#Killstream 57: Antifa Berkeley Staffer Gets Rekt (TONIGHT @ 7PM EST)

#Killstream 57: Antifa Berkeley Staffer Gets Rekt (TONIGHT @ 7PM EST)

On the return edition of the #Killstream, I’m joined by co-founder Janet Bloomfield and Stefanie MacWilliams of PlanetFreeWill.com. We’ll talk about one of the biggest stories (if not the biggest) in the history of my site. It concerns the antifa rioter/assaulter at the Milo Yiannopoulos event who was found to have actually been on the UC Berkeley payroll.

We’ll also cover a bunch of other stories from the week, including: Trump’s travel ban, Chris Kluwe freaking out, possible war with Iran, Anthony Weiner facing possible child porn charges, and more!

Janet Bloomfield:

Stefanie MacWilliams:


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  • Mr0303

    Janet working with Milo’s team for the privilege grant is just too perfect. Hopefully on the next Killstream she’ll share some audition videos.