#Killstream 63: Featuring That Guy T (LIVE on Saturday May 27th @ 7PM EST)

#Killstream 63: Featuring That Guy T (LIVE on Saturday May 27th @ 7PM EST)

I told you guys I was going to work very hard to secure some good guests before my June 26th “vacation.” This week, I think I came through, as That Guy T is going to appear on the channel for the very first time.

There’s a lot to go over, including snowflake reaction to T’s comments in the wake of the Manchester terrorist attack, libertarian fascism, the Trump administration’s performance, and whatever else I come up with between now and Saturday night.

That Guy T:


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Ethan Ralph

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  • Mr0303

    Ralph talking to a black guy about libertarianism? This just proves that he’s a Nazi!

    • I find it hilarious that I’m often described as FAR RIGHT in the press. These people don’t read my shit at all.