LIFE COMES AT YOU FAST: Berkeley Antifa Chick Who Got Socked Said She Would "Bring Back 100 Nazi Scalps"

LIFE COMES AT YOU FAST: Berkeley Antifa Chick Who Got Socked Said She Would “Bring Back 100 Nazi Scalps”

Remember the chick who got her ass handed to her in my last post? In case you don’t, start here…

Or here…

There’s about 300 other memes about this that I’ve seen. Here’s a couple more:

Normally, it’s sad to see a female catch a Mike Tyson-like blow to the face, but there’s a few points to make here. One, she put herself in the middle of a fight, which was very unwise. Two, she was arguably making aggressive moves herself, which would make the dome punch she received self-defense. And three, she went there to “bring back at least 100 Nazi scalps,” according to her Facebook. In other words, she went looking for trouble and she found it.

That’s what happens!

Do violent things, get violent reactions. Also, Ms. Rosealma defended violence against old people in this clip, saying “the revolution isn’t fucking easy.”

It appears to be especially hard for you, lady.


UPDATE: Oh, and there’s this…

Ethan Ralph

Founder, Owner, & Editor-in-Chief of Political fiend, gamer, & anti-bullshit.

  • Celerity

    What? Your BTFO is evolving!?

    Do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do dun…

    Do do do, do do do do do do do!

    Congratulations! Your BTFO became KTFO!

  • MKFenris

    The Great Uncuckening has begun.

  • nunyabeez

    Only time I’ve loved seeing a woman punched. What a dumb B.

    • StephaneDumas

      You might have a guilty pleasure to watch that vlog from David Spates about a Cleveland bus driver who punched a woman back in 2012 because she was going on the nerves of the bus driver.

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      • Cpl Punishment

        she threw the first punch, so the driver gave her both barrels…. so well deserved.

        • DoDoDo Ro

          She spit on him too.

    • Femghazi

      Plenty times when women deserve every ounce they get.

    • Thomas Cirnowitz

      I recall seeing a video of a masked Antifa guy starting a fistfight at a Trump rally, and then declaring himself to be a woman. Nobody was fooled.

  • Lost Question

    she’s’ a pampered rich child (not even worth being called a kid in my eyes) like most of antifa they have never been in a fight, and as she shows when good will on the other side that they are antagonizing runs out they get knocked out.

    • jameskmoore

      I doubt She even worked a day in Her life and You wonder why they sit around bitching about the evil rich man.

      • She worked alright:

        Google on artist name for a bunch more.

      • Thomas Cirnowitz

        She’s just mad because of all those times an evil rich heterosexual white man mad her clean her room, and keep the volume of her music down, and come home before dark, and come along on family trips, etc. She’s doing this to get even.

        • jameskmoore

          More than likely Her parents were whores and Her father was absent and took no part in Her upbringing.

    • Clent Zetanvolken

      And he’s a robber who spent time in prison.

      • Lost Question

        sorry but i’m failing to see how this relates to a her saying she’s going to collect 100 ‘nazi’ scalps. or her.

      • dave gang

        Baaahaahaha… I see you boi. You are so brave.

  • Lost Question

    to show the difference the good night alt right the antifa had to come in with a flying sucker punch and the guy who took the punch was more confused than anything else while a antifa takes a punch they see coming and down they go. show you which side can take a punch when push comes to shove.

  • Renaissance_nerd

    That was a bad punch, if the bitches face wasn’t made of pudding he would have had a boxers break.

  • Grust

    This woman is such an asshole even Sanji from One Piece would be okay with her being punched.

  • Craven Moorehead

    link to the hairy gash u bastid!

  • Mr0303

    SJWs ruin everything including porn.

  • Genuine equality means you’ll be treated like a man, c**t.

  • Kevin Marrin

    “Facist antifa thug sees Jesus after getting slugged in the face by church boy.”

    The Jesus sweatshirt cameo at the end is too perfect.

  • mahbod

    the girl who gets punched is a porn star! her wiki:

    • Cpl Punishment

      link is no good

      • chan4 has the link for venus rosales – porn site for lesbians, I think, since there is something missing and I think it is ingenuity

    • Liberal Mascot

      star now skank yes

  • Blake Donohoo

    Falcon pawwwnch!!!

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes

    • StephaneDumas

      That or that girl wanted to get a Darwin award. 😉

  • MidnightSkulker

    A deeply-satisfying meaty thud there! That guy with the long blond hair was kickin’ ass & not takin’ names, too. “KILL!! KILL!!” BWAHAHAHA!

  • Emil Åslund

    While I don’t condone violence like this, it’s always ironic that SJWs acts all tough – until they enter the warzone.

  • Yana

    She’s also wearing a bandana that looks as if it just slid down off her face, couple that with her dread locks & androgynous clothes I doubt the guy even realized that she was a chick, especially with adrenaline clearly running high.

    • Thomas Cirnowitz

      There are plenty of “men” in Antifa who could more easily pass for a woman as she could. He likely thought she was one of them.

  • nothingmusic42

    The crowning achievement of the right-wing peckerwoods: sucker-punching a 100 lbs chick. Yup, such manliness. So macho. You sure showed how tough you were, cheering on the unemployed ex-con who lives with his mommy as he punches a girl half his size. Way to show how genetically superior you are.

    • James Nicholson

      Really…are you a retard, or do you just act this thick? She incited violence before she went, and waded in throwing hands. If you fight a man, then expect repercussion from it.

    • Tad Toll

      Had you actually bothered to read the full post, @nothingmusic42, you might have realized how profoundly hollow you condemnation is, given the following words from the serial culture appropriator:

      “Ms. Rosealma defended violence against old people in this clip, saying ‘the revolution isn’t fucking easy.'”

      Indeed. She got exactly what was coming to her.

    • Bobby Cannoli





    • Rock O’Dile

      Remember when antifa sucker-punched a guy and you were praising female jeezus like a pious cuck? This bitch saw it coming and was actually there to “collect scalps”, let’s all be thankful she didn’t have to carry her own scalp home cause these “nazis” are obviously more peaceful.

      • nothingmusic42

        yeah, sucker punching a girl, real peaceful. aww, the delicate snowflake got his fees-fees hurt by a meme on Facebook. do you need a safe space away from the mean old 100 lbs girl? so macho. terrified of a tiny girl. let me guess, you are one of the manly-men too scared to go buy Oreos without carrying an AR-15 too, huh?

        • Rock O’Dile

          So you’re saying that women are pitifully weak compared to men and that’s why you should be sexist against them and treat them differently but consider this: there’s no way to tell that skinny bitch from a typical male antifa. You regressives were looking for a fight and got served exactly what you asked for, why cry about it now? You should be happy that you’ve brought political violence into the daily. If you still feel like a tough guy please stand in line, one of our representatives will be with you shortly to give you the wedgy you’re so autistically screeching for.

    • Bill

      Jeez, another one. Why are you drawing a distinction? I thought gender was just a social construct. Are you admitting that it isn’t?

      • nothingmusic42

        gotta keep doing do those mental gymnastics to praise a peckerwood punching a girl half his size, uh? so macho. what manliness. you sure are an alpha male, uh?

        • Forsythe Jones

          Just remember: you faggots started all this shit. Don’t go cryin’ to mama when the inevitable ensues.

          • nothingmusic42

            funny, considering this loser you are praising is an unemployed ex-con who lives with his mommy and daddy. maybe if he got a job and got out of his parents’ basement, he wouldn’t be punching women like a gutless coward.
            and what happened to the neo-Nazis that attacked guys? they got beaten so badly, they pissed their pants.
            we defeated you Nazi scum before, and we’ll do it again. after all, beating Nazi ass is an American tradition.

    • Rudi

      Your supplication only inspires contempt. Iam not into status shaming, though I appreciate that rich white kids do.

    • Fenrir007

      If it’s okay to punch a nazi, it’s also okay to punch a commie. I’m sure (and hope) more instances of trump supporters fighting back against the violent and maniacal antifa will follow. Antifa should not have the monopoly on violence.

  • awesome, the people are getting sick of these thugs keep it up thugs its getting very interesting

  • Artemis

    As soon as anyone crosses the line and initiates violence, male or female, gloves come off and you knock them out. Don’t hit a women applies has it’s limits.

  • Tim Fishlock

    There is a gofundeme page for her. They are trying to raise 80k and have only raised $432 so far.

    • Marvin

      What idiots wasted $432 on this trash :-/

      • Celerity

        The same ones that spend thousands a month watching landwhales use Splash.

    • Thomas Cirnowitz

      She is going to need more than that for her legal defense fund.

  • Silence Dogood

    “The revolution isn’t fucking easy”. What revolution? lmao these LARPing idiots.

  • Silence Dogood

    I love how they call it a neo nazi event – a complete and utter disconnect from reality. Those people are just showing their right to free speech and their support for the administration.

    • Remove Democrats

      They do it to make their actions seem justified, like they have the moral high ground because they made up some crap.

    • Cpl Punishment

      funny how Fascists, call themselves “Antifa”
      they need to read a History Book….
      then take a long look in a mirror

      • Silence Dogood

        Well, Churchill did warn us. So did Captain Piccard now that I think about it.

  • Silence Dogood

    M-80 is a quarter stick of dynamite. Wish people would stop calling them “firecrackers”. -_-

  • Remove Democrats

    The clip of her getting socked is way better than her porn… I think I’ll spank it to that instead.

  • John

    Fantastic. Just fantastic.

  • elfodd

    if you see pictures of her before she became radicalized and before the dreads she looked quite nice.

  • Diego Keretzky Crusius

    fucking cowards. People celebrating violence against women because she opposes their views. The world is such a fucked up place right now

    • Rock O’Dile

      Sounds like she got a face-full of equality right there though. Equal rights, equal consequence. Violence is never good but she came there to get pounded 1 pound was enough.

    • Bill

      Why are you drawing a distinction? I thought gender was just a social construct. Are you admitting that it isn’t?

    • Cpl Punishment

      she made the first move… he defended…..
      she announced before she went there that she was going to start trouble, she was gonna “bring back scalps”.
      Act like a man… get treated like a man.
      Play stupid games … win stupid prizes

    • Rudi

      Wow… People celebrating attempted rich kids terrorizing people because of their beliefs… Sad. You appreciate that she is ok with seniors being physically assaulted right ? She got punched because she attempted to use violence against someone outside of her safe space.

    • What happened to the “equality” and “gender is a social construct” concepts you white-knighting cucks always cry about?

  • Gabriel Laskey

    does anybody know her name?

  • xn0

    Someone spread her porn pics and send them to her parents. She deserves this. What a hairy POS.

    • Nergal

      Someone already emailed her pics to her dad.

      • xn0

        Nice. She will have some serious explaining to do. And rightfully so. Did you ever see her pics before she was indoctrinated by her leftist professors? Really a shame. She was really good-looking before becoming Moldy-Locks.

  • SteveP

    It’s too bad he only hit her once.

    • Marvin

      Apparently one hit was all it took to take down this mighty scalp hunter 😛

    • C A


  • Divosa Uplanovytch

    How many scalps you can take from the bush in the middle of their legs?

  • Cpl Punishment

    These Antifa people are so confused…..
    they are Fascists, but they call themselves “Antifa”?

    • Nergal

      They aren’t Fascists. I doubt any of them hold to traditional cultural values, or know the first thing about a syndicated economy and government. They are Anarcho-Communists and Bolsheviks.

    • Thomas Cirnowitz

      Please don’t compare these crazed liberals to Fascists, it makes Fascists look bad and we don’t deserve such poor treatment.

  • jbrisby

    I haven’t been able to find any pictures of her porn.

  • Lobo

    Might not be the popular thing to say and I loathe violent street thugs who infringe upon other’s free expression BUT this woman wasn’t assaulting anyone- her actions were bracing for his incoming assault- sorry but that looks like an unwarranted attack against that woman- analyzed in slow mo several times.

    • Rudi

      Not a matter of it being unpopular but rather inaccurate. She chose to engage with the premeditated goal of inflicting violence on someone. Rather than doing a 180 she raised her hands and attempted to put them on someone. She chose to use violence against people. This level of white knighting demands some introspection. “100 scalps”, dreads, a Latin alias for the rich white girl… She was exactly where she wanted to be.

      • zzz

        She just expected a different result.

  • Tom Schnadelbach

    How could he know that she was a wom*n? It is transphobic to assume that just because someone has tits and no adam’s apple and long hair that that perchild is a female. That perchild could be a man. Or a grizzly bear. Or an attack helicopter.

  • Aesir

    This just made my day. All commies need to get knocked out.

  • Play stupid games, get stupid prizes

  • Kynan Brown

    I thought seeing antifa getting punched out was great, and still think the majority of them deserved more than just a few punches. That being said, when you hear what happened to this girl, it kinda makes you feel bad. Apparently she was molested by her dad, and was seemingly a normal girl a few years ago. I think it speaks more to our disgusting liberal institutions that they take a damaged teenager and weaponize them for more support of there progressive utopias. Either way, she is an adult and made the decision to be there and fight, but something seriously needs to be done about the liberal leaning of the majority of our higher learning institutions.

    • That being said, when you hear what happened to this girl, it kinda
      makes you feel bad. Apparently she was molested by her dad, and was
      seemingly a normal girl a few years ago.

      Yeah, because a woman having a bad past or treated badly in her life prior gives her the right and excuse to act like a complete c**t, invoke and cause violence.

  • Lateralus

    It’s okay, pussy ass white dudes. Most of us ladies are concealed carry now, so feel free to throw the first punch at me, but don’t be shocked at the 1500MPH response you get when you turn to run away like the micro dick that you are. 🙂

    • Remove Democrats

      Don’t try to shut down free speech events & you won’t have to worry.

    • BanPC

      You really are ignorant.
      It appears from the pictures and her blatant running of her mouth that she instigated it.
      She went looking for trouble.
      She found it.
      She also got thumped for her troubles.

      You have a concealed carry permit, Big fuqing deal. You realize that you are not the only one with a concealed carry permit, right? Everyone in my immediate family has one.

      What’s your fuqing point?

  • frank

    filthy scum was wearing weighted gloves, a prohibited weapon in california. SHe didn’t get half of what she deserved.

  • Annoy_Liberals

    She went down harder than Hildebeast when they tossed her into that black medical van during last years 9/11 ceremonies.

  • Mourning what was a good show

    Goes to a riot wanting to incite violence. Gets punched, cries that a man hit a woman. Liberal logic.

  • Remove Democrats

    Hopefully she gets an MRSA infection at the hospital.

  • Razorarrow

    I’m sure they don’t understand that the Nazi party idea’s is their core belief system.

  • Calven

    I feel badly for her… but she went to this event looking to start trouble, as she said, and it found her. I suggest she try rethinking things.

  • Jeremiah Bullfrog
  • Bud

    That was sweet!

  • moleshired
    • Alex

      That was fucking gross. Do not follow this link!

  • PlanetoftheAtheists

    She claimed her facebook that she would “collect 100 Nazi scalps.” In the words of the Inglorious Aldo Raine…”I want my scalps!”

  • T-Rex

    stupid antifa losers. liberals are the scum of the earth that they let these losers represent them.

  • ~~~♥♥Baby Doll♥♥~~~

    The masked vigilante that got punched in the face during Antifa riots at Berkeley, who goes by Louise Rosealma on Facebook, turns out to be not just a female, but also a hairy vagina porn star that apparently doesn’t shave her armpits.

  • David Stephen Ball-Romney

    The evidence is all over the internet. Have there been any arrests yet?

  • Femghazi

    The day ‘Nazis’ or was we like to call them ‘Normal People’ fight back.

  • Financial Technology

    It was poetic justice.

  • Godot

    She’s does hairy fetish porn too. What a nasty woman. Her parent’s and BROTHER must be so proud. smh

  • Godot

    He was kind enough to not assume her gender 🙂

  • Seventh Angel

    Feminists want equality except after they hit a man. Then they want special treatment.

    Feminism = Violence Towards Men (without consequences)

  • MAS

    Gotta love some equality in action! Girl if you want to play you must be willing to pay…

  • Orlando Frenandez

    I must of watched this over and over on youtube. Every angle possible. Never felt so much joy over a man hitting a women. Plus shes a fucking whore too LOL and had dreads. Nothing could be better than that. Its like the Cherry on top.