This Liberal Supports GamerGate

As I’ve participated in the #GamerGate protests during the part week, one narrative keeps popping up again and again. Namely, that this is a right-wing movement that seeks to demean women and put them in their place. As a lifelong liberal, I am here to tell you that nothing could be further from the truth.

What people are fighting against (and the other side has tried to obfuscate this by focusing on some of our more unsavory elements) is journalistic corrution, elitism, and censorship. The man behind the Mafia series, Daniel Vavra, laid it out quite well today on TechRaptor:

And they will never be happy. If you don’t have a gay character in your game, you are homophobic, if you do have gay character in your game, you are homophobic, because they don’t like the character. If women in your game look good, you are sexist, if they look bad, you are sexist, if you can fight with them, you are misogynistic, if you can’t fight with them, you are using them as objects, if you don’t have any women, because there is no correct way how to have them, you are misogynistic.

It’s a witch hunt and it’s affecting my artistic freedom.

The feminist thinkers who have suddenly turned their attention to video games aren’t satisfied with the ability to create their own fare. They want to affect the big AAA titles, and decide what can and cannot be included in those games.  It’s one thing to make your own shit, but it’s quite another to come and tell me what I’m supposed to have in mine. And most of these same thinkers admit that these genres do not appeal to them anyway. So they’re asking other people to censor their entertainment on the behalf of people who aren’t likely to play it anyway.

It’s fucking madness.

So, yes. I support #GamerGate and it’s goals. Is it perfect? No. I’ve yet to see a movement that is. But it is a vital first step in the war against censorship and corruption. We can never stop fighting the good fight.

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Ethan Ralph

Founder, Owner, & Editor-in-Chief of Political fiend, gamer, & anti-bullshit.

  • benjamin hardy

    thank you

    you laid it out perfectly

    • Thanks man. I just wanted to write up a short blog post to show that (GASP!) yes, there are leftists who support the #GamerGate cause.

  • Travis

    I’m the editor of a left-leaning political publication. I support #GamerGate.

    • I appreciate you posting your support as well, fellow leftist. Those on the opposite side continue to try to paint our movement as strictly right-wing…even when reams of evidence point in the opposite direction.

  • Daniel Cofour

    I hesitate to call myself a liberal, since it has become just as much of ideology as conservative is, but I’m a left-leaning, sometimes extreme left nonreligious person. And I’m all for #gamergate.

    • The labels we use are getting more and more useless by the day, given the diversity of thought and the complexity of the issues. For example, I’m anti-Patriot Act and anti-NSA domestic spying. But there are plenty of “liberals” who are for it. S

    • Jay

      Eh, I’m Socialist.

      You’re not far enough left as far as I’m concerned. Anyone wants to know what I think, it’s to understand everyone and their motivations in the movement.

      Conservatives want to see the 5th Estate restored and brought to good order.

      Libertarians speak out against the censorship

      Liberals find the corruption appalling.

      I’m oversimplifying, but you can see each of the neoclassical groups having something against this authoritarian minority.

      Bear in mind that there’s Anarchists and Marxists (me) who don’t like the way games are being censored for our own reasons.

      It’s not because they’re Cultural Marxists or something (that’s a very bad misreading of dialectic theory btw), but because they’re willing to be hypocritical on their positions because it gives them power over others.

      So be what you want. I think we all have something to gain by fighting against the tyranny of the minority. 🙂

  • Gina

    I’m libertarian/ conservative but welcome the consensus. I wish the whole political scene approached odious problems this way.

  • David Gray

    I’m a lifelong socialist, and I even left a post on a Forbes article suggesting this was partisan politics because #notyourshield
    Their crusade is not liberal, it’s not progressive and it is NOT lefty.
    It is a call back to the temperance movement with a whole heap of bigotry over identity thrown in.
    I refuse to let them speak for the left wing I grew up loving so much, vibrant with dissent, argument and criticism.

    • Gina

      I’ve had images of Prohibitionists, too. I think it’s the sense of righteous outrage and the determination to make sure someone somewhere isn’t having too much fun. One of Leigh Alexander’s articles, linked on a different post here, decries the industry’s pursuit of fun.

      Though, I have to gently say, if you’ve ever been in an academic department with a dissenting (as in conservative) opinion, you’re already very familiar with thought control and blacklisting tactics from the left. Professors who knew my leanings used to practically whisper and wink-nod to me that they were supportive- because they despaired of making tenure if they were open about their opinions and associations. That’s what is satisfying to me, that there’s a demographic who’s finally been able to stand up to this sort. I do recognize that the same self-righteous controlling attitudes happen on the right, especially with social conservatives.

      • David Gray

        Imo, it’s always the empty headed sheeple that push a narrative they don’t really understand but have become consumed by that do that shit.
        Fact is, intelligence isn’t highly valued currently, because obedience is more valuable (to business as much as the state :P)
        Most of the truly smart people I’ve known (from all political leanings) are massive under achievers, the system just isn’t made to support or utilise them.

        It is very sad, because I grew up watching the Labour party conference full of arguments, and left wing comedy pushing all the boundaries it could.
        That stuff is still there, but authoritarianism and political correctness have taken over the mainstream narrative.

        I disagree (often aggressively) with right wing or liberal (centrist) policy and love to argue but that was how I was raised.
        To ENJOY being confronted and having to justify my positions.
        The fact a conservative (or anti feminist like myself) would have to hide their thoughts frightens me.
        That is not a world I want to live in, and it is a world that Orwell himself warned against (also a staunch socialist, so 100~ years ago he was well aware the left were capable of it too :P)

        I’m just glad that gamergate really is inclusive.
        People that cant agree on anything are joining hands to speak out.
        Demanding everyone’s right to be heard and to be held accountable,

        • Gina

          C.S. Lewis said that religion either makes men better or makes them much worse. Politics is the same, IMO. To have a political stance and even fight for it is everyone’s right, but some people are drunk on the prospect that they can control other people’s behavior, livelihoods, and leisure activities.

          Since we’re being honest, and at the risk of derailing, I’ll say that for the past 8 years many on the left in the US have painted any criticism of our government as racist. If you want to know how it feels to be shut down by being compared to the worst extremists out there, the existence of which sometimes has to be fabricated in the media because they can’t find enough real examples- this (GamerGate) is how it feels.

          The social critics of gaming find so little resistance from the mainstream press because what they’re saying already “feels true.” They’ve been primed to think gaming is an adolescent male hobby, at best embarrassing and probably harmful. I’ll admit that this priming has come from the right, though lawmakers on the left like Dianne Feinstein also jump on the bandwagon. If this controversy leads to both sides policing their own against such nonsense, then that’s something.

          • David Gray

            Well said.
            I find the race issue as covered in America VERY frustrating (especially as those sentiments are often exported into ignorant people over seas; a lot of black kids I grew up with had chips on their shoulder about what happened in America. Thankfully not all, and thankfully not to a ridiculous degree, but when somebody that has the *exact* same experience and opportunities as me talks about being oppressed because the US police are racist I roll my eyes :P)

            That said, it must be EVEN MORE frustrating for those genuinely fighting injustice.
            There is plenty of VERY real racism (even over here in Blighty) that needs to be fought, and Obama really has been targeted by that shit.
            But when *every* little thing is rendered into racism JUST because of the race of people involved, that does not help.
            A lot of the shit Obama has dealt with has more to do with far right ideologues pushing their agenda at the expense of everyone (liberal and conservative)
            Even Reagan would be unelectable in the modern republican party, let alone genuine moderates like Dole.

            Sowwy ^^
            genuine pleasure to share some middle ground with a political enemy 😉

  • Kyle W

    This is a video by Devi Ever, a games developer who claims that most of the allegations made by #Gamergate are true.