this horribly damning evidence just shows the lengths some bigots will go to harass a woman. Really though, who here can say they hate children? I doubt many. And if you don’t hate children then you’re either neutral towards them or love them, and if you love children then you’re engaging in a form of pedophilia anyway, so it’s hypocritical to be so critical of someone that just the matter to its logical conclusion.

    • silentblast93

      oh there genuine ” if you love children then you’re engaging in a form of pedophilia anyway”do you touch them in their nono zones if not its not pedophilia

    • Clark

      She says she’s a pedophile. What the hell’s wrong with you? Does her being female deny her ability to harbor severely disturbing mental issues? I’m sorry, but your “woman card” can only go so far, and the fact that you’re willing to use it to protect someone who’s openly attracted to children shows some very real tribalism going on. If there were even a suggestion of this kind of thing from the side you oppose you would hop on that shit and dance. Lest we forget the Tim Hunt or UVA.

      • Samantha Lemon

        And Michelle Obama says she’s a woman. Not everything people say is true.

        • Clark

          Ohhhhhh. Gotcha.

    • Fail Burton

      Funny how “bigots” are always only men. Why not just admit the only campaign or ideology which demonizes a sex is this shit feminism? Are we to really believe the mere existence of gaming constitutes an assault of womanhood? Get real. These morons came after us and we’re shooting back.

      • Fatherless

        Fail, Samantha is a parody feminist account. She’s a Poe. Just laugh at what she writes and be amused at how well she sucks people in. Its just barely reasonable stuff… and then something totally insane. Enjoy the ride. This person is not a real feminist, she just plays one on the internet.

    • MeteorMess

      Meet the difference between the internet’s social justice activist and the real life. Enjoy the jail.

    • gixxerharry .

      ” if you love children then you’re engaging in a form of pedophilia anyway”
      You are sick in your head my dear……please seek help

  • This monster should burn.

  • Clark

    She won’t be arrested. These people protect their own as long as they toe the line. She’s in safe hands.

  • NightmareNear

    Well the AGGros will suffer a major blow if the charges are filed. There will be a lot of back-pedaling from her/his supporters if the charges stick.

  • Tracker

    I hate to sound like the tone police, but I’m uncomfortable with the rhetoric here. I want her investigated and appropriately punished if she did anything wrong just as much as anyone else. But it sounds like everyone wants to throw a parade everytime she gets anally raped in prison.

    • Ehhhh, I wouldn’t go that far (for me personally), sure, I’m taking some personal petty (admittedly petty) joy in the fact that for all of Nyberg’s “shaming”, well it just may have turned out that Nyberg may be the very definition of “pot calling kettle black”

      But that’s where it begins and ends for me personally speaking.

    • Sheba

      There is the sweet irony of touching GG and get branded over the forehead in red letters like Alex lickshit wanted to happen to us.

    • Fail Burton

      It’s still light years above saying all men are sexists and misogynists though, isn’t it?

  • Syltique

    Yeah, she’s going to get killed in prison. Then some anti-GG psycho is going to bomb GG.

    This certainly took a dark turn. The best thing you guys can do is just stay out of it and let the law work.

  • akemihomura

    Wow, is that what she looks like now? I seem to recall having met Sarah when she was younger, and she was a lot better looking. Super awkward person who didn’t care about anything but video games and anime though. Apparently ran some video game website and lived with parents. It wouldn’t surprise me if she spent all of her money on weeb and paedo shit rather than actually transitioning. Pity to waste a life like that.

  • Jim

    Inmates hate child moletsers and may even kill the poor bastard. He’s gonna have to convince the board to premptively put him in solitary during his/her stay. Almost feel bad for the guy if it were not for the fact I was abused as a child myself. Drug/alcohol problems, social withdrawal, sexual problems, it’s torutre really in the long term. Death is too good for people like that.

  • Jim

    Also of note, one of the guys giving supportive feedback for srhbutts, Tauriq Moosa, wrote articles about how he doesn’t see a problem with him fucking his sister. Perhaps there is an ethical argument for adults to consent to that, but when the guy claims I’m hateful because I think it’s weird/disgusting it pisses me off.

  • Jaker_K17

    It makes me very, very happy when a self-proclaimed moral crusader is exposed once and for all that they’re actually scum and have to face the consequences of their actions.

    No amount of slacktivism can outweigh a crime. I hope she gets a very, very long sentence.

  • Gamergater #7230

    If you support Sarah Nyberg, think very carefully about doing so. Your future career might be at stake.

    • Digger

      If this thing also takes down Leigh Alexander (who is hanging on by fingertips already) that would make me very happy.

      Even before all this SJW crap happened she was an obnoxious, mouthy cunt who talked down to anyone who criticised her as loser nerds.

      I hope she becomes an alcoholic mess, blowing frat boys for booze money.

  • Rocky

    I’m honestly wondering exactly how long a person like Sarah Nyberg will last in prison. I’m not trying to be funny or anything but Nyberg’s has estrogen enhanced boobs, is trans, and goes by the nickname Sarah Butts… Yeah, that’s going to be unpleasant. And that’s not even taking into account that Butts is a pedophile. I’m pretty certain these things are not going to help much if she ends up in man prison, which I’m assuming she will.

    Cause If she goes to woman prison (since I’m pretty sure she has a dick still) she’ll end up being passed around by the ugly, butch prison chicks to get knocked up so they get reduced sentencing or so that they keep out of death row or whatever it is they do.

    Either way not exactly the Butts’ preferential mate of choice.

  • V Whitaker

    Oh god…I’d rather leave weev out of this.

  • ゾーラック ナニャビズ

    That screenshot of the Weev post made my day just knowing that he would follow through w/ his promise.